E-book Review: Setting Him Free by Alexandra Marell

Sunday, September 18, 2005

By Alexandra Marell
Linden Bay Romance, 2005
Reviewed by : Regina Avalos for Romance Divas
An erotica e-book
Rating: 5 out of 5 kisses

Danielle Radcliffe had no idea when she stepped on the airplane her life would be changed forever. However, that is just what happened. A plane crash strands her with the only other survivor, a man she observed handcuffed to a chair just minutes before the plane crashed into the dense foliage.

The hero of this story has something about him, and that makes you want to know more. But Danielle quickly finds that Taylor Bradford's past isn't all sunshine and daisies. However, she is pulled more and more to him with each moment that passes. By the time she is rescued, he is off to finish what he needs to do, and she knows she must be the one to set him free.

The passion between these two leaps of the page, and it makes you want to keep reading. Danielle and Taylor need to deal with the fact they are the only two survivors after the plane crash, and with Taylor's past as well. All seems lost when these two part, but in the end they do find their way to each other.

I found myself loving both characters and rooting for them to find happily ever after. The story is well told with vivid descriptions and believable characters. The sex is hot, and the author knows how to build the sexual tension, but it is about more than just sex. I highly recommend this e-book.


crazy_dan said...

Danielle Radcliffe??/ isnt Daniel Radcliffe the guy from the Harry Potter films? Is this about his sister?

Annalee Blysse said...

Like your new blog, nice way to post more of your reviews. Divas has some nice reviews.

Gina said...

Haha I don't think so, Dan!

Thanks, Annalee! since I review for a few sites, and wanted to expand my reviews as well. I thought a separate blog would be ideal for me.

Ralph said...

The beginning sounds alot like Lost the TV show.

Alexandra Marell said...

Hi Regina
Thanks so much for the lovely review, glad you enjoyed the story.

Meant to add, that no, the story doesn't have any Harry Potter connections, Crazy Dan, LOL. And I wrote it three years before Lost, Ralph, although the "stranded and in jeopardy" plot isn't a new one by any means:-))

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra! The book was a lovely read, so I could think of giving it nothing less. Thank you again for commenting and also clearing any questions my other commenters had about the story!

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