So you think you can dance - 9/7/05

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The competition gets even hotter on this week's episode of So you think you can dance as the top ten performs for America's vote. First off this week, we said good-bye to two of the four dancers picked for elimination on last week's episode. America voted, and they sent Snow and Allan packing.

Allan has been a fan favorite, and it was sad for many to see the dancer affectionately called "Big Poppa" go home. However, in my opinion, it was the right decision for America to make. With each week that passes, we're going deeper into the competition. When it comes to technique, Allan just didn't have it outside of his chosen dance style of hip-hop. Now the technique must be there, and all Allan had going for him at this point was his personality.

Once eliminations were handled, competition for this week began. However, this week a new twist was added. Instead of the couples performing once, they would now perform twice. Selection of partner and dance styles this week fell to the females.

With the high number of performances, we saw more of a variety of dance styles performed. In the first set of performances, we saw pop, the tango, lyrical jazz, the quick step, and the samba. In my opinion, the two couples that stood out the most in this first set were Ashle and Blake and Kamilah and Nick. The men of these two couples have performed well week after week. Blake and Ashle were also paired up last week, and this couple shines together on stage. They were definitely my favorites here.

In the second set of performances, we once again saw pop, lyrical jazz and the quick step. However, this time around we also saw the foxtrot and hip-hop. In this set, Destini and Jamile stole the show, and their performance by far was the best of the night - in both my opinion and the judges.

This week it is clear to see that the dancers are stepping up their performances a great deal. They are working at their technique, and they want to win. With each week that passes, the judges are getting quite harsh with their critiques - with good reason. They need to be harsh at this point in the competition. In my opinion, each and every dancer left in the top ten deserves to be there.

However, not all of them can continue on. The selection process for this week's elimination wasn't easy for the judges. With two performances, if the dancers did poorly on one style, they could come back on the second and wow the judges. This was the case with Destini and Jamile. They didn't impress the judges much with their first quick step performance, but when they returned with their hip-hop routine, they won high praise from all of the judges. However, they were still selected as one of the two bottom couples.

The other couple selected this evening for elimination was Ryan and Melody. Melody was complemented on her technique on tonight's show. The luck of the show's random selection process is what has hurt Melody the last two weeks. In my opinion, her partner Ryan truly failed her tonight. Ryan had done stellar Latin performances at the beginning of the competition, but the last two weeks, he has seriously faltered. In my opinion of the two males, he should be the one chosen by America to eliminate.

Between the females, the decision for me is considerably more difficult. Both Destini and Melody are extremely talented dancers. Week after week, they have both done well. I can't choose between them.

So you think you can dance has certainly won me over. I find myself unable to wait for episodes to air. When the dancers find themselves getting emotional when someone is eliminated, I find myself also getting emotional. This show has become a personal favorite for me, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

What do you think America? Are your favorites still in the mix? Can these dancers dance or do they just think they can dance? Let me know what you think.

Music on this episode

Set I:
Artem/Melissa - Don't Cha (remix) - The Pussycat Dolls
Kamilah/Nick - Tanquedia - Prandi Sound Dance Orchestra
Melody/Ryan - First time ever I saw your face - Jeffrey Gaines
Destini/Jamile - Sing, sing sing (with a swing) - Swing kids cast
Ashle/Blake - Jazz Machine - Black Machine

Set II:
Kamilah/Nick - I drove all night (club remix) - Celine Dion
Melody/Ryan - Is you is or is you ain't my baby - Renee Olstead
Ashle/Blake - Right here waiting - Richard Marx
Melissa/Artem - Big swing face - Buddy Rich
Destini/Jamile - Shake - Ying Yang Twins

Melody - Giving him something he can feel - En Vogue
Ryan - Know the Ledge - Rakin & Eric B.
Destini - Bring on the men - Linda Eder
Jamile - Give it to me baby - Rick James

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