TV Review: Bones Episode 1.19

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From FOX: In New Orleans, Brennan is the prime suspect in a murder involving the use of Voodoo, leaving Brennan with voodoo-style amnesia. Booth fights for her innocence, while the other possible suspects turn up dead. Booth, Brennan and the local detectives work with voodoo believers to solve this murder and clear Brennan¹s name on "The Man in the Morgue."

My Rating: 3 out of 4

It's nine months after Katrina, and Bones is in New Orleans helping with the morgue. While working, one of the men she is working with asks her out. She says yes in a round about way, and next we see her waking up covered in blood. Somehow between her accepting the dinner invite and the moment she has woken up an entire day has passed, and she has completely no recollection of the events in the last thirty-six hours.

We next see her being seen by a doctor, and she still has no memory of the events. Booth rushes to be by her side even after Brennan told him not too. We start to piece together what happened during Brennan's missing time. Zach calls her from the Jeffersonian with the results of x-rays of the John Doe she had sent them the day before, but she has no recollection of ever sending them. While eating, another peace of the puzzle is presented to her when the restaurant owner says she was there one of the nights she forgot with an intern from the morgue.

Bones and Booth go to see the man, and we find out there is a possible voodoo connection with the John Doe's murder and also Brennan's amnesia. The meeting with the man leads Bones and Brennan to the one place where the voodoo item they found on the John Doe can be bought due to the results of Hurricane Katrina. A search of the store's records sends the two to the house of the man that had asked Bones out to dinner. A search of his home has them finding his dead body hanging crucified from one of the bedroom walls.

The cops are suspicious when Bones and Booth are at the scene of the crime. The two try to explain why they are at the scene, but the female detective isn't too easy on them. They continue to work though, trying to find out about the John Doe. However, it turns out the file and remains of John Doe 361 have disappeared. This makes it harder for the team back in D.C. and the two in New Orleans to find out more about how it was murdered.

The facts as they are at the moment cause Bones to feel she might be the one that murdered, and when the cops arrive to arrest her, it is clear they feel the same way. Brennan's blood was found at the crime scene, and the victim's blood was found on her clothes. At the police station, Brennan is questioned, and she is more than cooperative. This is less than helpful in her situation. The way things look the city of New Orleans could send her up the creek without a paddle as it is.

Booth and the attorney he hires for her are able to get Bones out on bail, and they go back to work on the case. This time they are also trying to clear Brennan's name. The three start to build a case, while back in D.C. the rest of the team is still working on John Doe. The victim now has a name though. When Angela finds out about the murder charge, she immediately becomes worried about her best friend, but Hodgins is able calm her down. He feels that Bones is trying to follow in Angela's footsteps. Angela lives life big, and Bones is trying to do the same now that Booth is in the picture and she can. Good theory, and did anyone else notice some sparks between Angela and Hodgins?

Back in New Orleans, the body of another morgue worker is found, and this makes things even more confusing. Turns out he was killed while having sex. The remains of the first victim are also found with the man's body. With the help of the voodoo man that worked in the morgue, Bones and Brennan are led back to the voodoo shop. The daughter of the shop owner was dating the last victim. The cop, Bones and Brennan want to interview the daughter, but when the girl's father leads them to the basement, they find her dead. Turns out the father was the murderer they had been looking for. Bones is no longer suspect, and she returns home to D.C.

I really enjoyed this episode of Bones. It had some good character development, especially with the small interaction between Angela and Hodgins. Booth returning Brennan her mother's earring also offered some development as far as those two go I think. Next week we have another all new episode of Bones to look forward too.


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