American Idol: Top 8 Eliminations

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On last night's American Idol, the top eight performed the hits of Queen. It was one of the best weeks of the competition after the last two left me just a bit cold. I had my favorites, as many others did, and I predicted the bottom three would be Ace Young, Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks. We'll find out how correct I was in a bit.

Tonight's American Idol was a special hour long episode. We are able to see the group perform together to a collection of Queen songs. After we also learn that next week's guest artist is Rod Stewart, we jump to the eliminations. However, before we learn who the bottom three are tonight, we see the family's of the top eight contestants speak to their children via taped messages. Tears were shed by all.

One by one, we learn who is safe, with even more messages from home. First safe is Taylor, followed by Katharine, Chris and Kellie. Those all being on the top row. The bottom row consists of Elliot Yamin, Ace Young, Bucky Covington and Paris Bennett.

The first to make the bottom three is Elliot Yamin. Ryan has Elliot perform his song from last night once again, and then asks the audience if he deserves to go home tonight. A resounding no was heard. After a commercial break, we next move on to Ace Young, and he joins Elliot in the bottom three. Once again, we see the contestant perform their song last night, and this was as painful to watch the first time around. We Will Rock You just didn't work at all for Ace.

After another commercial break, we return to find out which of the two remaining contestants is in the bottom three. Those two are Bucky Covington and Paris Bennett. After seeing videos from home for both, we see Bucky join Ace and Elliot in the bottom three and hit the stage to sing Fat Bottomed Girls, the song he performed on last night's show. This was his best performance of the competition so far, and that showed once again here tonight.

Before Ryan announced the contestant going home, he asked Simon who he thought, and he said Ace. I agree. We learn that it wasn't Ace going home tonight, but Bucky Covington. This elimination shocks me because I truly enjoyed his performance last night. I thought we would definitely see him around at least one more week, and some were even mentioning him being the dark horse to win at all. That won't be the case. Bucky is gone. Check back next week as the top seven perform songs by Rod Stewart.


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