TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.23

Sunday, April 30, 2006

From ABC: Izzie grills George about the personal details of his life, Addison takes Alex to task about a sensitive case, and Burke feels the pressure when he treats his musical hero.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Grey's Anatomy returns tonight with an all-new episode titled Blues For Sister Someone. The popular series has been on a hiatus since early this month, but it wasted no time jumping back into the thick of things. Within the first minute, we see two couples post-sex. One of them being George and his new girlfriend, Dr. Torres, and the other being Addison and Derek.

Things go well for one of the couples, but not so much for the other. The one failing to reach their full sexual potential is the married couple. While they are talking about it, the phone rings and it is someone asking about the dog. Addison assumes it is the vet, and she makes a comment about the two having sex. Little does she know, but the caller was actually Meredith. She is at the vet office, and she hears Addison's comment. This isn't all that is thrown at Meredith at the vet office, the vet also asks her for a date, but she is still not dating.

At the hospital, Bailey still doesn't see her name attached to any cases, and she definitely feels she is on the mommy track. Burke sees this, so he gives her Denny as a patient for the day. She and Meredith go to see him, and Izzie pops in even if she is on neurology rounds that day with Derek. She tries to offer her two cents on his treatment, but Bailey is not too pleased.

As for Burke, he is faced with treating one of his musical heroes when George tells him Eugene Foot, one of Burke's favorite violinist is in the emergency room. He is having trouble with his pace maker. Burke tries to talk the man into keeping the pace maker in, but the man is adamant in having it removed, even after Burke tries another setting on the device.

Alex gets stuck with Addison, and is not too pleased about being on the vagina detail for the day. He gets bit mouthy with her. That day Addison has a pregnant mother of six children, and she wants her to tie her tubes during her C-section. However, she doesn't want her husband to know. He is very religious, and he believes that birth control goes against there religion. Alex makes a comment about not allowing her to do it, so Addison gets on his case. The woman is adamant on going through with it. When Addison and Alex take her into surgery, Addison does go through with the woman's request. She calls it a complication. Alex is not too pleased with the deception.

Izzie and George are with Derek as I mentioned, and they have a woman that they are trying to brain map to find the area of her causing her seizures. As it so happens, the woman is a divorce lawyer, and as soon as she senses that Derek has a less than happy marriage, she zeros in on that. This makes him less than thrilled, so he tells George and Izzie to make her seize, so they can operate, and she is out there. The two interns then try to find ways to make her have a seizure.

Izzie isn't too happy with George at the moment because he won't even tell her where he is currently living. As it appears, he is living with Dr. Torres in her hideaway. Meanwhile, Bailey is not too happy with Izzie. She is starting to pick up on things with Denny and Izzie, especially when he asks her about whether or not her advice is better than Izzie's. The two doctor's have given them different advice.

Everything changes once Burke heads into surgery. His patient flat lines. Denny has problems with his own treatment. Perhaps he wasn't as ready as he and Bailey thought he was. It looks like Bailey works him through it. Meanwhile, Izzie and George end up fighting while their patients watches and finally seizes. As for Alex, the husband of the woman comes to ask him about the complication she had during her C-section, and he tells the husband it might be the way to put his kids through college, suggesting he get a lawyer. Addison then makes a promise to Alex to basically make his life a living hell.

Meredith confronts Denny about him and Izzie, and he explains to her about why he wants to be with Izzie. Basically going the rules be damned approach. After she is done, Meredith returns to the vet to take him up on his date offer. However, he has to run an errand. That errand ends up being helping a horse give birth. Meredith assists him.

Addison has her own complications arise from helping the woman. After Alex talks to the woman's husband, the man does go to Chief Webber, and then he talks to the hospital attorney. Addison goes to the woman, but she won't tell her husband that she asked Addison to tie her tubes. This could definitely cause her some problems.

After Meredith and the hot vet are done with the horse, he offers his shower and some dinner. Meredith rambles, but eventually joins him. Denny goes to see Izzie with his new device, but Bailey sees the two. As for Burke, he is dealing with the loss of his favorite musician under his hands. Yang even shows emotion when she sees him so upset. Derek brings Doc to the vet when he gets sick again, and he sees Meredith there in the man's shirt. This causes him to go home to have hot sex with his wife. Meanwhile, back at Izzie and Meredith, George returns home with Callie along for the ride.

I am so glad to see Grey's back. I've truly missed this series, but even with the hiatus it was not hard at all to jump right back into the thick of things with those at Seattle Grace Hospital. This show is one of the best on television, and I definitely see some great television ahead as we make our way to the second season finale for this show.

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TV Review: ER Episode 12.19

Thursday, April 27, 2006

From NBC: Abby (Maura Tierney) senses that something is not quite right when a grandmother (Guest star Diane Ladd) and her 12 year-old grandaughter are brought into the ER. Sam's (Linda Cardellini) imprisoned ex-husband Steve (Garret Dillahunt) is brought into the ER and all the doctors assume that he is faking, but when further tests prove otherwise, Steve finds his way to the operating table. Meanwhile, tensions run high when Morris (Scott Grimes) and Albright (Dahlia Salem) argue over a patient, but when Morris denies a surgery, Albright quickly changes her tune. Meanwhile, Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) heads to Africa to help Carter (Noah Wyle) and quickly realizes how difficult life will be. Laura Innes, Goran Visnjic, Parminder Nagra and Shane West also star.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

ER returns this week with an all-new episode titled No Place To Hide after being off the air for a weeks hiatus. This week's episode brings us back Noah Wyle and also has Diane Ladd guest starring. This week, Pratt is getting ready for his trip to Darfur that Luka sent him on as punishment. Clemente calls Pratt at home to find out about a patient, but apparently he is also disturbed by Jodi's ex. He is now sending them strange mail. The latest being a sympathy card containing some dead goldfish. Clemente is more than a little freaked out by the mailing, and he doesn't even want to walk home alone.

The next morning, we see Weaver finishing her rehab following her hip surgery. The first victim into the ER is a woman that suffered a fall. Sam's ex-husband also makes his way into the ER, and Abby is working on a case of a young girl that also suffered an injury when driving a car. The grandmother comes in with her, along with their dog, but Abby says the dog can't stay. The young girl won't stay if the dog is taken to the shelter, especially worried that her grandmother won't be able to pick up the dog, and he'd be put down.

Morris is working on the fall victim, and Albright comes down to get her into surgery. However, Morris is against it. As far as Sam's husband goes, it comes in with what looks to be a case of appendicitis. Upon further examination, it looks like he is faking. Clemente releases him, but Neela wants more tests done. The young girl and grandmother turns out to be more of a case with the grandmother, who appears to be suffering from dementia. The young girl doesn't want to leave her grandmother.

Even with Albright wanting to take Morris' patient to the operating room, he is still against it. He makes a diagnosis, and it turns out to be correct. Weaver returns to the hospital, and it is the first time she walks the halls without her cane. Meanwhile, Abby and Luka talk about Abby's current case, which Abby has opted to not call children services on.

Back in the ER, Sam's husband is still in residence, and it is starting to look like he might not have been faking it. Clemente is a bit upset that Neela didn't discharge him as directed, but when he crashes upon further examination, it is clear Neela made the right choice. As Sam's husband is taken up to the operating room, Clemente receives another call from Jodi's ex. This leads him to ask Abby for sleeping pills, which she prescribes him only two. As for Abby's case, the young girl is adamant on wanting to stay with her grandmother, and she shows Abby just how well she can handle it. Abby seems to relent.

On his flight to Africa, Pratt meets a woman that tells him exactly what he is in for in the area of Darfur once he arrives. It is definitely more than he expected. When he arrives, he is detained by customs, but he is pulled out of it. On the way to the camp, Pratt and those he is with are stopped by militants curious as to who the new arrival is. There care is ransacked, and they are left to walk to the camp, Pratt with no shoes. His first day in Africa is definitely not how he thought it would be. They reach the camp without further incident, and this is where we see Noah Wyle enter the picture. Once again he returns to ER without returning to Chicago, which is a bit disappointing. Pratt fills him on the news back at County General, including Abby's pregnancy.

There are only three episodes left in this season of ER, and the previews for the episodes ahead definitely look excitement filled. Spoilers have mentioned a death to come of one of the past ER co-stars, and I have a feeling that might be someone that will have effect on Neela. These previews only strengthen that feeling. We'll have to see what happens next week.

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TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1.21

From WB: Sam (Jared Padalecki) has a vision of a family being attacked in the same manner as the attack on his mom, so he, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) head off to Salvation, Iowa, to save this family and finally kill the demon using the Colt gun. However, Meg (guest star Nicki Aycox) calls and lets the family know she is going to start killing their friends unless they return the gun. John meets Meg to deliver a fake gun, while the boys are left to deal with the demon.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

The Winchester's have now joined together in order to find and destroy the demon that killed their wife and mother. This week's episode titled Salvation begins with the return of Meg as she makes her way into a church seeing salvation from a priest. However, it is clear that it isn't salvation she is seeking when she shows who she is to the priest. It doesn't take long for him to figure it out, and he tries to save himself by running. However, he can't run from Meg. she demands to know where the Winchester's are, but she knows he won't tell her. So instead she slits his throat.

The father finally fills the brothers in about the demon. He shows them all he has. As it turns out the demon had been mostly dormant since their mother's death, but it had started killing again in the past year. The father also tells them there are signs as to when the demon makes a appearance. Those signs are popping up in a town called Salvation, Iowa. The three head there together, and the father tells Dean and Sam to find out what child is having a sixth month birthday. As they arrive in town, their father finds out about the death of the priest.

While at the hospital trying to track down the baby and family the demon will hit next, Sam has one of his visions. In his vision, there is a train, so he uses that to try and find the family. He is able to find the woman named Monica and her daughter. As it turns out, that day is the baby's six month birthday. Sam sees her death in a vision, and he tells his father and Dean. Their father is upset that Dean and Sam didn't call him when Sam began to have visions, but Dean tells his father that calling him and getting him to respond to call are next to impossible.

Meg calls the Winchester's, and she wants to talk to their father. At first, Sam tries to hide that their father is with them, but Meg is persistent. She gets him on the phone, and she is with another friend of his. She knows he has the gun he found on last week's episode. When at first he says he doesn't have the gun, she kills another friend of his, and threatens the rest. Unless he gives up the gun, more people will die. He says he will give her the gun, but when he hangs up he tells his sons he plans to give her a fake, while they use the real gun to kill the demon that night.

Dean is able to find the copy of the gun, and he gives it to their father with the promise that if things don't go as planned that their father leaves. He asks them to do the same before asking them once again finish the battle that he started. John makes it to Lincoln at the meeting point in time to meet Meg, while Sam and Dean stake out the family's house. The two brother's talk while their father meets Meg. She isn't alone, and with her friend they soon find out the gun is a fake. Once he is found out, the two demons try to go after him as he tries to escape. He stops them with holy water.

Back in Salvation, the brother's feel the demon before it arrives, when things begin to happen. Sam and Dean proceed to break into the house in hopes of stopping the demon. The man of the house tries to stop them as burglars, but Dean is able to stop him as Sam rushes upstairs. He is able to stop the demon from killing Monica, and Dean grabs the baby just before the crib is set fire. They all escape the house. Their father doesn't have the same luck. The male demon with Meg captures him.

Back at their motel room, Sam and Dean talk about what happened at the house with the demon. Sam was willing to risk himself to destroy it. The two have words, but they push forward toward a common goal, trying to contact their father. Meg answers the phone when they call, and she tells them they are never going to see their father again. Thus concludes the first part of this two part season finale.

This series just keeps getting better and better, but there is some concern on whether or not it will be around next season when the WB merges with UPN to form The CW. Early on, Supernatural was mentioned as being included, but it hasn't been recently. It is one of those on the fence series. I hope that the new network picks up this show because it is definitely one of my favorites and a must watch each week.

TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.23

From FOX: Harbor School's Senior Prom brings out the best and the worst in everyone. Taylor hits a high at prom, while Summer falls flat with her surprising prom date. Seth and Anna come up with a prom plan to win Summer back. Meanwhile, Marissa convinces Volchok to go to the prom and Ryan brings an unexpected old flame. When one of the girls is elected prom queen, it truly becomes a night to remember. Later, when Taylor's prom funds are missing, Ryan returns to his old ways and prom night turns brutal.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

On the O.C., the seniors are gearing up for graduation, and that means they have to attend Senior Prom. Tonight's episode titled The Party Favor has that special event of every senior's lives. The episode starts with Ryan and Seth discussing prom and their prospective love lives. Summer thinks Seth is going to Brown to be with former love, Anna. Ryan plans to not even attend the prom, but Seth tells him he should, and even makes some dates suggestions. One of those suggestions being Theresa. Ryan and her have been spending some time together lately. As Ryan ponders it, the two look over to see Volchok kissing a girl that is definitely not Marissa.

As for the prom, Ryan does end up asking Theresa, but she has someone she is kind of seeing. Theresa does agree to go with him. Marissa does ask Volchok, but he has prom issues. Seth decides to try to butter up Summer by asking her to prom via the chocolate chip pancake approach. Sandy and Kirsten know it is prom weekend for the seniors, but their plans to have everyone over for pictures seem to be a bust. The couple have their own problems at the moment in any case, and Kirsten isn't telling Sandy she had a drink after the dinner party.

Marissa and Ryan talk over their prom dates, but Ryan still knows Volchok is cheating on Marissa. He ends up going to the surfer's apartment to confront him, but it turns out Marissa is there at the time. Ryan makes a quick switch, and ends up inviting Marissa and Volchok to the Cohen's the next night for prom pictures. The couple went forward with the plans after all. Meanwhile, Seth is still trying to work on Summer, but when he is on the phone leaving her a voice mail message, he opens his front door to find Anna standing there.

Anna has come all the way across the country in order to help Seth win back Summer. If telling her they aren't dating doesn't work, then Anna plans to be Seth's prom date. Anna shows up at Summer's to Marissa's and Summer's shock while they are discussing Seth. Before Anna arrived on scene, Summer had been telling Marissa her plan to show Sandy and Kirsten Seth's napkin confession. When Anna leaves, Summer seals it in an envelope in preparation to send it to Seth's parents.

All the couples arrive at the Cohen's ready for their pictures before the prom. Volchok gets wide-eyed at seeing the stash of cash that Taylor is holding for the prom after party. Summer drops off the envelope in Sandy's office before she goes for her pictures. While everyone is posing, Volchok is off looking for the money and having a little bit of alcohol. Ryan finds him, and once again warns Volchok not to hurt Marissa and ruin the prom for her.

At the prom, things are in full swing when our couples arrive. Lisa Tucker is a guest at the prom. Volchok quickly exits the scene to smoke some illegal substance. Marissa doesn't join him, but he finds someone that will. Back at the Cohen's, the older couples are having fun reminiscing over their children, when Dr. Roberts gets a strange phone call about Sandy. At the prom, Summer is announced prom queen for the second year in a row. Before prom king could be announced, Summer kisses her date, and then proceeds to fall off the stage. This makes it certainly time for everyone to exit.

However, Marissa has no idea where Volchok has gone off to since he hasn't returned. Ryan offers to help find him, and he finds him kissing the girl that he left the prom with. Marissa follows him, and before Ryan can stop her from finding Volchok, she does find him, and she slaps him. The two have words, and then Marissa ends up breaking down into tears.

Kirsten goes to Julie about her marriage and the drink she did have. It was only one drink, and she says she has been going to meetings ever since. Julie tries to get her to talk to Sandy, but Kirsten doesn't want to. She wants Sandy to value their marriage without her using her alcoholism. At the after party, Marissa finds the nearest drink, and Anna tells Seth about phase 3, which is telling Summer the truth about Brown. He does, and the two make up, even if Summer is drunker than a skunk. Back at Sandy and Kirsten's, Neil tells Sandy about the phone call he received. As it turns out, there are criminal charges prepared to be filed against him and Griffin. This definitely puts a damper on the hospital project.

Also, Taylor finds the five thousand for the after party missing. Ryan immediately knows where the money went, and he goes after Volchok. The surfer tries to get Ryan to fight him, and he is successful when he uses Marissa's name to do it. The two end up in a fight at Volchok's place, and it appears Ryan goes to far. We don't know how far though because the episode ends. Things are heating up as the end of the season approaches. The previews for next week look even more exciting, and we also see the return of the Mini-Coop, as Willa Holland reprises her role as Kaitlin.

The American Idol: Top 6 Elimination

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol returns tonight as the top six find out which of them is heading home. Tonight's results show started with a review of last night's performances and an apology for one of the performers, Katharine McPhee. Both Simon and Randy said upon reviewing her performance later that night, they were a bit harsh with their critique, and her performance was actually good. Hopefully their harsh critique didn't put her in the bottom three, but let's continue on with the show before we get to that.

After a commercial break, we had an Idol video. This week, the Idol's took on Brandy's Call Me. These are always cheesy, but this week's was a bit cute too. After that aired, Andrea Bocelli took the stage accompanied by David Foster. Together they perform Because We Believe. After another commercial break, we head to the results.

This week was definitely one of the tougher weeks for the performers left. Song choice once again came into play as it had in previous weeks. Before the bottom three was announced, Lisa Tucker, a former Idol contestant this season, was shown in the audience. She appears tomorrow night on FOX's teen drama, The O.C.

We then proceeded to form three groups on stage. Katharine McPhee was put to the far right, Elliot to the middle, Kellie and Paris were put in the group nearest to Ryan. Taylor then joined Elliot and Chris joined Katharine. Once the three groups were formed, Ryan sent the middle group consisting of Taylor and Elliot back to sit down. These two were safe. This left two groups on stage - Katharine and Chris and Kellie and Paris. One of these two groups contained the bottom two.

When we return from commercial, Ryan tells us these two groups are made up our top two and bottom two. Katharine and Chris are told to sit. They have the highest scores of the night. Paris and Kellie are our bottom two, and this is the first time Kellie has made it to the bottom scorers, and one time is all she needed. She is going home tonight. Paris will continue on next week. Early on, I loved Kellie, but she just didn't really belong there in recent weeks. She's adorable, but she just doesn't have the voice to make it to the end. I'm glad to see her go home now because those left in the competition all deserve to be there at this stage in the game. America made the right decision.

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TV Review: Bones Episode 1.20

From FOX: Booth’s boss, FBI Deputy Director Sam Cullen, is anxiously awaiting information from doctors as to why his daughter Amy is dying of a rare form of lung cancer. When Brennan learns of Amy’s condition, she questions the rarity of the cancer in a girl of Amy’s age and background and discovers Amy had a bone graft as a result of a previous accident. Brennan enlists Booth’s help to dig deeper into the origin of the bone graft she received, and they are shocked to learn Amy is not the only person with the rare terminal cancer and that she may be the victim of a crime in “The Graft in the Girl.”

My Rating:
4 out of 4

This week on Bones has Brennan, Angela and Booth entering the scene as they walk down the hall of a hospital's pediatric cancer wing to meet with FBI Deputy Director Sam Cullen. However, the case they are their to discuss doesn't turn out to be the case that they decide to follow in this episode. Bones is immediately interested when she hears Cullen's daughter is suffering from an extremely rare form of cancer. Even when Booth tells her not to ask questions, she still does, but as it turns out her questioning leads to the discovery of the cause of her cancer.

When Bones looks into a bone graft the teenager received when she broke her leg, she can see that the bone could definitely be the cause of her illness. Once she is certain of it, the bone that was used in the bone graft isn't that of a twenty-five year old, but it is more in tune with a bone of a cancerous sixty year old, and it is possible others have received bones and other organs from the same company that provided the hospital with the bone graft used in Amy's operation.

Brennan and Bones go to Deputy Cullen, and they tell him the cause of his daughter's cancer. Even with knowing the cause, there is really no hope for his daughter's survival, so he tells them to send the case to the CDC. However, Bones and Brennan stay on the case because it is possible others have been affected, and because the two find out that the company that sold the bones to the hospital doesn't even exist. All the two have on the company is an email signed to a factitious name.

They return to the hospital, and one of the people working there tell them there was another accident victim that received bones from the same fake company. Booth calls on the woman, and he finds out that the woman has already died of lung cancer eight months before. Once they find the one victim other than Cullen's daughter, they find thirteen other victims that also received bones around the same time from the company.

The other victims are brought in for testing, and some are found with early forms of cancer. Amy sees these other victims with chances of being saved, and she has some hope for her own changes. However, Brennan does tell her that there is no chance for her own survival. That instead she is saving the lives of others. The man, as they discover, has no idea what he has done by giving bits of his own cancerous bones to others. Booth labels a serial killer, and once they get more into things, this does become an FBI case. Up to a certain point, Booth had been using his sick time to follow the case.

After Angela is able to identify how the man looks like, Hodgins is able to analyze where the man's bones to find out where the man is from. Soon they have narrowed it down to a sixty-five year old man that died from lung cancer within the last year from West Virginia. They soon work to find the body of the man, but their first two aren't where the bones came from. They next interview the wife of a third man, and she is less than cooperative with them. The two go to the funeral home she mentioned, but the mortician says there was no man by that name at his funeral home.

As the two continue on, they feel that the wife isn't the one responsible for selling her husband's bones for harvesting. They start to lean towards the funeral home, so they return to it. After speaking to the mortician briefly, they go to the showroom, or what looks to be a showroom. After a few moments, Bones determines that is the room that was used to harvest the bones before cremation.

Bones takes in the bone dust she found in the air vents of the funeral home, and she finds that this is the location where the bones of the male victim that caused Amy's cancer, as well as bone dust from seven other bodies. However, the mortician can't have been the one to harvest the bones. Someone had to work with him. Bones goes back to the hospital and confronts the woman they had been speaking to since the beginning of the episode. She had some medical background, and she was the one that did the harvesting.

Also during this episode, Angela makes friends with Amy. They share a love of art, and the two become quite close. When the case is solved, and Amy is still left the same as she started, this upsets Angela, but she is able to fulfill one of Amy's dreams - the one of letting her see The Louvre in Paris, even if it is only virtually. Hodgins and Angela also continue to form a basis for some type of relationship, and I'm really enjoying this slow development of these two as a couple.

This episode had me emotional at its end. It was an intense episode, and the case wasn't similar to ones this show has had in its past. This was a case that they really couldn't make right even by solving it. No matter what they did, someone would still die. Bones will return with an all new episode in two weeks. Next week, there will a special episode of House in its slot.

American Idol: The Top 6

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This week's American Idol brings the top six remaining in the competition back on stage to sing the classic love songs of our time. This week our contestants worked with Andre Bocelli and song writer David Foster. The minute the idols entered the room and began to work with the two men, you could tell this was going to be a tough week. David Foster had criticism for each of the singers he worked with.

First to hit the stage tonight was Katharine McPhee. She is one of the better performers remaining in the competition, but tonight was not her best night. The song she chose, I have nothing by Whitney Houston, is one of the best known love songs ever. Katharine does have an amazingly talented voice, but she does not have the voice that could compete with Whitney's. She did well, but she could have done a lot better with a different song. All three judges criticized her song choice.

Next up was Elliot Yamin, and this week he picked up a song that is one of his favorites by Donny Hathaway. He did an amazing job this week, and he even moved one of the judges to tears with his performance tonight. All three judges had nothing but high praise for Elliot's performance. In recent weeks, I hadn't thought much of him, and some had even said this was his week to go home. Elliot definitely in my mind held onto a spot in this competition for at least one more week.

Kellie Pickler took the stage next, and once again someone chose a classic that will be hard to live up too. she won over both Andrea and David when she worked with them, and she even seemed shocked when they complimented her voice. However, other than the one high note she hit perfectly, the song was slow and boring. There really wasn't any passion to it. Kellie just doesn't have the voice to make it as a recording artist, so I agree with what the judges said here.

Following a commercial break, Paris came on stage singing another of those song classics,. This one made popular by Barbara Streisand, one of the best voices of our time. Paris herself knew how important song choice was this week for her. Odds makers have mentioned this might be the week she goes home, but with her performance I hope that isn't the case. She has one of the best voices left in this competition, and she does have a shot at making it to the end, if she has a fan base behind her.

Taylor Hicks was up next, and he picked a song I thought could have been just perfect for his voice, Just Once by James Ingram. Taylor is another of the contestants that I have gone back and forth on, and this week was not one of his best performances. He has a great voice, but I'm starting to wonder if his voice can make him an American Idol.

Chris Daughtry closed the show on a high note, and in my mind he probably had one of the best performances of the night. He picked the perfect song for his voice, and he just did an amazing job with it. In recent weeks, he has jumped out of his element and expanded his vocals. This is what an American Idol needs to do, and he is doing it. I do really think he has the chance to go all the way.

As for the bottom three this week, I think we'll see Kellie Pickler, Taylor Hicks and possibly see Katharine McPhee as well. This is based on tonight's performances. My pick to go home this week is Kellie Pickler. She really deserves to go home now.

Tonight's song in order of performance are:

Katharine McPhee: I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston
Elliot Yamin: A Song For You - Donny Hathaway
Kellie Pickler: Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
Paris Bennett: The Way We Were - Barbara Streisand
Taylor Hicks: Just Once - James Ingram
Chris Daughtry: Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

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TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1.20

Thursday, April 20, 2006

From WB: After Daniel Elkins, a vampire hunter (guest star Terence Kelly) and John's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) mentor, is murdered, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case. John discovers the vampires have taken an antique gun, which has the power to kill all supernatural beings. The Winchester family sets out to retrieve the gun from the vampires so they can use it to kill the demon that took Sam and Dean's mother.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This week's fresh episode titled Dead Man's Blood starts off with a an elderly man in a bar. Things get interesting when an odd group enters the bar causing the man to leave quite quickly. Not fast enough though because the group follows him home. Turns out it is group of vampire's, and the man was a former vampire hunter. He tries to fight them, but they make him their dinner. The brother's end up on the case, and they find the man's journal, one that looks very much like their father's journal.

They investigate the crime scene further, and they find a message from the man in his blood that leads them to a post office box. In the box, they find a letter to a JW. Before they can open it, their father arrives on scene. The man that was killed was John Winchester's mentor, and he came as soon as he heard the news of his death. He opens the letter, and he finds out that his mentor had kept an antique gun. John also tells his sons that the man was killed by vampires. We see the group in action, as they kill a young couple.

The Winchester's join forces to find the vampires. John hears about the young couple as they called 9-1-1. However, when the police arrive, there is no one on scene. Three follow the trail, but things aren't shiny and happy. Their father is a bit rigid and touch, and Sam is the first to say something about how their father treats them when they are working together. Sam and their father argue, and this certainly adds more to the back story of the family. While all this is happening, we see the vampires in their lair. They quickly kill the male of the couple, but it looks like they make the female one of them.

The Winchester's also find the vampire's lair, and their father finally tells them the reason why they are going after this gun. It was a special gun made many years ago that is said to be able to kill any supernatural being, even the demon that has it out for them. With this new knowledge, the brothers go into the vampire hideout with their father. They are all sleeping, and the fun is by the bedside of the leader.

Sam sees the girl of the couple, and Dean finds more victims. When Sam tries to wake the young woman, it turns she is one of them and she alerts the other vamps. The family makes a hasty retreat, but now John tells his sons that once a vampire has your scent, it is for life. He then tells him they need to find a funeral home. While Dean is off looking for one, Sam and their father have a long talk about their relationship.

That night, they go back for the vampires, but the vampires are ready for them. The girlfriend of the leader has Dean, but Sam and their father shoot her with an arrow soaked in dead man's blood, which is poisonous to vampires. They capture her because John knows the leader's mate is more important than any gun. John wants to go for the gun himself, and this causes another argument within the family. John wants the brothers to leave him, and the two aren't so willing to do that. However, John gives him them no choice in the matter.

Sam and Dean go back to the vampires' lair, while their takes the girlfriend to get the gun. John almost succeeds, but the girlfriend gets loose. Luckily for him, his sons didn't listen to him and they soon arrive on scene. The leader captures Sam though leading their father to use one of the bullets to shoot and kill him. Once they have the gun, their father changes his mind, and they decide to go after the demon together.

This was one of the best episodes this season. I am really enjoying the underlying story line of this family and the demon. Each episode tells us a bit more about this family and its dynamic. This episode told us the most about them so far. We only have two episodes left before the end of the season though. Next week, check here to find out what happens next!

TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.22

From FOX: Graduation is just weeks away and Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa leave Newport to attend their respective pre-frosh orientations at UC Berkeley and Brown. While dropping the boys off at the airport, Kirsten is surprised to see Theresa and her all-too-familiar-looking baby boy. While visiting Brown, Seth runs into Anna on the quad and they instantly connect. Could this be the end of Summer and Seth? Meanwhile, Kirsten and Sandy attend a hospital benefit where Kirsten vents her frustrations and falls back into an old habit on The College Try.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

On this week's episode of The O.C. titled The College Try the seniors head off to their respective colleges for visits. Kirsten takes Ryan to the airport, and after she drops him off, she sees Ryan's former flame, Theresa, with child. She automatically assumes that this child is Ryan's. Seth goes off to Brown in order to try to get in, and while he is there he bumps into another old friend, Anna. She is there because it appears she also got into Brown.

Meanwhile, Marissa is dealing with the end of her relationship with Volchok. After heading off course for a bit, she finds herself wanting the dream life again. The bad girl snorting coke and sleeping with some random guy image just doesn't work for her. After one last talk, she is on her way to Berkeley. When there, she somehow bumps into Ryan and his new friends on campus. Ryan's freshman buddy takes an immediate interest in Marissa, but tries to back off when he hears she is Ryan's ex. Ryan pushes the guy towards anyway, but it seems Marissa and Ryan are destined to bump into each other.

Seth is determined to get accepted into Brown, so he asks Anna's help. She tells him the only shot he has is to talk to the admissions dean. The two go to a freshman party, and he does talk to the dean, but only to set up an appointment to talk to him the next day. Before he is able to leave, Summer sees him there, and she also sees him with Anna. She automatically assumes Anna is the reason he broke up with her. Anna continues to help Seth by helping him write a speech for him to give the dean. Anna also tries to get him to talk to Summer.

When he goes to meet with the dean, things don't go as well as planned. As soon as the dean finds out Seth isn't student, he is less than willing to listen to him, but Seth does convince him to give him one minute. The dean isn't convinced though, and when Seth then tells him the real reason he came to talk to him, the dean is sympathetic, but the original decision stands.

Ryan returns home once Kirsten tells him she saw Theresa at the airport with a baby. Sandy is upset Kirsten told him because they had decided to wait until he got back. Things are still strained between the two as a result of the hospital deal. Julie throwing a party in honor of the hospital doesn't even appear to help. Kirsten has found Theresa's address for Ryan, and he shows up on her doorstep. Theresa isn't home when he does, but the babysitter is. He sees Theresa's little boy, and he looks just like Ryan. It looks more and more like this is Ryan's child. With Ryan gone, Marissa is left alone with his freshman buddy at Berkeley. The two get along well, and sparks start to fly a little between the two.

Seth is on his way home to The O.C., but Anna stops him before he does. She wants him to apply at an art school using his comic as his application. She talks him into it, especially when getting in means that him and Summer would be in the same state. Back in The O.C., Marissa returns and Ryan tells her about his possible child. At the hospital dinner party, Sandy thanks his wife, but she surprises him with a toast that roasts him more than praises. She gets up and leaves the party with a drink in hand. Her sobriety is out the window the minute she takes the first sip.

Seth impresses the admission people at the school, but there is no word on whether or not that means he got in. At the airport, Summer sees him hugging Anna at the terminal. Marissa ends up going to see Volchok, and she finds that he has rented a DVD of The Sound of Music, which she mentioned contained her ideal couple. This causes her to stay, and this also shows another side of Volchok's character. As for Theresa, she ends up at the Cohen's, and she tells Ryan the child isn't his but Eddie's.

This was an okay episode for The O.C., but not stellar. The character's returning was nice to see though. Anna always did cause problems when it came to Seth and Summer, so this was no shock to see her causing trouble again. I hated seeing Kirsten break sobriety just weeks after getting her chip. The adult story line is just boring me now. I never picked Sandy to turn into another Caleb. The episode just felt a bit slow, but at the same time rushed. Next week, the seniors have their prom, and another guest star - American Idol's Lisa Tucker will attend Harbor's prom.

American Idol: Top 7 Elimination

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Last night, the final seven contestants remaining in the American Idol sang songs from the Great American Songbook. They worked with superstar singer and songwriter, Rod Stewart. Last night's show is being called one of the best performance nights of American Idol ever. I don't know if I'd say that, but I will say it was the best performance night of this season so far, and we have a shot to only have things get better as the competition dwindles down.

After an Idol music and a performance by Rod Stewart off the first CD in his songbook CD collection, we were ready to find out who our bottom three this week are. After a commercial break and introducing next week's theme, Ryan went about dividing the remaining seven into two groups. On the near side of the stage next to Ryan we had Chris, Paris and Ace. On the far side, we had Elliot, Kellie, Katharine.

We soon learn that Taylor is safe, and Ryan asks him to join the group on stage he thinks is also safe. A difficult choice to be sure. I wouldn't have wanted to be in Taylor's shoes of having to pick. However, it gets a commercial break to make his decision. After shaking Chris' hand, he joins Katharine, Kellie and Elliot. This week, our bottom three is Chris, Paris and Ace. Paris sits down and is safe.

Chris and Ace are our bottom two, and wow this is shocking! Seeing Chris in the bottom three is just wrong to me. He isn't sent home. That honor falls to Ace this week, but I think there is definitely something wrong with this week's bottom three. Chris and Paris were not the worst this week. How is Kellie not going into the bottom three at all. Is VoteForTheWorst still working its magic for the minx?

I hadn't been all too happy with Ace in recent weeks, so seeing in go home tonight wasn't really shocking. Seeing Chris almost sent home is what shocks me! Next week, the top six will work with singer Andrea Bocelli as they sing the greatest love songs of all time. Check my entertainment blog for all the latest in American Idol news each week!

TV Review: Bones Episode 1.19

From FOX: In New Orleans, Brennan is the prime suspect in a murder involving the use of Voodoo, leaving Brennan with voodoo-style amnesia. Booth fights for her innocence, while the other possible suspects turn up dead. Booth, Brennan and the local detectives work with voodoo believers to solve this murder and clear Brennan¹s name on "The Man in the Morgue."

My Rating: 3 out of 4

It's nine months after Katrina, and Bones is in New Orleans helping with the morgue. While working, one of the men she is working with asks her out. She says yes in a round about way, and next we see her waking up covered in blood. Somehow between her accepting the dinner invite and the moment she has woken up an entire day has passed, and she has completely no recollection of the events in the last thirty-six hours.

We next see her being seen by a doctor, and she still has no memory of the events. Booth rushes to be by her side even after Brennan told him not too. We start to piece together what happened during Brennan's missing time. Zach calls her from the Jeffersonian with the results of x-rays of the John Doe she had sent them the day before, but she has no recollection of ever sending them. While eating, another peace of the puzzle is presented to her when the restaurant owner says she was there one of the nights she forgot with an intern from the morgue.

Bones and Booth go to see the man, and we find out there is a possible voodoo connection with the John Doe's murder and also Brennan's amnesia. The meeting with the man leads Bones and Brennan to the one place where the voodoo item they found on the John Doe can be bought due to the results of Hurricane Katrina. A search of the store's records sends the two to the house of the man that had asked Bones out to dinner. A search of his home has them finding his dead body hanging crucified from one of the bedroom walls.

The cops are suspicious when Bones and Booth are at the scene of the crime. The two try to explain why they are at the scene, but the female detective isn't too easy on them. They continue to work though, trying to find out about the John Doe. However, it turns out the file and remains of John Doe 361 have disappeared. This makes it harder for the team back in D.C. and the two in New Orleans to find out more about how it was murdered.

The facts as they are at the moment cause Bones to feel she might be the one that murdered, and when the cops arrive to arrest her, it is clear they feel the same way. Brennan's blood was found at the crime scene, and the victim's blood was found on her clothes. At the police station, Brennan is questioned, and she is more than cooperative. This is less than helpful in her situation. The way things look the city of New Orleans could send her up the creek without a paddle as it is.

Booth and the attorney he hires for her are able to get Bones out on bail, and they go back to work on the case. This time they are also trying to clear Brennan's name. The three start to build a case, while back in D.C. the rest of the team is still working on John Doe. The victim now has a name though. When Angela finds out about the murder charge, she immediately becomes worried about her best friend, but Hodgins is able calm her down. He feels that Bones is trying to follow in Angela's footsteps. Angela lives life big, and Bones is trying to do the same now that Booth is in the picture and she can. Good theory, and did anyone else notice some sparks between Angela and Hodgins?

Back in New Orleans, the body of another morgue worker is found, and this makes things even more confusing. Turns out he was killed while having sex. The remains of the first victim are also found with the man's body. With the help of the voodoo man that worked in the morgue, Bones and Brennan are led back to the voodoo shop. The daughter of the shop owner was dating the last victim. The cop, Bones and Brennan want to interview the daughter, but when the girl's father leads them to the basement, they find her dead. Turns out the father was the murderer they had been looking for. Bones is no longer suspect, and she returns home to D.C.

I really enjoyed this episode of Bones. It had some good character development, especially with the small interaction between Angela and Hodgins. Booth returning Brennan her mother's earring also offered some development as far as those two go I think. Next week we have another all new episode of Bones to look forward too.

American Idol: The Top 7

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This week's American Idol takes songs from the great American songbook. These are the song standards most of us have grown up listening to. With this week's musical guest, Rod Stewart to guide them, the top seven contestants remaining in the competition battle it out for the six remaining spots left. We'll find out who will be sent home tomorrow night, but for now let's talk about tonight's performances.

The show opened up with Chris Daughtry. It is no secret that Chris is one of my favorites in the competition. In fact, he might be my favorite. When Mandisa was sent home, I put a lot of hope in Chris making it. Katharine is also a favorite, but each week Chris has just amazed me with his performances. This week was no exception. He switched things up and took a giant leap out of his genre, and he succeeded. All the judges complimented on his performance this week, and I definitely think we might be looking at our American Idol.

Next up we had a classy Paris Bennett take the stage. Each and every week, she changes her look to match the genre, and this week she looked like total class. Her song was another old favorite, and I agree with the judges when they said this was her best performance of the competition. The standards just suit her voice, but you have to wonder if that makes her the right singer for American Idol. The Idols go on to sing in popular genres. Just something to think about.

Taylor headed out on stage after a commercial break, and he sang what is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. Sam Cooke takes me back to my childhood when my mother used to play her Sam Cooke tape over and over, day after day. I think he did a great job with the song, but it is very hard to top Sam Cooke, and this probably wasn't my favorite performance so far.

Elliot Yamin came out next and this another singer that this genre fit just perfectly. I hadn't been feeling him too much the last couple of weeks, but the minute Elliot hit the stage tonight I knew this was his night. I do agree with Simon that something was missing from Elliot's performance, but I don't know if it was personality.

Kellie took the stage without a commercial to give her time to prepare following Elliot, and I wondered how she would do here. She is the country firecracker. I'm not sure if this is one of her better performances. Last week, I thought she did well with Queen, but in past weeks she has not amazed me. This was one of those performances. The ending to her performance particularly didn't do much for me.

Ace Young hit the stage next, and he has a good voice. I don't know what it is about him though. Early on, I really liked him. My brother walked in while I was watching, and he said that Ace reminded him of a Vegas style entertainer. He does remind me of a lounge performer, and that makes me ask the question if he's right for American Idol. He has a good voice, but I don't know if he is the right one for this competition.

Katharine McPhee closed out tonight's show. She is my other favorite in this competition, and she has this uncanny knack for picking a song that is perfect for her. She did that here once again. She has an amazing voice, and I see her going to the finale. I don't know what I will do if both Katharine and Chris make it to the end!

Tomorrow night Rod Stewart performs and we learn who will be sent home. Tonight, the contestants made that choice very hard, but in my mind I see Kellie going home this week. Here are the songs performed on tonight's show:

Chris Daughtry: What a Wonderful World - Louie Armstrong
Paris Bennett: These Foolish Things - Nat King Cole
Taylor Hicks: You Send Me - Sam Cooke
Elliot Yamin: It Had To Be You - Harry Connick Jr.
Kellie Pickler: Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered - Ella Fitzgerald
Ace Young: That's All - Nar King Cole
Katharine McPhee: Someone to Watch Over Me

Check out my entertainment news blog at Media Village for the latest in American Idol news. The latest this week can be found here.

Blog of The Week

Friday, April 14, 2006

I've selected a new Blog of the Week. This week's blog is not new to the spot. The Dramedy of Life has been my blog of the week a few weeks ago when the season of American Idol was just beginning. She has reviews of books, television shows and thoughts on her every day all thrown together on her blog, so you might want to definitely take a look by clicking here or on my sidebar.

TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1.19

Thursday, April 13, 2006

From WB: A young couple is murdered in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait circa 1910. Upon reviewing the painting's provenance, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) learn that everyone who has ever bought the painting has been murdered and race to discover how the portrait is causing the deaths before it can claim its next victim.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This week's fresh episode of Supernatural is titled Provenance starts with a young couple returning home from an auction where they have bought an odd old painting. While they prepare for bed, the old man in the painting comes to life and kills first the female and then her husband. Sam learns about the case from a newspaper story, and it is similar to a case their father had in his diary, so he thinks they should take a look. The two head to the city where it happened, and Sam finds the house has already been cleaned out of the couple's belongings. This leads them to an auction party, much like the one the couple had probably attended and bought the painting at.

They meet the daughter of the auctioneer, Sarah, and she tells them of the estate, but soon her father returns to kick the brothers out because they weren't on the guest list. After they make it to their hotel, Sam calls her for a date after Dean tells him she was definitely more interested in his little brother than him. After dinner, Sam is able to get the provenance of the items in the young couple's estate. They find the painting in the listing, and this painting is the same item their father had listed in his diary.

This leads them to break into the auction house to see the painting. Not only do they see it, but they burn it. They think this destroys, but little do they know that as it burns in front of them, it is also recreated in its frame back in the auction house. The next morning, Dean wakes up to find his wallet missing, and he thinks he lost in the auction house. They return to the building, and Dean does find his wallet, but not before they are caught by Sarah. While talking to her, he sees the painting back in its frame with no signs of painting.

They need to find out more about the family in the painting, so this takes them to the library. They find out the father killed his entire family and then himself. Afterwards, they were cremated. The man shows them a picture of the family, and the picture is the same as the painting, except for one major difference. In the painting, the father is looking downward. Meanwhile, the painting has just been sold to another family at the auction house. When Sam finds this out from Sarah, he immediately asks for an address. He knows what will happen next. However, they are too late. The woman that bought the painting has already been killed. When Sam, Dean and Sarah arrive at the house, they find the woman dead, and they also see the man in the painting move.

After Sarah lies to the police, she goes to Sam and Dean's motel room wanting to know what is happening. They tell her they think that the painting is haunted. Once they do, she wants to join them in their task. Sam is against it, but she stands strong. They go to woman's house to see the painting, and they compare their picture to the painting. In the painting, they find a picture of the family crypt. This takes them on a journey to find it. When they do, they break in and find that the father's remains are not with the family. Dean goes to look at the county records, while Sarah and Sam talk about their budding relationship. He tells her they shouldn't do anything because people around him get physically hurt. He believes he is cursed. However, she once again doesn't listen.

When Dean returns from looking at the county records, he tells Sam and Sarah that the father hadn't been cremated by the family, but instead he was buried by the county in a pine box, so they can burn the man's bones and hopefully end the haunting of the painting. Sam and Sarah return to the house with Dean to check on the painting and also bury it so they are sure nothing further will happen. When they see the painting, it turns out it isn't the father that they had to worry about, but the daughter has left the painting instead. That explains why the father was looking downward in the painting. He was watching her.

The daugter locks them in, and they wait for Dean to let them out. The daughter soon materializes, and Sam is able to hold her off once with an iron poker. After talking, Sarah tells Sam and Dean that antique dolls are usually made using the child's hair, so Dean goes to the crypt again to burn the daughter's doll. The daughter returns, but Dean is able to destroy the doll just before the daughter is able to kill Sarah. Once again the brothers are on their way, but not before Sam admits his feelings for Sarah.

This episode was once again a good episode for Supernatural, and the main reason for that is the character development for Sam. We see his struggle as he deals with his feelings for Sarah, and his fear of her also getting hurt. Once he sees, she isn't, he is able to push passed the fear and deal with his feelings. I do hope we see her again. Next week, we have another all new episode of Supernatural.

TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.21

From FOX: When Ryan decides to go and visit his mother he is delayed when a problem arises. Taylor and Summer work together to try and find out what Seth is hiding, but Summer ends up getting hurt. Julie talks to Volchok's friends in order to get Marissa out of a bad situation. Sandy is able to fix his work problems with Matt but while doing so he hurts Kirsten.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

On this week's episode of The O.C. titled 'The Dawn Patrol,' graduation plans are in full swing for the four college seniors. The Cohen's are planning their day, and the question comes up of what to do with Ryan's graduation tickets. Kirsten suggests he invite his mother. At first she thinks, that was a mistake. However, Ryan had been thinking of inviting his mother as well. He makes to go to Albaquerque to ask her to come. Meanwhile, Volchok returns, but Marissa is less than enthusastic when he shows up in her bedroom. He somehow got passed the maid. He starts to get a bet touchy feely, but Julie shows up on scene, and he makes a hasty retreat.

At Harbor, Summer and Seth are now dealing with the post break-up awkwardness. After a talk with Taylor, Summer isn't ready to give up on him so easily, and she finds a way to get them booted out of class and right into a weekend detention together. Seth still isn't willing to tell Summer he didn't get into Brown because he knows that she will end up not going. So he decides to break up with her again after Summer unbroke up with him.

While in New Mexico, Ryan ends up at the diner his mother works at. Here he meets Chloe, a young woman that works with his mother. She tells him his mother will be in a couple hours, and when he returns he finds her with a less than desirable boyfriend. He decides to leave before he sees her, but Chloe catches him, and the two go off to talk. The talk leads to a beer, a dance and a quick hop into bed back at Ryan's hotel.

After deciding whether or not he should actually see her, he returns to the diner, and it turns out that his mother already knows he was there to invite her to his graduation. Now she is coming, whether or not he really wants her too. Ryan soon decides to take back his invite o the graduation, but he lies to do it. Something his mother ends up catching onto quite quickly. Chloe ends up standing up to Ryan when it comes to his mother, and on her way to take him back to the airport, she takes him by the diner to show him his mother's locker. She has a collection of pictures of him growing up. After talking to his mother, he hands her the tickets for his graduation.

Back in The O.C., Julie goes to Volchok's to look for Marissa when she receives a call from the school telling her Marissa skipped. She makes a long speech to Volchok about how Marissa will drop him as soon as she is done acting out. She leaves without catching Marissa. She stays at Volchok's and a party is soon underway when his dealer arrives. The party continues on, and Marissa meets up with someone she knows from Newport. After a few words exchanged, Marissa sees the girl get quite wasted. She even sees a boy at the party slip drugs into the girl's beer. When the two boys the girl is with take her off to their van, Marissa rushes to her rescue.

Taylor once again jumps to the rescue when Summer comes to her after Seth breaks up with her again. The two scheme together to win Seth back. Their plan involves getting Seth to the student lounge. Once there, he sees balloon city, and Summer stands up and makes the big plea for him to tell her he doesn't love her anymore, which to her surprise he does say that to her. This leaves her heartbroken and having to go to detention with him anyway. Seth returns home after detention and a collection of Japanese movies he loves.

The Sandy hospital story line looks to come to a close this week. Matt threatens Griffin with files, bribing him. Sandy tells him not to, but Matt tells him to back off as well. Sandy goes to the meeting point, and just as Griffin's goon is set to have Matt dealt with again, Sandy comes out and says there are no files. He then gives Matt a check to help him out of town. However, we do see when Sandy returns to his car there were files, but he destroys them. This story line has had the most impact on Kirsten. The problems Sandy has been having have caused a drift in the marriage, and this almost leads her to break her sobriety. However, she stops herself before taking that drink.

Tonight's episode of The O.C. had some good moments, but it felt more like an episode that was setting up things to come. Next week, we have the return of both Theresa and Anna to The O.C as the seniors head off for their first taste of college life. Their seems to be some interesting things ahead in The O.C.

TV Review: Lost Episode 2.19

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

From ABC: Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke begins to question his faith in the island.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This week's episode titled S.O.S. is Rose and Bernard centric episode. Since the series began, Rose has been one of my favorites of the lesser seen characters. When her husband Bernard joined her this season, I was definitely intrigued by the pair. Bernard is definitely antsy now with the arrival of the food.

If someone is dropping off food for them to eat, then someone might be able to rescue them. He ends up getting an idea, and he enlists the help of many of the island's residents. He wants to build a sign that could attract any planes or satellite's overhead. Rose immediately disagrees with him. However, he is persistent. They begin work on a sign, and he tries to enlist the help of Charlie and Eko, but they are in the middle of building a church.

When Bernard returns to the beach, only a few have stayed to help him build the sign. When he tells those still left his plan, they are less than enthused about it. The group walking inland about a half mile to collect the needed rocks to build the sign is just not going to work. Bernard even tries to get Sawyer to help, but that doesn't work either. He started out with fifteen ready to help him, and now he's down to four. He blames his wife Rose's attack when she heard of his head earlier that day. Once he angers Jin, there is no one left to help him with the sign.

As for Rose, she meets Locke on the beach, and she and him talk briefly about his injured leg. He tells her Jack told him it would take four weeks to heal. Rose tells him it won't take that long, and he knows it. The back story of this couple is that Rose is sick with an illness that is going to cause her to die. Apparently her time on the island has had the same miraculous effects on her that it did on Locke's legs, so he could walk again.

Rose ends up telling Bernard that she believes the island has healed her because she hasn't filled sick since they arrived. In one of the flashback sequences, we even see Rose meeting Locke back at the airport before the flight took off. He was still in the wheelchair. Once Rose tells Bernard, he stops building the sign because if his wife cannot leave the island, he won't leave either.

As for Jack, they are still holding "Henry" captive, but now he won't eat or drink. Jack gets this idea to trade their captive for Walt. This gets the man to talk, and he says that a trade won't happen. Jack won't be deterred, and he heads out. Ana Lucia mentions he should not go alone. He then goes to ask Kate to accompany him. The two enter the jungle, and when Kate sees a doll lying in the foilage, she goes to pick it up. Jack figures it is a trap, but he is unable to stop her before they are tangled high in the air over the jungle floor.

Kate retrieves the gun Jack is carrying. She tries to shoot the rope, so it drops them to the floor, but she isn't able to do it. Jack tries, and they drop back down to the ground. They finally make their way to the spot on the island where they met Zeek. Jack calls him out, but Kate tells him no one is there once there is nothing happening. Jack is stubborn though, and he plans to wait for the others to show themselves. The silent forest gives Jack and Kate time to talk about their kiss. When Jack tells her he isn't sorry they kissed, the others arrive to drop off Michael.

At the hatch, Locke are watching over "Henry." Locke wants to know if he did indeed enter the numbers that day he asked him too. The man is keeping silent however, and he listens to Locke's screams with a devilish smile on his face. By the end of the episode, we see Locke trying to sketch the symbols he saw the day the hatch went wacko.

The good news this was one of the better episodes this season. The bad news is we have a bit of a wait until the next one airs. Then we have four episodes in a row, the last one being the two hour season finale. This episode definitely adds to the mysticism of the island with first Locke's paralysis being cured and now Rose's own illness being cured as well. That definitely makes things interesting. The return of Michael was also suspected to happen sooner or later, but we have no sign of Walt. Something tells me we probably won't see him this season. It'll be left possibly as a mystery until season three.

American Idol: Top 8 Eliminations

On last night's American Idol, the top eight performed the hits of Queen. It was one of the best weeks of the competition after the last two left me just a bit cold. I had my favorites, as many others did, and I predicted the bottom three would be Ace Young, Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks. We'll find out how correct I was in a bit.

Tonight's American Idol was a special hour long episode. We are able to see the group perform together to a collection of Queen songs. After we also learn that next week's guest artist is Rod Stewart, we jump to the eliminations. However, before we learn who the bottom three are tonight, we see the family's of the top eight contestants speak to their children via taped messages. Tears were shed by all.

One by one, we learn who is safe, with even more messages from home. First safe is Taylor, followed by Katharine, Chris and Kellie. Those all being on the top row. The bottom row consists of Elliot Yamin, Ace Young, Bucky Covington and Paris Bennett.

The first to make the bottom three is Elliot Yamin. Ryan has Elliot perform his song from last night once again, and then asks the audience if he deserves to go home tonight. A resounding no was heard. After a commercial break, we next move on to Ace Young, and he joins Elliot in the bottom three. Once again, we see the contestant perform their song last night, and this was as painful to watch the first time around. We Will Rock You just didn't work at all for Ace.

After another commercial break, we return to find out which of the two remaining contestants is in the bottom three. Those two are Bucky Covington and Paris Bennett. After seeing videos from home for both, we see Bucky join Ace and Elliot in the bottom three and hit the stage to sing Fat Bottomed Girls, the song he performed on last night's show. This was his best performance of the competition so far, and that showed once again here tonight.

Before Ryan announced the contestant going home, he asked Simon who he thought, and he said Ace. I agree. We learn that it wasn't Ace going home tonight, but Bucky Covington. This elimination shocks me because I truly enjoyed his performance last night. I thought we would definitely see him around at least one more week, and some were even mentioning him being the dark horse to win at all. That won't be the case. Bucky is gone. Check back next week as the top seven perform songs by Rod Stewart.

American Idol: The Top 8

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When you think of the band Queen, you think big. You think rock. You think arena, and last but certainly not least you think of Freddie Mercury. This band has been creating hit records long before some of these contestants have even been a thought in their parents minds. This week, the contestants had some pretty huge shoes to fill as they performed songs from the catalog of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Queen.

Last week, America was shocked to see what Simon called one of the best singers in the competition go home, and now the final eight go on for the seven spots left in the competition. When I heard that this week belonged to the music of Queen, I was immediately worried that the contestants wouldn't be able to make it at all. Some of them pleasantly surprised me tonight. Queen is hard, and to be able to at least somewhat pull it off you have to have talent.

The night opened up with a performance by country rocker, Bucky Covington. It was an okay performance, not one of the best of the night, but Bucky stood firm and stayed true to himself. I really like that about him. Next up was Ace Young. Now rock is a bit of out of his usual style, so you had to wonder how he would do. When I heard the start to the song he chose, I had to hold my breath because We Will Rock You is one of those songs you have heard done a million times over, and nothing stands up against the original. That was the case here. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised here at all if this performance earned Ace his ticket home tomorrow night.

Now next up we had country singer, Kellie Pickler, and her song choice also immediately squeeze my eyes shut and not want to watch, but shockingly she did okay. Not amazing, but she pulled things off with a style all her own. She was one of my favorite performances of the night. Rocker Chris Daughtry was next, and I knew he would do well. He might have picked a lesser known song, but he rocked out like only he can. He has a style all his own, and no matter what happens with him here in Idol, I fully believe we will see him with an album of his own as soon as he is able.

Katherine McPhee hit the stage next, and she changed up her song choice before tonight's show. Something you might be wrong for her to do, but she went from fast to slow, and I really liked her performance. Elliot Yamin was next, and I think this was probably one of the worst performances of the night, which I know goes against what the judges said to some extent. They mention he had some problems, but in my mind he had a little bit more than some.

The last two performances this week belonged to Taylor Hicks and Paris Bennett. Taylor offered up a high energy performance to Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which was not his first song choice either. I love him, but I was also scratching my head just a little. I know I wouldn't go afar as Simon in thinking he was drunk, but I'm not sure if the world is ready for a performer such as Taylor Hicks. Paris closed out the night in brilliant fashion. I really enjoyed her, even if her look had me scratching my head once again. She's a chameleon when it comes to her looks, and this week was no different.

This week I think we will see Ace, Elliot and Taylor in the bottom three, and I think we might see either Elliot or Ace go home. Everything else had strong enough performances to stick around as long as their fans go out there and vote! Check my entertainment news blog for some news in American Idol world posted earlier today here, and don't forget to check back here tomorrow for my thoughts on this week's eliminations!

The songs performed on tonight's show are as follows:

Bucky Covington: Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
Ace Young: We Will Rock You - Queen
Kellie Pickler: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Chris Daughtry: Innuendo - Queen
Katharine McPhee: Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen
Elliot Yamin: Somebody To Love - Queen
Taylor Hicks: Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
Paris Bennett: The Show Must Go On - Queen

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TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1.18

Thursday, April 06, 2006

From WB: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason. The brothers discover that a witch is creeping into the bedrooms of the children and stealing their "life force." While battling the witch, Dean recalls a past mistake that almost cost Sam his life at the hands of the very same witch, an event which has fueled Dean's protectiveness over Sam and his blind obedience to his father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This fresh episode of Supernatural titled Something Wicked starts with a witch like being entering a little girl's bedroom. Sam and Dean's dad sends them the coordinates to the town of the occurrence. When they arrive, they aren't sure why they are there, but an empty school playground makes them suspicious. As it turns out, six children have become seriously ill, and this leads to scared parents not letting their children play afterschool.

Sam and Dean go to the hospital to see the children, and Dean sees a woman that looks very much like the witch that we saw enter the girl's bedroom at the beginning of the episode. The doctor tells them he isn't sure what they have. Dean wants to interview the children, but they are unconscious in coma like states. It seems the disease they have runs through families. First the one sibling, and then the next.

Dean remembers something from their past, and it turns out their father sent them to deal with a type of being he had hunted before. He sent his sons there to handle this one. The being is a type of witch that lives off the 'breath of life' and they prefer to feed off of children. The information they find says the being is not vulnerable to anything human, but Dean remembers the being is vulnerable when it feeds. Dean remembers the old woman he saw at the hospital, and he thinks she is their witch.

The two go the hospital to see her with guns ready. However, it doesn't appear to be her when they confront her. That night the witch comes to the family that runs the motel the brothers are staying at. With more research, Sam finds this being comes to different town every fifteen to twenty years this being comes to the towns and the children are picked off one by one. They go into comas and then die. Sam also finds a picture of the doctor at the hospital that was taken in 1893. So it appears the doctor might be the witch.

Dean returns to the motel, and he wants to use the brother of the motel family as bait for the witch. Sam is against it. However, they both decide to do it, and they go to the boy. However, he doesn't want to do it at first. He does change his mind and decides to help the brothers. With the boy as bait, the brothers wait in the next room for the witch to arrive. When it does arrive, they shoot it with consecrated iron bullets, but it doesn't work. The being comes after them and it tries to take the breath of life from Sam. Dean shoots it, and this time it dies, releasing the spirits it has collected.

Throughout the episode, there are flashback sequences of the last time the family dealt with this being. The scenes give us more insight into the family and the characters. Something that I liked a lot. This episode gets us ready for their father's return in next week's episode, and I liked the take on the witch being they have in this episode. Reminds me of a smiliar witch story I've heard time and time again, but they made it their own with a few twists. That is something very nice to see.

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TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.20

From FOX: The kids receive their college acceptance and rejection letters, forcing them to make some life-altering decisions. Ryan and Sadie try to decide what do after high school and their decision concerns Sandy and Kirsten. Taylor throws a College Sweatshirt Party at Harbor and Marissa and Summer patch up their friendship. Meanwhile, the drama surrounding Sandy's job intensifies and seeps into the Cohen household.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

This episode of The O.C. titled The Day After Tomorrow answers the question fans have been asking since a few months ago. That question being where are the fab four going to go for college? They have all applied different places. This episode opens up with Ryan avoiding the matter entirely, and Summer and Seth jumping forward with their preparations to hopefully attend Brown together.

The next morning opens bright and early at the Roberts household. Summer and Marissa are still on the outs when Julie arrives on scene as cheerful as can be. After telling Marissa she should apologize to Neil because her boy's motorcycle woke him up the night before, Marissa goes off to school. Summer soon joins her, but she is stopped by social chair Taylor, who is working on the college sweatshirt bonfire. Marissa is flaking on her assigned duties, which leaves them to Taylor.

Marissa is the first to receive her college letter, and she is accepted into Berkeley, but she trashes the letter. Summer gets into Brown. Ryan also gets into Berkeley, but the shocker here is Seth doesn't get into Brown. However, instead of telling Summer and Ryan the truth, he lies to them. He calls the next morning to see if some kind of mistake has been made, but there hasn't been. He has to wait until next year. The Cohens are happy to see both their sons make it into college.

Meanwhile, Marissa didn't even go home the night before, and this leaves Julie covering for her with Neil. He knows Marissa didn't sleep there the night before, and he even found her trashed acceptance letter. Ryan is happy to get into college, but this brings up a problem with his new relationship with Sadie. However, it becomes a non-issue when Sadie tells him she would move with him to Berkeley.

The Cohens throw a party, and Sadie joins them. The news of her moving with Ryan to Berkeley isn't too well received, and this causes the party to end early. Seth takes Summer home, and this leads to a tense moment in the car as they discuss Ryan and Sadie. Summer knows she wants to be with Seth for the rest of her life, but he can't say the same for her.

Julie confronts Marissa on her behavior, and Ryan also confronts Seth on Brown. He comes clean to Ryan after attempting to lie. Ryan then goes to talk to Sadie about the night before, but Sadie tells him they should probably think about their doing. As for Summer, she is upset about her fight with Seth, and she still doesn't know about Seth not getting into Brown.

Sandy talks to Ryan about Berkeley, and this gives him even more to think about. When he goes to talk to Sadie, she tells him about an artist co-op a friend of her runs up in Berkeley. This puts an end to Ryan talking to her. Seth is stopped in his telling Summer as well when he shows up at her room to find it empty. As for Marissa, Julie's confrontation causes her to back out of her weekend trips with Volchok. She also patches things up with Summer. The two before they go to the party. Summer had even bought Marissa a sweatshirt.

The four all show up at the bonfire, and Taylor takes Sadie away from the group. This gives Marissa and Ryan a few awkward moments to talk. Seth talks to Summer about Brown, but he still doesn't tell her he didn't get accepted. He just tells her that he thinks he should go somewhere else. He still wants her to go to Brown. This leads her to break up with Seth. Surprisingly, Sadie also tells Ryan she won't go to Berkeley with him either. Two break-ups in one night? Sadie is on her way out of The O.C.

Sandy and Kirsten are also having problems. The plot line with Sandy and the hospital project continues on, and Sandy keeps dealing with the man in charge. Matt comes to the house, and he tells Kirsten she should tell Sandy to stop while he's ahead. She tells Sandy, and he says he can't. This causes her to walk out on him. Definitely problems in paradise on all fronts. The only couple that was somewhat happy on tonight's episode was Julie and Neil.

Another good episode for The O.C. The only plot line I wish was now over is the one with Sandy and the hospital business. It just isn't cutting it for me. If they want to be rid of Matt, just do it. This story line just feels like it is dragging on for me. Having Seth not getting Brown was also a bit predictable. Seeing Sadie leave was expected as well. This episode does have some of the good that The O.C. is known for, and we have another new episode to look forward to next week.

American Idol: Top 9 Elimination

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tonight on American Idol we see which of the remaining nine is sent home by the end of the night. Tonight, special musical guest Kenny Rogers comes in and performs a song for the crowd, the debut single from his new CD, I can't unlove you. Once he performs, we go to commercial and return to see tape of the contestants performing with Queen.

Once this is shown, we see our contestants divided into three groups of three. One by one they join their groups, and one group will be our bottom three. The first group completed is that of Mandisa, Paris Bennett and Elliot Yamin. Taylor, Kellie and Chris complete the second group of three. The final group of three is Ace, Katharine and Bucky.

Ryan sends Kellie, Taylor and Chris back to their seats. This leaves the other two groups to wait it out. We have another break before we find out. The bottom three turns out to be Mandisa, Paris and Elliot. Paris isn't a shock, but Elliot and Mandisa are. In my opinion, Mandisa is one of the more talented singers in the competition. I wasn't too impressed this week, but I have been in the past weeks of the competition.

We quickly learn Paris is safe and Mandisa is going home. This is just shocking, and the shouts from the audience even show how shocking this is. I don't think Mandisa shouldn't have been the one to be sent home. She wasn't the worse of last night. Next week, we will see the results of the groups work with Queen.

TV Review: Lost Episode 2.18

From ABC: Libby lends Hurley support when he begins to think the island is having a strange effect on him, and Locke's sense of purpose is shaken when the prisoner provides new information about the hatch.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

This week's episode of Lost titled Dave is Hurley centric, and we immediately jump into things with Hurley admitting to Libby about his food problem. The island is not letting him lose weight he thinks. The two throw the food away in a sense, but this is just before Sun and Jin run by saying something was found. Libby and Hurley run after them, and this when they all find the food that had been dropped at the end of last episode. The islanders immediately go crazy, and Sawyer calls for order.

After a few snippy comments, they all suggest Hurley to take care of the food, but he wants no part of that job again. While this is happening, he sees a man just on the fringe of the group, and he runs after him. However, all he ends up finding is a man's shoe. Afterwards, him and Libby discuss the irony of them ridding him of his stash and getting new food to replace it.

Back at the Hatch, Jack is working on Locke after his injury last week. It appears he has a small hairline fracture to his leg. Locke tells Jack about Henry staying to help him. We learned that the man saying he was Henry Gale was actually part of the search party sent out to find Henry and they found him with a broken neck, but that is a lie too. Sayid found a note to Henry's wife on a twenty dollar bill. Turns out "Henry" is one of the others, and he continues to lie. Sayid has enough and tries to shoot him, but Ana Lucia deflects the shot.

We finally see Eko again this episode, and he is building something, which Charlie starts to help him with. We jump back to the jungle, and once again Hurley sees Dave. This time he looks very real, but Charlie and Eko don't see him when Hurley chases him out of the forest. This causes Hurley to turn to Sawyer to ask him for the meds he used to take. However, Sawyer jokes with him, and this sets Hurley off. He attacks Sawyer, and everyone lets him get a few punches in before pulling him off. In fact, it amuses people on the island more than anything.

Libby comes to Hurley's tent to find him leaving. He is on his way back to the caves to live alone where he can't bother anyone. He leaves, and once again he sees Dave in the jungle, and once again Dave tells him he is real and there on the island. As it turns out, Dave isn't real at all, so it is very likely he is real to Hurley because he has always been real to him. Dave tries to convince Hurley he is actually still at the hospital, and none of the events since the crash have occurred at all. Dave tries to convince of this and then also to jump off the cliff on the island in order to wake up from whatever coma he is in.

We finally return to the hatch to find Locke talking to Ana Lucia about "Henry." He wants to talk to him, but Ana Lucia doesn't want that to happen at first. He convinces her to give him just five minutes. Locke asks him for his name, but he wants to still be called Henry. The man tells Locke what happened when the counter went down to zero. Nothing happened at all when he didn't enter the numbers or press the button. The countdown simply restarted itself.

Back on the cliff, Libby finds Hurley, and he is curious to how she found him. She tries to help him, but he keeps backing away from her. He tells her she isn't real and he made her up, but she comes back at him with her own experiences on the island. The couple ends up kissing, and she proves she is real to him. However, in a shocking surprise it turns out Libby does know Hurley from before. She was in the institution with him.

Since this is a Hurley centric episode, we get flashbacks of his life. We learn that Hurley was put in a psychiatric facility by his mother for his weight problem, and the man he saw on the island was actually someone Hurley was friends with there, Dave. The doctor's feel Dave is a negative influence on Hurley. It appears he is when Dave seems to try to go against the hospital at every turn. He tempts him to eat when he shouldn't, and tries to get him to avoid his medication. We also learn that Hurley blames himself for the death of at least two people when a deck collapsed that he walked out onto. The deck was meant to hold only eight, so it would have collapsed whether or not he walked out onto it.

I always enjoy Hurley centric episodes, and I did enjoy this one. They don't go as deep usually, but this one did, and I liked the increased insights into Hurley's character. I think he is central to the events happening on the island. Libby also shocks me here because now we have to wonder if Hurley has himself a stalker. Good news here is we have yet another new episode of Lost next week, but the following week we know there isn't any episode because it marks the return of Alias.

TV Review: Bones Episode 1.18

From FOX: When a dead body is found clutching a 300-year-old finger bone, Booth and Brennan’s investigation leads them to a dive site off the coast of Assateague Island where a pirate treasure may be buried. Hodgins is excited to get out of the lab and participates in a dive that uncovers more skeletal remains, which are authentic but prove that some of the bones found were actually stolen from the Jeffersonian collection. The investigation uncovers the possibility that the skeletal remains were placed at the dive site by a surprising culprit with a selfish motivation. But when the suspect is found murdered, a new lead sends the duo on the search for the owner of the dig shaft. Hodgins, excited to get involved in the case, volunteers for another dive in the shaft, but Brennan and Booth must race to save him from an underwater death when they discover who’s behind it all in “The Man with the Bone.”

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Booth brings Bones to the FBI morgue, and she is immediately curious as to why because there is a body with skin. However, it is quickly apparent that she is not there for the body, but something the victim held in his hand, a finger bone that is hundreds of years old. After some speculation and fun on the part of the team, the group believes the bone might actually belong to a man that helped bury the infamous treasure of Black beard the pirate. So this might not have been an accidental death, but a murder. Whatever the man found someone didn't want him to. This case certainly interests the men as anything regarding pirates and treasure does.

Bones brings in the man from the morgue, who has already compromised evidence once in this case. This time he is carrying water and soil samples from inside the man's body. This leads Hodgins to want to dive down to get even more samples. He lists his experience, and Bones finally allows him to make the dive. Hodgins is risking himself by making this dive. Because of how tight the shaft is, he can't even wear an oxygen tank when he goes down. He has to have an oxygen line. He travels down two hundred feet which shocks those watching. At the bottom, he finds a complete skeleton, also three hundred years old and male.

He brings the bones up top, and Bones goes to work analyzing it with her team. She does admit it could be a pirate and the possibility of treasure does become more a reality. However, the man that is in charge of the dig is quite upset that the bones have been removed because they and anything else found on the property belongs to him. The FBI makes it clear though that once a murder has taken place on the property, anything on it becomes evidence.

Booth goes back to the dig site, and he talks to one of the men. He learns the victim had been having an affair with the mayor's wife, which of course makes the mayor a possible suspect now. We then return to the lab, where Bones finds the skeleton has been stolen. This puts Brennan on edge, and everyone else is trying to calm her down. The team and staff of the Jeffersonian are trying to find out what happened to the skeleton, but whoever took them didn't get everything. Zach had the original finger bone in his room.

Booth continues to investigate by interviewing the mayor's wife. She gives Booth another possible suspect and motive. Meanwhile, the team is trying to figure out what is with the bones that would want someone to take them. After interviewing the morgue examiner again, Bones has an epiphany. The skeleton hadn't been originally died there, but had been placed there after the fact to help the treasure story gain credibility. Also in an interesting twist, the skeleton originally came from one of the Jeffersonian's own pirate exhibits. The Jeffersonian wants the case resolved because the man in charge of the dig wants the dig to be back on.

Bones and Brennan go back to work investigating. Their main suspect is the man's partner. Meanwhile, Angela and Goodman go to work investigating the stealing of the bones from the lab. They find out the security camera was turned off by someone, and this leads Goodman to suspect one of the security staff. They find the officer involved, and when they return to the dig site they find their main suspect dead.

This leads Bones and Booth back to the morgue, and they both find out both men were killed in the same manner, using a move used by special service personnel. They next interview the man running the dig, but it turns up a dead end. However, back at the dig site Hodgins is going back down the shaft with the help of one of the crew and no one else around. This isn't good at all, especially when it comes out the man he has asked to help him turns out to the be killer. Bones and Booth are on their way to the site, but he has already gone down by the time they arrive on scene.

Bones makes the mistake of telling him they know he killed the men, but this is before Booth realizes someone is down in the shaft. After a few tense moments where Hodgins finds a gold coin, the man finally brings Hodgins up. The case is solved.

I really enjoyed this episode. The pirate angle added some more fun and lightheartedness than some of the recent episodes had. I also liked seeing Hodgins take more of a role. No new Bones next week. The series will return in two weeks with an all new episode.

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