TV Review: So You Think You Can Dance - 9/21/05

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another fast paced show on this week’s So You Think You Can Dance as the final six dancers battle it out for the four spots on next week’s finale. As always the show begins by saying good-bye to two of the dancers picked for elimination on last week’s episode. As the competition continues, elimination is tougher because all the dancers at this point deserve to win. They are the best of what’s left. Since this is a competition, not all of the dancers left now will be named winner. That is a title left for the best of the best.

This week we said good-bye to Melissa and Artem. Melissa chose to be on the show instead of going on a dance trip to China with sixty other dancers. In my opinion, she is one of the best girl dancers on the show. Artem has shined on stage week after week. He is known internationally as a ballroom dancer, and in this style he performed well. It is hard to see him sent home because he set the standard for the others when it came to the ballroom style.

The format of this week’s program changed once again. The selection process stayed, but judges comments returned after each performance. Last week, the commentary by the judges had been saved to follow each couple’s second performance. This looks to have been done to fit the fourth couple into the new hour long broadcast which had previously been set each week at ninety minutes. A change also occurred with the solos at the end of the show. On this week’s show, the judges didn’t choose any bottom couples. All six dancers were up for America’s votes.

During the first set, Ashle and Blake followed an awesome hip hop performance by Kamilah and Jamile with a smooth waltz. Not the best style to follow a high energy performance, but these two did well. Nick and Melody followed with a hot and sexy Broadway performance. All three performances here were well done, and the judges for the most part all agreed on this. Judge Dan Karaty commented on the smooth waltz style following hip hop which caused a minor eruption between the judges, but other than this all the judges scored the three couples well.

In the second set, the couples didn’t fair as well. Both Blake and Ashle and Kamilah and Jamile received negative critiques on their performances. The best couple of this set was definitely Nick and Melody. This couple came out and performed a high energy and fun disco performance. The other two couples had tougher ballroom type styles to work with - the Argentine tango and the American jive.

Judges comments were harsher this week, but at this point in the competition that is to be expected. They aren’t looking for the best performer or the best dancer. They want the entire package now. Kamiliah had comments made by Mia Michaels about her being the best faker. She is a performer. Dan Karaty also made reference to this. She can dance, but she dances to perform. It is all an act to her, and at this stage in the game she shouldn’t be there. Nigel Lythgoe also said if he had his choice, she would have been the one sent home this week.

All six dancers came out with dazzling solo performances. This was their last chance to show America just what they could do on stage. The decision is now left to America. Which four of the six left will make it to next week’s finale?

In my opinion, the top two females are Melody and Ashle. I agree with the judges in regard to Kamilah’s performance. On the male side, I think Nigel and America might get their wish for a Blake and Nick dance-off. Jamilie is a talented dancer, but in my mind Blake and Nick are the best male dancers left here.

What do you think America? Which of the six dancers left do you want to see in next week’s finale? Are your favorites still in the competition? Who do you think is the best of the best and will be named this competition’s winner? This is your chance to sound off! Let me know what you think.

Music used on tonight's show

Set I:
Kamilah/Jamile - Toma - Pitbull
Ashle/Blake - Rilassamento - Gianna Pavesi
Melody/Nick - All that jazz - Ute Lemper

Set II:
Kamiliah/Jamile - Jump Jive and wail by Louis Prima
Ashle/Blake - Santa Maria - Gotan project
Melody/Nick - Knock on wood by Amii Stewart

Kamiliah - Maniac - Michael Sembello
Jamile - Atomic Dog - George Clinton
Ashle - I like it like that - Tito Nieves
Blake - Body language - Queen
Melody - Brave and Crazy - Melissa Etheridge
Nick - The first time I ever saw your face - Jeffrey Gaines


cookies=true said...

This week's show was not aired in our area due to severe weather. Do you know of a way to get a copy of the episode?

cookies=true said...

Nick is a PHENOMENAL dancer--his form, extension, grace, precision and strength are unmatched by anyone else in this competition. Unlike other dancers who simply do acrobatics or their favorite steps in their 45-second solos, Nick's 45-second solo choreography told a story, and included two amazing leaps and a long series with three different kinds of turns. The dances he's been doing have been more difficult and unconventional than the familiar forms of ballroom and hip-hop, and each has included two or three lifts of his partner, something no one else has done.
Jamile is obviously a great guy with lots of personality, but a great dancer he's not, at least at this time.
Blake would certainly be considered great when out dancing at a club, but something essential is missing; he can move, but he is not a dancer, he imitates dancers.
Regarding the female dancers, saying Kamila "shouldn't be there" -- what a cruel thing to say; and it's not true. Kamila has danced with more expertise and versatility than the other women, and she's the only one who can keep up with the speed of hip-hop and disco. Ashle is just blah, and at times she is slower than her partner.
Little Melodie has a limited range of style and stays in her "zone"--she has remained only because she has resorted to using sexuality to get votes, which is unethical and demeaning; to her credit, she was uncomfortable about that, at least at first.
Unfortunately, the elimination of Artem, whose dancing is about 1000 times better than Jamile's, shows clearly that quality isn't what counts with the public. The lowest common seems to be winning, again. What a shame.

cookies=true said...

It was such a shame to see Artem go. He was an excellant dancer and adapted well to different sorts of dance. My vote for the best of the best is Nick and Ashle.

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