TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1.03

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This week's episode titled "Dead in the water" brings us more spooky happenings for the Winchester's boys to uncover and solve. The setting this week is Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin where we have a series of unexplained drownings. Sam and Dean venture to the town to check into it. This has nothing to do with their father's disappearance and Sam mentions this, but Dean is persuasive in getting Sam to go along with it.

Once they reach the small town, Sam and Dean once go undercover using their wildlife agent stories to get more information from the brother of one of the more recent drowning victims. We learn the girl that drowned was varsity swimmer, and her brother thinks someone dragged her down. They take this information and go to the town's sheriff. Sam and Dean think something is in the lake dragging down the victims.

The girl is the third drowning in the area. The sheriff informs Sam and Dean that the lake is in the process of being drained. While there the two brothers also learn of another drowning victim. The father of a young boy also drowned and the boy witnessed it occur. Since this happened, the boy has been silent, instead drawing picture after picture.

Dean thinks they have a sea monster on our hands, but Sam thinks their is some other reason behind the drownings. With other sea monsters, there is numerous sightings, and we do not have that here. Sam and Dean decide to try to get the boy to talk to them. Dean reaches out to the boy since he feels a connection to him having seen his own mother die in front of him around the same age the boy Lucas is now. At first Dean thinks he failed to reach the boy, but Lucas comes up and gives him a picture.

Soon Dean realizes that the picture is of the house where the young girl had drowned in the lake outside. He discovers this following the second drowning to occur in the same home. The young girl's older brother drowns mysteriously in the kitchen sink. This totally blows the sea monster theory out of the water. Looks like we have a water wraith on our hands.

Sam and Dean figure out that the man who owns the house is somehow involved. Both of Bill Carlton's children are killed, and the boy's father was his God son. The brothers try to figure out how the drownings are connected to the old man. They soon discover Bill was friends with a boy that drowned nearly thirty-five years ago. Is it possible there was foul play involved in the murder? Now the spirit of the boy is looking for revenge and will kill to get it? Taking one family member at a time until no one is left.

Bill Carlton offers himself to the spirit by going out into the lake. His children are gone, and he has nothing left. He drowns like the others,. and it appears the spirit is appeased. Or is it? Is there more that this spirit wants? Was there more people involved? Sam is ready to move on following Bill's death, but Dean makes him stay and go back to Lucas' house. They arrive just in time to save Lucas' mother from drowning in her bathtub. The spirit isn't done yet. We then learn that the sheriff is also involved with the drowning of the young boy all those years ago. Lucas ends up going out to the lake the next day, and the spirit tries to take him too, but his grandfather offers himself in exchange for the boy. The spirit lets Lucas go and takes the sheriff instead. It looks like it is finally done.

Another great episode from this new WB hit. Supernatural comes at us with a different case to solve each week. Case might not be the best word here, but it does fit. We have mysteries to solve. Everything from strange supernatural occurrences to spirits that died tragically and still haunt the places they once lived wrecking havoc for those still living. Sam and Dean are also enjoyable characters. The relationship between the two brothers is growing each week, and we're also seeing some character growth here, especially when it comes to Dean. I can't wait for this show each week, and next week's episode looks great in the previews. If it continues this way, it looks like we will see this show on the WB for some time to come.

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