TV Review: ER Episode 12.19

Thursday, April 27, 2006

From NBC: Abby (Maura Tierney) senses that something is not quite right when a grandmother (Guest star Diane Ladd) and her 12 year-old grandaughter are brought into the ER. Sam's (Linda Cardellini) imprisoned ex-husband Steve (Garret Dillahunt) is brought into the ER and all the doctors assume that he is faking, but when further tests prove otherwise, Steve finds his way to the operating table. Meanwhile, tensions run high when Morris (Scott Grimes) and Albright (Dahlia Salem) argue over a patient, but when Morris denies a surgery, Albright quickly changes her tune. Meanwhile, Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) heads to Africa to help Carter (Noah Wyle) and quickly realizes how difficult life will be. Laura Innes, Goran Visnjic, Parminder Nagra and Shane West also star.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

ER returns this week with an all-new episode titled No Place To Hide after being off the air for a weeks hiatus. This week's episode brings us back Noah Wyle and also has Diane Ladd guest starring. This week, Pratt is getting ready for his trip to Darfur that Luka sent him on as punishment. Clemente calls Pratt at home to find out about a patient, but apparently he is also disturbed by Jodi's ex. He is now sending them strange mail. The latest being a sympathy card containing some dead goldfish. Clemente is more than a little freaked out by the mailing, and he doesn't even want to walk home alone.

The next morning, we see Weaver finishing her rehab following her hip surgery. The first victim into the ER is a woman that suffered a fall. Sam's ex-husband also makes his way into the ER, and Abby is working on a case of a young girl that also suffered an injury when driving a car. The grandmother comes in with her, along with their dog, but Abby says the dog can't stay. The young girl won't stay if the dog is taken to the shelter, especially worried that her grandmother won't be able to pick up the dog, and he'd be put down.

Morris is working on the fall victim, and Albright comes down to get her into surgery. However, Morris is against it. As far as Sam's husband goes, it comes in with what looks to be a case of appendicitis. Upon further examination, it looks like he is faking. Clemente releases him, but Neela wants more tests done. The young girl and grandmother turns out to be more of a case with the grandmother, who appears to be suffering from dementia. The young girl doesn't want to leave her grandmother.

Even with Albright wanting to take Morris' patient to the operating room, he is still against it. He makes a diagnosis, and it turns out to be correct. Weaver returns to the hospital, and it is the first time she walks the halls without her cane. Meanwhile, Abby and Luka talk about Abby's current case, which Abby has opted to not call children services on.

Back in the ER, Sam's husband is still in residence, and it is starting to look like he might not have been faking it. Clemente is a bit upset that Neela didn't discharge him as directed, but when he crashes upon further examination, it is clear Neela made the right choice. As Sam's husband is taken up to the operating room, Clemente receives another call from Jodi's ex. This leads him to ask Abby for sleeping pills, which she prescribes him only two. As for Abby's case, the young girl is adamant on wanting to stay with her grandmother, and she shows Abby just how well she can handle it. Abby seems to relent.

On his flight to Africa, Pratt meets a woman that tells him exactly what he is in for in the area of Darfur once he arrives. It is definitely more than he expected. When he arrives, he is detained by customs, but he is pulled out of it. On the way to the camp, Pratt and those he is with are stopped by militants curious as to who the new arrival is. There care is ransacked, and they are left to walk to the camp, Pratt with no shoes. His first day in Africa is definitely not how he thought it would be. They reach the camp without further incident, and this is where we see Noah Wyle enter the picture. Once again he returns to ER without returning to Chicago, which is a bit disappointing. Pratt fills him on the news back at County General, including Abby's pregnancy.

There are only three episodes left in this season of ER, and the previews for the episodes ahead definitely look excitement filled. Spoilers have mentioned a death to come of one of the past ER co-stars, and I have a feeling that might be someone that will have effect on Neela. These previews only strengthen that feeling. We'll have to see what happens next week.

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