TV Review: Supernatural - Episode 1.02

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This episode of new WB arrival Supernatural might have been even better than its premiere episode last week. The legend explored on that episode was of the lady in white. This week, we have the legend of the Wendigo torn apart.

We begin with three young men that appear to be a camping trip in the woods of Colorado. Something explainable takes them from their tents, and we soon learn once Dean and Sam reach town that the men haven’t been heard from since that night. One of the young men had been in contact with his sister at home by using cell and satellite phones with daily check-ins.

Sam and Dean are in the area because this is where their father wanted them to go with the coordinates he left for them in his journal. Posing as rangers, they learn some more information, and they also meet the sister of the young man, Haley. She is set to go into the woods with the help of a guide to search for her missing brother, Tommy. Dean and Sam end up tagging along with the young woman, her younger brother and their guide to help her search. However, they aren’t just searching for her brother, but their father as well . A fact they decide to leave out.

Once in the woods, they discover they have a wendigo on their hands. This makes the search harder. The wendigo is a legend about a man that has evolved into something more and turned immortal by feeding off human flesh. Dean and Sam believe they have one here, and the only way to kill one of these creatures is by fire. Knives or guns just won’t cut it.

The remainder of the episode is a game of cat and mouse between the wendigo and the group lead by Sam and Dean. Their father is nowhere to be seen but once they lose their guide to the wendigo the mission becomes to kill this wendigo. The loss of the guide leaves the four alone. By the end of the episode Dean and Haley are also taken but quickly found by Sam. They also find Haley’s brother alive, and the four escape just after setting the wendigo aflame.

This show definitely has a younger hipper X-files feel to it. I see this show becoming the X-files of this generation if the show can find success and stay on the air. Jared and Jensen play the brothers well, and we learn more about them and their personalities on the show with each episode. Jensen’s character, Dean, reminds me a bit of his past role on Dark Angel. Definitely the smart alec type, and that is no different here. However, you can already see him working on the broken relationship between him and Sam.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this show has in store for us next week. This is quickly becoming one of favorites of the new crop of television shows. I even had my eighty year old father watching and enjoying it. Now that has to say something! To learn more about the wendigo legend in one part of the country visit the following website.


Sarah said...

I just watched this today (on my DVR) and it was good! Really scary! Can't wait for the next episode!

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