TV Review: Supernatural 1.17

Thursday, March 30, 2006

From WB: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a house haunted by the ghost of Mordecai, a man who killed his six daughters during the 1930s. The brothers discover a website dedicated to the Mordecai legend and realize the town is unknowingly conjuring up the evil spirit through the site.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Supernatural returns with the first all new episode in weeks titled Hell House in its new time-slot. Tonight's episode opens with a group of teens going to what appears to be a haunted house. However, they find the body of a young woman hanging from the ceiling overhead. This catches the attention of the two brother's and they end up at the house two months later.

Once they are in town, the two brother's begin investigating the events at the house, and they quickly learn about the death of the man that owned the house and how he liked to kill young women and hangs them. However, the woman that the young teenagers saw wasn't there when the cops show up. Also when the brothers are searching for information on the house, Sam finds a website dedicated to the spirit.

They also end up talking a teenager that knows a lot about the spirit and the house it haunts. He tells them the story about the man that committed the murders. The teenager was one of the people that went into the house and saw the body of the girl. Next, Sam and Dean travel to the house themselves. They meet up with some other paranormal investigators that are inside the house looking for the spirit. Sam and Dean leave these two to their 'work.'

They move on to investigate at the records department, but they don't turn up much at all. Dean is ready to call the case a but and go home. Sam agrees at this point. However, when another group of teenagers visit the house, sending a young woman inside as some type of test, she ends up dead. Dean and Sam are still in town when it happens, so they are back on the case thinking they somehow missed something.

The Winchester's return to the house that night, but the cops have the house under guard to prevent any more killing. Sam and Dean find a way to create a distraction so they can get back inside to check things out. They aren't alone in the house as the spirit makes his appearance. Rock salt doesn't work in this spirit as others have in the past, and the spirit is after the two brothers. The other ghost hunters they had found in the house and used for a distraction also see the spirit and also catches him on film.

Sam goes back to the website about the spirit for more clues, and he finds another post. This telling of a ghost with an ax that chopped up his victims and slit his wrists, much like the spirit that came after the two brothers. they return to meet the teenager from before, and he tells them that the ghost story was actually just a story they created. There was no spirit to begin with, but it appears that one was created in some manner by the stories told. So the Winchester's aren't dealing with a ghost. Sam believes the spirit might actually be a thought created life form called a topa. The more he is thought about the more he lives. However, once the life form is created, they take on a life of their own.

The brothers go to the ghost hunters trying to get them to shut down their website, but they aren't willing to do so. however, Sam and Dean are able to trick them to post a new story on the website. One that will make it easier for them to rid the house of the life form. The story goes live on the website, so all the brothers need to do is wait for the legend to take affect and change.

That night the brothers go the house, and the spirit is there waiting for them, along with the ghost hunters. When the guns don't work on the spirit, the brothers find out the website had crashed, so their story hadn't had chance to take. So instead Dean burns the house down. The spirit can't leave the house, so this should work. The other ghost hunters are asked to Hollywood to make the film and role playing game based on the spirit. However, it was Sam that placed the call to rid them of the ghost hunters.

It was really great to see Supernatural back. This hiatus was way too long, and the brothers were really fun this week with their pranks. Not a whole lot of character, but a good episode to get us right back into the swing of things. Not your traditional ghost tale which helped make things more interesting as well. Next week, we have another all new episode of Supernatural to entertain us.

TV Review: ER Episode 12.18

From NBC: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS- -All is not what it seems when police bring in two teenagers involved in a car accident. Abby (Maura Tierney) and Morris (Scott Grimes) struggle to figure out what is wrong with the unconscious girl, while police try to interrogate the other teen. Meanwhile, Neela (Parminder Nagra) gets a visit from her in-laws (Guest stars Ernie Hudson and Sheryl Lee Ralph) and finds out some troubling news. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) tells Abby that he plans to go to Africa and help Carter (Noah Wyle), but when he realizes Abby is not crazy about the idea, he decides to send someone else in his place. Sam (Linda Cardellini) starts her new job with Elliot (Guest star Armand Assante) and is starting to love the perks. Mehki Phifer and Shane West also star.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

A new day begins with Sam starting off her new job at Elliot's, and the doctor's arriving at County General. Within the first few moments, we learn that Luka has been in contact with Carter by email, and he has been asked by the other doctor to travel to Africa to assist him. Luka assures Abby he will be back in time for their baby's birth, but even so Abby doesn't appear at all happy about Luka leaving at all.

Neela is dealing with her own problems. Gallant's parents are in town to visit, and Neela is trying to impress them. She tries to do this during a medical case, but it doesn't work out in her favor when Abby is the one that actually makes the save in the case of an unresponsive young woman that comes in from an MVA. Neela is also dealing with her having told Ray she wants to move out. Abby questions Luka on whether or not he is going, but he doesn't answer her.

Meanwhile Ray is working on the other victim in the MA, a black man that has been roughed up a bit by the police. However, Ray is the one that figures out the young man is actually death, and he frees him from the cuffs so he can communicate. He tells Ray and the others around the girl has taken both Ecstasy and GHP, and this helps in her treatment of the young girl. The young woman is in the worst condition. However, her deaf friend probably saved her life by telling Abby what she had taken. She eventually wakes up, and it appears the young man and her are a couple.

Instead of Luka going to help Carter, he decides to send Pratt in his place as punishment for his earlier action. Pratt isn't all too thrilled by the sending off he is getting, but he is getting no choice. However, the news makes Abby very happy, even if Luka lets her express her feelings about him going before he tells her he is sending Pratt.

Meanwhile, Neela is still with her husband's parents. She goes out to dinner wit them, and she takes them back to her apartment where she learns from his father that they are separated, and they are waiting for the right moment to tell Michael. This news does shock Neela. Gallant's mother is crying in Neela's bedroom, and the two talk about the news. Turns out Gallant's mother is having a similar problem to what Neela is now experiencing. Gallant is his father's son, and they both have a strong sense of duty when it comes to military. his mother suggests Neela lives her life as she see fit, and not according to what Michael does because there will always be another war.

In tonight's episode, there was a couple of interesting love related story lines. First off, Pratt has cheated on Olivia, and she catches him in the act so to speak. Also Ray finds out from Morris and Frank that the entire ER thought he and Neela were more than just roommates, and actually had a roommates with benefits deal. However, when Ray arrives home Neela is on her way out as she packs up to go stay at Abby's. Ray chases after her, and it is obvious something more could happen there if she wasn't married.

Tonight's episode was one of the better episodes of ER in recent weeks, and I was thoroughly interested in the events that happened. I would actually rather see Neela end up with Ray, and if the spoilers I've read are true that might happen eventually. Looks like we'll see Carter working with Pratt eventually too, but not next week. There was no previews following tonight for a new episode.

TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.19

From FOX: Julie and Dr. Roberts announce their engagement and the Cooper ladies move in with Summer and her dad. Meanwhile, Marissa drifts away from the group and Summer when she seeks solace in the bad company of Volchok and his crew. Ryan tries to move on with Sadie, but Seth's concerns for Marissa get in the way. At the Newport Group, Sandy's woes with Matt continue and Kirsten surprises Seth with a night out in "The Secrets and Lies episode

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The O.C. starts off at The Bait Shop with Summer watching the new couple of Ryan and Sadie. She is definitely picking up the new hot couple vibe from the two, but what shocks her is seeing the other new couple that has developed from the Marissa and Ryan, that of Volchok and Marissa. Seth spies these two on the dance floor just before they get hot and heavy with the public display.

The next morning, Summer arrives at the trailer, but Marissa already has company, Volchok has spent the night. He hides, and the girls hear from the parental units. They are back from their trip, and they want to meet the girls for dinner. Just in the few minutes we see of Volchok with Marissa, we can see his no good for her. He will return her to her season one roots and fast. In the other hand, Sadie looks to have made the Ryan the happiest I've seen him all season.

As for the Sandy story line, it continues on from last week. Sandy even breaks a date with his wife. He has been forced to fire Matt as I suspected he would be last week. This is probably the good-bye to Matt. However, Matt threatens Sandy on his way out the door, so this will more than likely keep him around for a bit.

That night, the girls are at dinner with their parents, and they are told that Julie and Neil are now engaged. Summer takes the news well, but Marissa rushes off the moment that Volchok calls her, giving Julie one parting shot before exiting stage left. On the other parental end, Kirsten ends up going out on a date with Seth, once Sandy postpones theirs. While on the way home, Seth receives a call from Summer.

She tells him about the engagement and about Marissa ditching the announcement dinner to go with Volchok. She decides they need to tell Ryan about his ex's new love interest. However, Seth interrupts Sadie and Ryan's make-out session to do it. However, Ryan doesn't think Marissa seeing Volchok is his problem, so he isn't going to get involved. That doesn't last long when he sees Marissa in the hallway at school. He finds her hidden alcohol stash, but she runs off.

Kirsten helps Julie pack up the trailer, so she can move in with Dr. Roberts. It is definitely time for her to move on. The new couple are definitely causing a rift between the two best friends, Summer and Marissa. The two are now becoming sisters, and summer confronts Marissa about Volchok. The confrontation turns ugly and words are exchanged between the two. Ryan doesn't stay out of it as much as he said he would either. When he overhears some conversation among Volchok's friends. After Sadie leaves, he goes back in to tell them he wants to see Volchok.

The next morning he meets Volchok at the pier. Ryan isn't there to tell Volchok to back off, but he does tell the surfer that he needs to look out for Marissa because he won't anymore. Back at the Roberts house, Summer and Marissa are still at odds with one another, and the parents are clueless as to why. As for Ryan, Sadie looks to be on her way out now that her aunt's house has sold. With Ryan still having Marissa issues, she is ready to leave. The new hot couple is over before it really had a chance to begin. However, after talking to Seth, he decides to ask her to stay. However, she leaves before he gets the chance to ask.

Marissa ends up bailing on the family dinner, and it causes an awkward first family dinner. Neil is waiting for her to arrive for dinner, but it is obvious to Julie and Summer she won't be arriving, and she saves Julie from explaining what is happening. Marissa is out with Volchok at the beach, and he actually tries to talk to her, but she questions him and cuts him off.

As for Kirsten, she ends up tricking Seth into going to an AA meeting with her, and he isn't all too happy about it. He starts to leave, but she talks him into staying. At the meeting, Kirsten gets her chip for being nine months sober, and she credits Seth with her sobriety. Sandy is dealing with his own problems with Matt's firing. Matt is threatening him and Griffin, so Sandy goes to the other man, and he says he'll handle it. His version of handling it though is having thugs come to Matt's place and destroy it while beating him up. Sandy finds him there afterwards.

Marissa ends going to the life guard station she always used to go to with Ryan, and she finds him there. The two exchange words briefly, and Ryan tells her about Sadie leaving. In a surprising moment, Marissa goes to look for Sadie, catching her at the bus station just before she leaves. She tells Sadie she should stay and that Ryan does care for her. It works because Sadie is waiting for him when he returns home from the beach. As for Marissa, she returns to the beach and takes her first hit of what appears to be cocaine from Volchok.

This episode was another good one for The O.C. We have a lot more drama built in on all ends, and it keeps the episode moving better. The series always seems to do a bit better when Marissa and Ryan are at odds with another, and this time is no exception. We have another new episode next Thursday night, and we finally learn the answer to the college question. Who will go and where?

TV Review: Lost Episode 2.17

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From ABC: When the hatch suddenly takes on a life of its own, Locke is forced to enlist the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go off into the jungle to find out the truth about Henry.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

This episode of Lost titled Lockdown was Locke centric, and probably one of the most confusing episodes of this season in my mind. With the episode being centered on Locke's past, the majority of the episode was also focused on Locke. He is also the focus of the present events of the episode. After Henry Gale tells Locke and Jack, this whole map might have been a set-up, Jack goes in search of Ana Lucia, leaving Locke at the hatch.

Strange events begin to happen. Locke hears sounds over the speaker system, and the hatch blast doors comes down, separating the living quarters from the computer room. Henry offers to help him get the blast doors open, but he had to promise to help him no matter what happens with the others. Locke agrees and releases Gale, and the two get the one blast door slightly up. Knowing that time for the alarm is short. Locke's first instinct is to get through the opening and to the alarm before it goes off. However, the tool box the two used to hold up the door is crushed and catches his legs. Due to Henry's quick work, the door doesn't fall further, but Locke knows he is stuck, and if the door continues to lower he will lose his legs.

Locke tells Henry about the alarm and tells him how to get to the computer room through a vent in the pantry. He leaves Locke just as the alarm begins to sound off. The alarm countdown gets faster until it goes off. Henry has successfully pushed the button we learn. The power does go out though, and in those split seconds it is out Locke sees some type of diagram on the blast door. Once the lights come back on, the doors go up and he frees himself. He drags himself to the computer room and there is no sign of Gale. At first he thinks the man has run off, but we soon see him come from the area of the vent. He helps Locke to a better position, and this is when everyone arrives.

Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie had been off scouring the island looking for Henry's balloon. They do find it quite early on in the episode, and they also find the grave site of what is supposed to be Henry's wife. We don't see them until the very end of the episode again. As for Jack, his search for Ana Lucia had him happen upon a game of poker being played by Sawyer, Kate and Hurley. After a few playing suggestions, he ends up joining the game himself, instead of returning to the hatch as was his original plan. He is quite good at the game, and it ends up being just him and Sawyer at the end. They raise the stakes a little and Jack wants all the medicine that Sawyer took from the armory if he wins. He does, and Sawyer asks him why he didn't ask for the guns instead. Jack simply states that when he needs the guns he'll get them.

Kate follows him into the forest, and this is when they find a parachute delivering food to the island has landed. Sayid, Charlie and Ana Lucia meet them there, and they all return to the hatch together. They find Henry out of his room, and over Locke, so everyone jumps to Locke's defense. Henry asks if the three found his balloon, and Sayid tells them they had. They also found the grave, but instead of Henry's wife, they found the real Henry Gale buried inside. It appears we might be dealing with one of the others the entire time.

As for Locke's back story, this was probably the most confusing part of the episode at first, but I did catch on. Katey Segal returns this episode as Locke's girlfriend, and early on she finds an obituary of his father. They attend his funeral, but as it turns out he is not dead, but playing dead to throw off some bad men on his tracks. It appears he stole some money that belonged to them, and he needs Locke to help him retrieve, which he does. However, the men aren't that dumb, and they do figure out the father might still be alive. When Locke delivers the money. his girlfriend shows up, and it looks like this puts an end to their relationship.

After the preview for this week's episode, I truly expected more fireworks and drama from this episode. It was a good episode, and the ending was done wonderfully, but I found this episode a bit hard to watch really. It didn't keep my attention much. I usually love Locke centric episodes, so that surprises me a bit. We have another new episode next week.

American Idol: Top Ten Elimination

American Idol came at us this week with the elimination of one of the final top ten. The episode started off with a look at the contestant's life during the week, a look back at last night's performances and a music video performance by the Idol contestants as well. This was all followed by a performance by Shakira and Wyclef Jean.

Next, we learned who the bottom three were, and I think I am shocked as much as the audience sounded when they were announced. This week's bottom three were Lisa Tucker, Ace Young and Katharine McPhee. Lisa really isn't a shock. She has been in the bottom three the last two weeks. Ace isn't all that much of a shock either because he two has been there two weeks ago. However, his performance last night, while not the best of performances, I don't think it was worthy of landing him in the bottom three. The contestant that shocked me to see in the bottom three is Katharine McPhee. The judges loved her performance last night. I wasn't too thrilled by it, but I don't think it was worthy of landing her in the bottom three either.

Once we had a commercial break, we learn that Ace Young was safe, and the bottom two were Lisa Tucker and Katharine McPhee. Ryan Seacrest asked the judges about the bottom two, and Simon is the first to say that Katharine's performance wasn't as great as they all thought it was live once watched again on tape.

after a moment's pause, we learned that Lisa Tucker was voted off the competition. This is no surprise as I've said. She has a talented voice, but she just isn't ready yet to make it. I do feel we'll see this young woman in the years to come. There is not one doubt of that in my mind.

TV Review: Bones Episode 2.17

From FOX: While on vacation in the desert, Angela contacts Brennan to ask for her help in identifying a skull - she’s afraid it’s her boyfriend, Kirk, who left on a photo shoot and has been missing for several days. The skull is sent to the lab, where Zack and Hodgins confirm that the victim died of a gunshot wound, had traces of peyote in his hair, and, sadly, is Kirk. Booth thinks the murder is drug-related, but the investigation leads them to a counterfeiting ring in the middle of the desert.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Angela goes off to vacation in the middle of nowhere in the desert, and leaves everyone back at the Jeffersonian wondering, 'Angela has a boyfriend?' Yes, she does, and it is in the opening minutes that Angela calls Brennan in, needing to talk to her in private. A skull has been delivered to the sheriff where she is staying, and she has a fear it might actually end up being her boyfriend. He has been out of sight since a photo shoot five days before. She tries to talk herself out of it actually being him, but Bones ends up dropping everything to make her way out to where Angela is. Upon looking at the skull, she soon ascertains that it is the skull of a murder victim that had been shot in the head.

Once Angela has gone to bed, Brennan makes a quick call to Booth and asks him to come help her with the sheriff and the case of Angela's missing boyfriend. He arrives on a flight by the next morning. Booth and Brennan go off to the home of the guide and model that was last seen with Kirk. Once there they find the woman's boyfriend, and the man is not all that friendly when he first sees the two on his priority. While there, the two find a picture of the sheriff with the guide, turns out she is his half sister. While with the sheriff, Bones receives a call from Zach and Hodgins, the skull does belong to Angela's boyfriend. Peyote is found in his hair, so it looks to be drug related.

bones and Brennan need to tell Angela about Kirk's death, and they need to interview her about the peyote, which to her isn't really drug use since it is used in a Native American ritual. She gives them the name of the man that gave Kirk the peyote. They interview him as well because peyote is only legal if you are Native American. It also appears the guide's boyfriend might be the man's contact in respect to peyote. However, he has been beaten up and is now unconscious, so any hope of questioning is now impossible.

Bones puts a call into Goodman looking for naturalist. They use this woman to help them find a group coyotes that might have eaten off the body of Kirk. Bones learn more about Angela and the relationship she had with Kirk. Even though the two only spent three weeks a year together, their relationship was quite real. The group then goes out looking for Dani, the guide Kirk had been with when he went missing. However, instead they find the rest of the man's body and his camera. Angela takes his camera because as Bones points out he might have photographed his killer.

However, the sheriff does make the point that Angela might also be a suspect in the case. This point is quickly put aside though after a touching sequence between her and the sheriff. Once Angela develops some of the pictures available in the camera, the sheriff takes them. Bones and Booth go to question him, and he tells them he took the pictures to show Dani's boyfriend because of rock cropping in the pictures. The boyfriend tells the sheriff where the cropping is, and he takes Bones and Brennan there. Angela joins them, and once there the sheriff tells them he is off to look for his sister, but instead he leaves them stranded there. They soon find Kirk's truck and the kill site.

The sheriff does return for them, and it appears their main suspect is now Alex Joseph, the boyfriend. Seems he has recovered from the beating and now he has disappeared. The evidence starts to point to the fact drugs were related because the kill site is near an airstrip, and Kirk's body could have been taken to a plane and dropped off of it. They also soon discover there might be more than drugs involved but illegal counterfeiting. The group returns to the kill site and Angela is able to somehow point out the direction Dani went in, and they find her soon after. The case is solved. The shooter is the man that Bones and Booth had gone to about giving Kirk peyote. The counterfeiters are also caught.

This episode of Bones titled The Skull in Desert is probably one of the best episodes of Bones in the last few. It had some great character development in regard to Angela's character and also back at the Jeffersonian, Zach also had some growth as it appears Goodman is trying to push him from the nest so he can work on his own, instead of under the thumb of Brennan. Good news here is that Bones has been picked up for a full second season for next year, so we will be seeing Brennan, Booth and her team for some time to come.

American Idol: The Top Ten Finalists

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This week on American Idol the top ten finalists battled it out for the nine spots left in the competition. This week's theme was 'Songs of the 21st Century,' which meant the contestants could choose any song from the last six years. There was no celebrity guest this week to work with the performers, so the show jumped right into the top ten, especially since the series went from a two hour event to that lasting only an hour.

The show began with a performance by Lisa Tucker of Kelly Clarkson's hit song, Because of You. The song had some good moments, but I agree with the judges that the song just wasn't right for her. She has a talented voice, but this song was definitely bigger than her.

Next up we had Kellie Pickler. I fully expected Kellie to do well this week because there are so many amazing country and country pop songs she could choose from in the last six years, but instead she picked one I hadn't ever even heard of. Once again it is song choice that hurts the contestant here. She had a good performance, but it wasn't great.

Ace Young came up next with his soulful stylings by singing one of my favorite songs by Train, Drops of Jupiter. This was another case of bad song choice. I know I personally didn't enjoy this performance as much as Ace's past performances. It just wasn't the right song for Ace. I don't know if I agree with Simon calling it a karaoke performance, but it just didn't measure up to me.

Next up, Taylor came on stage, and he sang a song I wasn't quite familiar with, but he did an amazing performance. In the eyes of the judges, it wasn't one of his standout performances, and I think that might once again be because of song choice. He did well, but the song might not have been the one to best demonstrate his talent.

Mandisa was next, and she sang a gospel song she has sung many times before in a church song. It was a good performance, but it had some problems. She is the one of the best singers in this competition though, and even with this performance's problems it was still one of the better performances of the show.

The same can be said about the next contestant to perform, Chris Daughtry. He's come under fire this week for his performance last week because he hadn't credited the arrangement to Live. That matter was handled quickly on this week's episode, and he sang a song by Creed, What if. Chris rocks each and every week, and last week that received him praise. This week, that got him put down. The judges want him to branch out, but I think he should stay in his element. This is where he will become famous one day, why change?

Katharine McPhee was next, and she sang a Christina Aguilera's, A Voice Within. Now, I'm a Christina fan, so I might be biased, but I just didn't like this performance. The judges, however, said it was the best of the night, and Christina would be honored to have this version performed by Katharine. That made me shake my head a bit, but then again as I mentioned I might be biased.

Bucky went back to his country roots this week by performing Tim McGraw's, Real Good Man. One of his better performances, but I do agree with Paula and Simon here. I could barely understand him at some points. Could this spell the end of the road for Bucky? He has been in the bottom three now, so there is a chance of that happening.

The last two performances of the night by Paris Bennett and Elliot Yamin were probably the best of the night in my mind. Paris went back to a bit more youthful, even if her moves did raise some eyebrows. Elliot did another one of my favorite songs, and I thought he did well, but his arrangement of the song was a bit different than what I'm used to. This isn't a bad thing. He made the song his own.

Tomorrow night, one more contestant will go home following America's vote. I think this might be the week we say good-bye to Kellie or Bucky. Kellie just hasn't been doing it for me at all the last few weeks, and I'm a bit surprised she is still in the competition.

This is the list of tonight's song choices, mostly available for download on iTunes.

Lisa Tucker: Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
Kellie Pickler: Suds in the Bucket - Sara Evans
Ace Young: Drops of Jupiter - Train
Taylor Hicks: Trouble - Ray LaMontagne
Mandisa: I wanna praise you
Chris Daughtry: What if - Creed
Katharine McPhee: Voice Within - Christina Aguilera
Bucky Covington: Real Good Man - Tim McGraw
Paris Bennett: Work it out - Beyonce
Elliot Yamin: I Don't Want To Be - Gavin DeGraw

TV Review: The L Word Episode 3.12

Sunday, March 26, 2006

From Showtime: The girls plan for Shane and Carmen's wedding while still grieving the loss of Dana. Shane goes to Oregon to meet her estranged father. Kit finds out she's pregnant. Bette continues to consider sole custody of Angelica, with Joyce Wischnia acting as attorney-at-large. Jenny realizes that Max's quest to fit in is not what she wants.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The L Word titled Left-hand of The Goddess was the season finale of this third season of the series. The series will return next year with twelve more episodes. Let's talk about tonight's episode first though. The main focus of tonight's episode is the preparations for Shane and Carmen's wedding. It is six weeks after the death of their friend Dana, and the group is still mourning her loss. However, they have thrown themselves into the wedding preparation. Helena has gifted Shane and Carmen with a wedding in Canada. She is taking the whole group up for the wedding. However, before that happens there is some other business to attend to first.

First, being Shane meeting her father, who has contacted after his wife sees Shane in a magazine. She travels up to Oregon to meet him, and she also ends up meeting his family, including her little brother. Her father, Gabrielle, is played here by actor Eric Roberts. She tells her family about herself, including the fact she is getting married the following week. She does invite them to the wedding, and they agree to show. We also see the group picking out Carmen's wedding dress. Some of the others also try on dresses as well. During this opening sequence, we also see Lara and Alice have continued their sexual relationship, but it is unclear if there is anything more than sex to what is happening.

Once the girl's arrive in Canada, they find that Carmen's family has come up for the wedding. This is very surprising, especially since Carmen's mother handled the news that Carmen was a lesbian so not well. They are there for the wedding though, courtesy of Helena. Carmen's family steals the bride away because a groom can't see the bride the day before her wedding. This leaves Shane with her friends.

While there, Jenny meets a woman writing a story on gay travel destinations. These two become extremely close extremely fast, and we next see them in bed together. The rumor here is that this woman will join the cast next season. The woman even ends up at the wedding and beyond. Following the wedding, Jenny tells Max some things, and it makes you wonder if this was the end of the couple. Will we see Max return season four? Just by the tone of the interaction between Jenny and Max tonight that is unlikely.

The night before the wedding, the girls throw Shane a bachelor party. We have a couple of heartfelt toasts from Jenny and Alice, both of which certainly made me feel all warm and gushy inside, even if Shane isn't the warm and gushy type. Carmen even sends the groom to be a gift performance titled Pussy 101 that shocks everyone, while also amusing them and me to no ends. Shane even mentions the desire to have children of her own, commenting on the relationship Bette and Tina still maintain.

As for Bette and Tina, the two are doing better, but they are not together. They get along as best they can for the sake of Angelica. Henry and Tina are still dating, and Bette is going ahead with wanting sole custody of the baby. She does have a change of heart the night of the bachelor party, but her call to her lawyer is too late. Tina receives the papers from Bette asking for sole custody, and this ruins any hope of civility between the two.

The day of the wedding has the group off doing their own things. Alice meets the marriage coordinator that plans to marry Carmen and Shane later that night, and the woman helps Alice out with some conversation. Alice decides to talk to Lara about their relationship, as Lara has wanted to do. Shane's father has arrived, and we learn that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when Shane catches him leaving with a young woman he meets at the hotel bar. We later learn he has taken the money Helena gave him to buy a wedding gift for Shane and run off with it and the young woman, leaving his wife there.

Following this, we quickly jump to the wedding, but we soon learn that there will be no wedding taking place that night. Shane has stood Carmen up at the alter. Carmen is heartbroken, and her friends surround her. Shane is nowhere to be found. Carmen doesn't want to even look for her. She just wants to go home with her mother and family.

We also soon see Bette has taken baby Angelica once Tina has said that she no longer wants Bette to adopt her. Soon following the wedding that never was, Peggy informs Helena that she is cutting her off financially because she needs to learn people will love her even if she doesn't have a penny to her name. In other shocking new, Kit finds out she is pregnant.

All in all a good episode, probably not the best season finale, but this was definitely one of the better episodes of this season. Season three of The L Word has been one of ups and down, predictable story lines, strange story lines, loss of characters, drastic character changes and much more. This season was probably better than season two because the second half of season two and the beginning of season three left me really wanting more. This season, however, pales in comparison to season one.

The wedding story line was right out of Queer as Folk's transcripts. True fans of this season had to realize Shane would not marry Carmen. It was just a matter of how it wouldn't end up happening. Jenny and Max would end up not working in the end because Jenny is lesbian, and Max is now becoming a man. Helena being cut off was probably the one shocker of this season finale that I didn't see coming, and Lara and Alice actually have me curious. Will these two continue on in season four? Will Max return? What happened to Shane? Where did she go? Will Carmen return season four as well knowing the marriage didn't take place? What about Tina and Bette? Will they reunite next season as well or will Tina actually marry Henry?

There are so many questions that could be asked. As I've mentioned throughout this season, my main problems have been with the Tina and Bette story line. The Shane and Carmen story line got on my nerves a bit, but I did love Jenny coming out stronger this season, especially in recent episodes. I was getting tired of seeing victim Jenny all of the time. I can't wait until this series makes its return in Winter 2007. The long wait begins now.

TV Review: ER Episode 12.17

Thursday, March 23, 2006

From NBC: Abby (Maura Tierney) and Kovac (Goran Visnjic) desperately try to keep a 21 year-old girl (Zina Zaflow) brought into the ER with stab wounds to the neck alive while they wait for a surgeon to operate. As the young girl's condition begins to deteriorate, Clemente (John Leguizamo) steps in and decides to try a risky procedure on the girl in order to save her life. Meanwhile, Neela (Parminder Nagra) pulls an all-nighter in preparation for a speech at a surgeon's convention but is disappointed when her speech goes awry. Back at the ER, Ray tries to treat a suicidal man claiming to have swallowed a bottle of pills. Sam (Linda Cardellini) decides to take a part-time job with Elliot (Armand Assante) to help supplement her childcare expenses.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

This episode of ER titled Lost in America was an improvement over last week's episode. I'm trying to figure out if that is due to the fact that Clemente returned to County General this week or not. It is possible. I have found myself enjoying John Leguizamo more often than not, when they focus on his story line that is. The shooting story line in my opinion was nothing but a jumbled mess, but showing him interacting with the staff as a counterpoint did work well for me when he first arrived. This type of story line arrived this week with Clemente's return to the ER, a return that is made obviously clear to be unwelcome. None of the staff really makes an attempt at throwing out the red carpet for him, and he does notice that early on.

The main medical focus of this episode is a woman brought into the ER with a stab to her neck. She needs immediate surgical attention, but this happens to be the week of a huge convention that has taken most of the city's surgical staff away from their hospitals. The staff of County General's ER works to find a surgeon while they keep the woman alive as best as they can, but they don't succeed. Her condition worsens, and Clemente comes in with a risky medical procedure. At first, it appears to work, but she begins to bleed internally. This leads to brain death and once she is removed from the machines, she dies. Clemente is upset with himself for it, but he did try. Luka even commends him on that. As it turns out, her brother in an honor killing for disgracing her family killed the woman.

The other case in the ER at first looks serious, but we can immediately see that it isn't. A man comes in claiming he tried to commit suicide, but when tests are run there are no signs of that happening. Psych sends him home upon seeing him, but the man wants to stay in the hospital. He then tells Ray the reason. He is in love with his best friend's girlfriend, and they are getting married the next day. He's afraid of what he will do if he goes to the wedding.

As for Neela, since she's in her surgical rotation, she is presenting at the convention. In order to prepare for it, she stays up the entire night before. Dubenko is with her and he hands her a beta-blocker. Things look to be going well until the slides on the computer freeze, animal rights protesters jump in the fray and then Neela faints. She recovers, and she makes an admission to Dubenko while they are out drinking. Something is developing between her and Ray. She's still married to Gallant, so this isn't the best of timing. When she returns to their apartment she tells Ray she needs to move out.

In family news, Luka and Abby debate about having their baby baptized. Luka wants to, but Abby doesn't. They debate it, and Abby ends up giving in. In surprising family news, it appears that Morris was busy donating sperm during his college years. Four of his "offspring" come looking for him, and he plays the proud papa. I hope he continues to get to see these four, but it didn't look all that likely. In a continuation of a story line from last week, Sam ends up agreeing to take on the part time job with the blood patient due to some money problems that arise.

All in all this was a better episode than last week's, but not the best of the season. Looks like we might have a Carter appearance next week. He is mentioned in the previews, and it looks like he is going to cause problems for Luka and Abby. The preview for next week really has me interested.

TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.18

From FOX: When an old nemesis returns to Newport, Ryan gets caught up in helping her, causing a rift between him and Sadie. Seth and Summer are faced with a new problem that Taylor tries to solve. Meanwhile, Marissa finds herself all alone in Newport with no one to turn to and Sandy grapples with business pressure.

My Rating: 2 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The O.C. titled The Undertow had a number of story lines going through it. The first and the focus of this episode is the return of Jess to The O.C. She made things certainly interesting last season when she ended up floating in a pool after a bad acid trip. She shows up on the Cohen's doorstep looking for Ryan with a belated birthday gift from his brother Trey. Apparently Jess went with Trey to Vegas as she had originally planned last season. The two lived together for a brief time before she left and returned home. However, the two kept in contact.

Jess tries to convince Ryan she is trying to change. However, she seems to fall into the same problem of finding the guy that is all wrong for her. When she breaks up with him, the guy doesn't handle it all that well. She calls Ryan in for reinforcements, but there are already problems between him and Sadie's blossoming relationship. His running off to help Jess only makes things worse, especially when he ends up spending the night at her house. The next morning Sadie arrives at the Cohen's with breakfast, and no one wants to tell her that he didn't spend the night at home. However, she figures it out on her own. This leads her to believe that Ryan might not be the one for her.

The two meet for a date at the diner, but once again Jess needs his help. She has someone call him and ask him to come to her aid right away. Sadie tells him to go, but we can definitely tell if he does there is little chance for the couple. When he shows up at the party, Jess immediately latches onto him. She wants him, but he doesn't want her. Kirsten had even warned him throughout the episode about this situation, and when he sees Jess latching onto him like she is, something finally clicks. He does stand up to the guy when he arrives, but when the guy tells him that it is none of his business, Ryan backs off and leaves.

He returns to Sadie, and he tells her a secret about his life. The gift that Trey had sent him was a matchbox camaro. The gift has special significance to him, but he won't tell anyone just what that is. In order to win Sadie back, he tells her about it. Apparently when the brothers were younger they used to play with these same cars when their mother was fighting. Trey promised him one day he'd save up to buy them a camaro, so they could get away. Ryan also talks to Trey when he calls Jess. Sadie and Ryan then end up hot and heavy. Things look to be going down the right path for these two. At least for now.

Things weren't heading down any path for Summer and Seth for the majority of this episode. The two are having bedroom problems, which is really no surprise because we haven't seen them doing much for most of the season. Taylor is the one that brings this problem out into the open, and she takes it upon herself to help the couple. This is actually quite amusing. She has "sessions" with them together, and when that doesn't work, she goes to Seth with a copy of the Kama Sutra. He then goes to Summer, but it isn't the book that works. The two start fighting, and this sets them off. With they continue this way though? Only time well tell.

As for Marissa, with her mother off with Summer's dad on the cruise, she has the trailer to herself. This doesn't set all that well for her at all. She goes to Matt, and she ends up spending the night at his apartment platonically. This raises eyebrows when Sandy shows up at Matt's to talk to him, but it was really innocent. Marissa returns to her trailer, and as usual Volchok is waiting for her. These two are playing some kind of dance, as they have been the last week or two. Well, the dance ends, and these two also end up hot and heavy. In fact, the last two minutes of tonight's episode was a sex fest. I wonder what the FCC will say about that because they have been certainly cracking down on "indecent programming."

Lastly, Sandy is having some problems with the hospital project he just landed. The man in charge of it on the board end comes to him telling him that the board wants Matt off the project because of some concerns. An ultimatum is made of either Matt or the hospital. When Sandy finds Marissa at Matt's, this certainly doesn't help his cause. Sandy later learns that the man wanted Matt off the project because of his daughter. Sandy tries to talk to him, but it doesn't appear it goes successfully. We're not sure because the episode ends. Is Matt on his way out of The O.C.?

This episode was okay, but not one of the better ones. The last five minutes were probably the most memorable in my mind. I also enjoyed Taylor's performance this episode, and I wish we could see more of her character. We have another all new episode of The O.C. next week.

TV Review: Lost Episode 2.16

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

From ABC: Sun wrestles with the thought of telling Jin a newfound secret that threatens to upset the entire balance of the survivors' community. Meanwhile, Locke enlists Ana Lucia to interrogate the prisoner in order to extract more information than he, Jack or Sayid could

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Tonight's episode of Lost titled 'The Whole Truth' was Sun and Jin centric, and I am so glad to see these two as the focus of an episode once again. The past few episodes have hinted at Sun possibly being pregnant, and this episode makes those feelings focus. We see Sun get dizzy, and we then see her approach Sawyer looking for a pregnancy test. He does have one, and she takes it. We learn that she is indeed pregnant, but she doesn't want to tell Jin right away.

Jack and Kate are both surprised she wants to keep the happy news from him, but we can understand why she does so when we see their past in regards to pregnancy, and also his past working with her father. I know I can definitely understand her reluctance in telling him. By the end of the episode, she has told him she is carrying a baby, but we learn there is also a chance the baby might not be his. He is unable to, but she assures him that she didn't cheat on him.

We do suspect it is possible she did because of the relationship she has with her English teacher. Since she tells Jin she is pregnant, he comments that her being pregnant is then a miracle, and this brings up even more questions in regards to the island and this series. Some said Claire's baby was special, but if this is indeed a miracle baby, we do have to wonder here. This island is definitely getting stranger with each episode that passes.

Sun and Jin weren't the only focus of this episode. The man believed to be an other is still locked in the hatch. This week Locke goes to Ana Lucia, and he asks her to use her skills in order to talk to him and see if he is telling the truth about his balloon, or if he is in fact an other like they believe. she does talk to him, and she to tries to get him draw a map to where his balloon is. She doesn't tell Jack and Locke about this, only asks them for another visit with the man the next day. She ends up going to Sayid, and the two with Charlie venture out using the map to find the balloon. The trek to the site takes them a day, and that night they camp out.

While camping Ana Lucia does come to Sayid, and she apologizes to him for killing Shannon. He accepts her apology because he knows she was trying to protect her people from an unknown enemy. The next morning they reach the possible site where the balloon is, but they find nothing. Sayid is ready to return to camp and kill the man as an other, making him pay for Shannon's death. However, Ana Lucia is adamant on still looking for the balloon.

She finally talks Sayid into staying to look more, but we don't see if they actually find the balloon. However, in the previews for next week's episode it does appear that they find it. At the hatch in this episode, the man is playing devil's advocate and saying it is possible if he was an other that he just sent Ana Lucia into an ambush. He is the one that tells Jack and Locke he drew her a map to his balloon. This is where our episode ends.

First off, I'd like to say its great to see this show back, and its even better that it has a great episode to return with. This was an interesting episode. The Sun and Jin flashbacks explained a lot about their characters, and as the actor behind Jin mentioned you get to see him without his shirt on an awful lot in one scene. Sun and Jin are quickly becoming my favorite characters. We can also see Sayid and Ana Lucia possibly getting closer. During one scene, you can see him watching her as she sleeps. That makes you wonder what he is thinking. Setting things up for next season possibly? I think its too soon for him to develop feelings for another this season. The previews for next week also look very intriguing, and this episode felt a bit of a leading up to drama episode. The drama will happen next week, and I am also glad to say next week and not three weeks from now. We now also know that Lost will air its two-hour season finale on May 24th.

TV Review: Bones Episode 1.16

From FOX: When the remains of a young documentary filmmaker are found in a ventilation shaft in an underground Washington, DC, tunnel, Brennan and Booth must venture into the maze of tunnels beneath the city and are surprised to discover a world of homeless shelters underground. Clues lead them to suspect that a man living underground was involved with the murder, but instead he gives them valuable information about the purpose of the victim’s underground project. When a valuable artifact is found among the victim’s possessions, the entire Jeffersonian team joins in the investigation to learn why the victim was in the maze of tunnels and what she found down there that led to her murder.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight episode of Bones titled The Woman in the Tunnel was more of a straight case episode instead of one with a great deal of character development and twists and turns like the last couple of episodes have been. On tonight's episode a body of a woman is found deep in the tunnels under Washington D.C. The woman is a documentarian doing a documentary on the people that are found living underneath the city. When her body is found, this leads Bones and her team to these people, and they learn more about them. Bones does identify with the woman because she is an anthropologist, and they have similar beliefs. One woman would like Bones and Brennan to believe that the woman had more than documenting in mind.

In particular, they find one man that has some of the woman's belongings in his possession, including her camera and bloody clothing. Within the woman's belongings, the team makes an interesting finding, a U.S. seal from the civil war period that leads to a treasure. This makes them believe that the man could be responsible for the death of the woman. The man proclaims his innocence time and time again, and he is believable. Though he lives underneath the city now, he had a distinguished military record. He also talks about a blonde woman that scares him. During the episode, Angela draws a sketch of this woman.

Bones also discovers that other people were involved. The woman had asked the assistance of two other men, but these men tell Bones and Brennan that they only trained her. They never went down with her into the tunnels. At first, it appears that the woman died from her fall down the shaft, but it turns out she was killed by a hit to her head with a climbing ax. Whoever killed her did so because of the artifact the homeless man had given her. The homeless man told Bones and Brennan that a blonde woman had killed Marty. Booth thinks the blonde woman is the social worker that initially took them down to the underground city. The woman didn't appreciate the documentarian because she felt she was exploiting the homeless by doing so.

Once Bones and Brennan interviewed the two men that helped her, they learn one of the men had an affair with her. This makes the fiance a suspect. However, he looks quite honest and believable when he is interviewed again. This leads them to return to Harold, so that he can show them where he found the seal he had given Marty. He is reluctant, but he does take them down far enough so that they can find the exact location he found the item. Once there they find another body, one from the Civil War. Bones and Brennan view the tapes again, and they find the men that said they hadn't gone down with Marty on her tapes. This leads the two back to down to the tunnels to find the vault, and they find the men there. They confront them, and it is one of them that killed Marty. With her killer discovered, Harold is released back to the home he knows.

This episode was more of a straight case. The team went from point to point to point until it was solved. We did see some minor character development in watching Bones identify with the process the documentarian took in her work. Other than that it was a pretty plain episode in my mind, which is much different than the cases the last couple of weeks. Bones returns next week with another all episode.

American Idol: Top Eleven Elimination

Tonight on American Idol, the competition was dwindled down to the final top ten in the competition. This week's theme was 'Songs from the '50s,' and our special guest celebrity was Barry Manilow. These contestants worked with him this past weekend in Vegas. On tonight's program, Barry flew in for a special performance from his latest CD. Once his performance was done we learned who our bottom three were, and only one of the contestants in the bottom three was a surprise to me this week. After we knocked out those safe one by one, we learned that our bottom three was Kevin Covais, Lisa Tucker and Bucky Covington.

This is the second week in a row in the bottom three for Lisa Tucker, and that's the one that is surprising me the most. Lisa has a strong voice and the talent to make further in the competition. What is hurting her when it comes to this competition? Is it song choice? Is it her age? It's really hard to tell, but if whatever she is doing does continue we will see her go home. Bucky and Kevin being in the bottom three really didn't surprise me all that much. In fact, for me it was between Kevin and Kellie for me to go home. I'm not sure why Kellie hasn't made the bottom three the last couple of weeks because in my opinion her performances haven't been all that great. Bucky is a personal favorite of mine, but I'm not sure how much longer will see him around.

We soon see Lisa safe, and the bottom two being Bucky and Kevin. Bucky is then announced safe, and we now know this was Kevin's last time on the show. I really wasn't all that impressed with his performance lately, and there is even a website, that picked him to be the worst in the competition. Of course, the goal of the site was to keep him in it, but it seems they failed. They will more than likely throw their weight behind Kellie now because she was their female pick for worst contestant. American Idol returns next week with our final ten performing for the nine remaining slots in the competition. I'll be back next week with all my thoughts on this year's American Idol.

American Idol: The Top Eleven

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tonight the top eleven battled it out for the top ten spots remaining in this competition, and they definitely gave it there all as they belted out the tunes from the '50s. There were some good performances, and some alright performances. As always there were some outstanding ones, and tonight I even disagreed with the judges on just who was outstanding, Let's talk about tonight's show.

Tonight's episode of American Idol was two hours long. Usually that is a bit long for my taste, but the episode ran fairly quickly. They kept the show going with both performances and behind the scenes footage of our contestants working with this week's celebrity helper. That honor this week went to Barry Manilow, which is fitting because he recently released a collection of '50s songs on CD. In order to work with him, the contestants made their way to Vegas for the weekend, where Barry is currently performing. They also saw him in concert.

Now let's talk about tonight's performances. The show opened up with a stunning performance by Mandisa. I have no doubt in my mind she is the strongest female performer left, and tonight she showed that talent of her in spades. She did really wonderful, and I think she is definitely a contender for the American Idol title. Next up was Bucky, and he did well too. Not the best, but I always enjoy his performances. Another amazing performance was put in this week from Paris Bennett. She has a voice much stronger than her looks or her speaking voice, and she pulled off her song choice well. Chris Daughtry came up next, and once again I was wondering just what he would do. I think I need to stop worrying when it comes to him. Each and every week, he goes on stage and makes whatever song he has chosen his own. This week was no exception.

Katharine McPhee was next up on stage, and she did Ella Fitzgerald proud. She is another that could give Chris and Mandisa a run for their money at the end. I definitely see her there. As for Taylor Hicks, tonight was not his best performance, at least not for me. It also looks like he did go ahead with the slight hair coloring job that was rumored to take place this week. I actually liked his gray hair. It made him stand out. Next up we had a youthful Lisa Tucker, and once again I don't think this was one of her better performances. There were some problems with the song I believe, but she still has a huge amount of talent. Kevin Covais followed, and I didn't like him much either. I actually didn't really like the next two performances either by Elliot Yamin and Kellie Pickler. I know the judges were amazed by those two, but I just didn't feel it. Ace rounded off the show with a great performance.

The show started off great and ended great. It just felt like a different show to me once Katharine left the stage. I know some out there like Kellie Pickler, and I started off the season liking her too, but she really hasn't done much for me the last couple of weeks. I think it might be time for her or Kevin to go home.

Here are the songs performed on tonight's show, available on iTunes. Check back tomorrow night for my thoughts on who America sends home this week!

Mandisa: I Don't Hurt Anymore - Dinah Washington
Bucky Covington: Oh Boy! - Buddy Holly
Paris Bennett: Fever - Peggy Lee
Chris Daughtry: I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash
Katharine McPhee: Come Rain or Come Shine - Ella Fitzgerald
Taylor Hicks: Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly
Lisa Tucker: Why do fools fall in love - Frankie Lyman & the Teenagers
Kevin Covais: When I Fall in Love
Elliot Yamin: Teach Me Tonight - Al Jarreau
Kellie Pickler: Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline
Ace Young: In The Still of the Night.

TV Review: The L Word Episode 3.11

Sunday, March 19, 2006

From Showtime: Alice steals some of Dana's ashes; Bette thinks about fighting for sole custody of baby Angelica; Lara arrives home too late; and, Max finally lands a job where Moira got turned down.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The L Word titled Last Dance dealt with the events of last week's episode. Last episode, we saw one of the cast's main character leave the series when Dana Fairbanks died of breast cancer. This week's episode opens with Dana's funeral. Her friends are all in attendance, but it is quickly clear to all that the image the family and her minister wants to portray of Dana is of a straight woman yet to find love. Alice won't allow this to happen. she stands up and declares that Dana was gay before storming out of the church. She does return, and she somehow has swiped some of Dana's ashes, so the group can have their own memorial. They decide to spread her ashes where Dana wanted, at her old camp where she had her first lesbian sexual experience.

Each of the group is dealing with the loss of Dana. The hardest hit seem to be Shane and Alice, which makes sense because these three were the closest. Shane becomes angry and brooding. She also asks Carmen to marry her, but she doesn't receive an immediate answer. Alice is devastated by the loss of Dana. Kit is also visibly affected by the loss of her friend. The group all ventures up to the camp, seeing the cabin Dana stayed in. A good portion of this episode is the individuals sharing stories about meeting Dana or special moments they shared with her. We hear the story of Alice and Dana's first meeting, the first party Dana attended and met the group, the night Jenny and Dana had sex and what happened afterward. Max seems out of place and uncomfortable during this time, but that's understandable because he wasn't there when this group met.

Once their stories are shared they go up to the waterfall to spread her ashes and say their final good-byes. Shane walks away, upset that Dana died alone. The rest of the group remains, each taken turn spreading Dana's ashes. After they are done, Alice is the last one there, and in the waters from the waterfall she sees Dana's spirit, and yes she got her wings because they are clearly visible. We then jump to Shane and Carmen at the bridge overlooking the waterfall. Carmen says yes, and for a flash Shane also sees Dana's spirit. Once again it makes sense because it was these three that were the closest. Alice returns to Dana's, and she finds Lara there. We see these two kiss before the episode ends.

Dealing with Dana's passing might have been the main focus of this episode, but it wasn't all that happens. Max goes in to interview with the same company he went in as Moira. This time he is hired for a job with a six figure income. Jenny wants him to go ahead with a story on sex discrimination, but Max wants to fit in and keep the job. As for Bette and Tina, Tina is dating Henry. Bette isn't dealing with that situation well, she goes to see, Joyce Wishnia , the attorney Tina had hired season two. She wants sole custody of Angelica because she can better understand the bi-racial experience.

The Helena and Dylan story line was also wrapped up this episode. Dylan comes to Helena's and drops off the her footage for the documentary with a tape to Helena what happened. She also ripped up the check Helena paid her as settlement. It appears she was leaving town. In the tape, Dylan explained to her how she did love Helena, but she couldn't deal with her emotions and what she was. Helena keeps muting the tape, so we don't hear all she said. However, I am hoping this isn't the last we see of Dylan. I'd love to see her return season four!

This episode did focus on Dana a great deal, but it did move forward the plot lines that have been developing this season. My one problem here is with Shane's proposal. This story line feels similar to what happened on Queer as Folk at the end of season five. In episode ten, Babylon exploded, and Brian admitted he loved Justin. The next episode he proposed to him. Here on The L Word, Dana dies, and the next week Shane proposes. Definitely a similarity there, and as it happened on Queer as Folk, it just doesn't fit. Shane isn't the marrying kind. Don't force it on her. We'll have to see if it actually occurs next weekend. The next episode looks amazing,. and it is also the season finale. We won't have any more The L Word until Winter 2007.

TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.21

From ABC: When a series of deaths occur at Seattle Grace, the uncanny events bring out the doctors' superstitious sides and make Izzie nervous about Denny's surgery. Meanwhile, Derek and Addison discuss making a more permanent living arrangement, and Richard treats a very special, old friend.

My Rating:  
4 out of 4

Tonight's episode titled Superstition was probably one of the best episodes this season of Grey's Anatomy. It begins with a hospital superstition that states that people die in cycles of three and seven. I've actually the cycle of three before tonight's episode. The episode begins with four deaths in quick succession, so it quickly begins to spread that three more patients will die before the end of the night. So surgeries are cancelled left and right. However, not everyone can wait until after midnight in order to have surgery. Some cases need immediate attention, and while we have high medical drama this episode, the focus is not on the medical cases, but more on the interactions between the interns and staff while working on said cases.

There are four cases this week. The first to arrive being a woman coughing blood. She has a special relationship with Chief Webber, so she has George call him to help her. As it turns out, she is his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, and she has been so for several years. He tells her what is going on with Ellis Grey, and he immediately get taken down a notch by his sponsor because it is the situation with Ellis that caused him to hit rock bottom in the first place. His being close to her now could set him back as far as his sobriety goes.  She comes in with a bad liver, and she does need surgery. Webber operates, and she comes out well. So no death here.

The next is a man involved in a motor vehicle accident. He also suffers from chronic obsessive-compulsive disorder. He needs to say or do things a certain amount of times for good luck. Derek needs to operate on his brain, and anytime brain surgery is involved there is a risk. This man isn't as fortunate as Webber's friend, and he does die on the operating table. We have death number five.

Next into the emergency room at Seattle Grace is a woman that first says she was hit by lightning, and then she was under a tree hit by lightning. Finally, she says she was actually in a tree when the bolt hit it. It turns out, she needs to have surgery to remove her spleen. However, the staff at the hospital isn't the only ones with their superstitions. She believes she is having a bad day, so she might die if she goes under the knife before midnight. However, Bailey and Meredith try to convince her to have the surgery because she might not be able to wait until after midnight. They are right. The woman does end up bleeding out, and she dies in the ICU. We have number six.

Our last case is the same one we've been dealing for a while now. That is the case of Denny and his bad heart. This week, it appears his condition has worsened again, and he needs another surgery. He can't wait until after midnight either. Izzie is worried for him. Alex tells Denny how it is with no sugar coating, both when it comes to his health and in regard to Izzie. As Denny waits in the operating room, Izzie confronts Alex, and we have one of the best scenes of this episode. She breaks up with him, and tells him that Denny is more of a man than he will ever be.

Burke is the doctor on this case, and he spends the majority of the episode for looking his stock of personal surgery caps. They have gone missing from the laundry. Cristina has one, but she won't give it to him. So Burke sends George after it, and he becomes her shadow for a good part of the episodes, even following her she is with Meredith. At least he can stay in the same room with her, even if he can't bear to look at her. It is actually Izzie that gets the cap Cristina has when she learns about it. Another great scene for Izzie when she threatens Yang for the cap.

When Burke sees the tenseness between Alex and Izzie he orders them both out and away from his operating room. He brings in George to assist. While Izzie waits on news on Denny, she hears two others have died. However, we learn soon enough that Denny wasn't one of them. Izzie admits to him she has feelings, and we see her kiss him. Since it is after midnight by this point, no one else has died. We have only six in the hospital that day.

As I mentioned the interaction between the staff is a focus of this episode. When people begin dying, Addison goes out to buy hot chocolate for everyone because it is her way of getting good luck. She even brings Meredith some, and of course this raises some eyebrows. George still isn't talking to Meredith, and Alex finally has enough at the end of the day. He decides to tell George off in front of both Meredith and Cristina.

While Alex might have been upset over Izzie's breaking up with him, I actually agreed with what he told George. The intern has become quite whiny since the incident with Meredith. Yes, she hurt him, and yes he has a right to be upset, but he seemed to be stuck on it. He didn't even attempt anything with the hot doctor hitting on him. By this point, she is tired of waiting on him to call, and she tells him so. However, he finally wakes up from his Meredith induced coma, and makes the first call. Torres agrees to go out with him.

This episode of Grey's Anatomy was one of the best of the season. It had both humor and intensity. I also enjoyed the high amount of character development within the episode. One thing that bothers me a bit is I don't think we saw Allison and Derek further things with their relationship as mentioned in the summary. I did appreciate what we did see. Izzie is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this series, and this episode only cemented that love for her and her character. She has more than one side to her, and this is what makes her great. She's soft and hard. It appears we have no new episode of Grey's Anatomy next week. An all-new episode will be shown in two weeks.

TV Review: ER Episode 12.16

Thursday, March 16, 2006

From NBC: Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes) contemplates hip replacement surgery after she finds it hard to do her labor intensive job. Meanwhile, Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) tries to ease Abby's (Maura Tierney) fears about raising a child together. Neela (Parminder Nagra) decides to attend a support group for military spouses but when she offers her opinions on the war, the meeting turns into a debate. After Sam (Linda Cardellini) treats a fainting victim, named Richard Elliot, (Armand Assante) she finds herself with an intriguing job offer. Mehki Phifer, Shane West and Scott Grimes star. TV-14

My Rating: 3 out of 4

I'm not sure what is happening with ER this season. It just seems like a different series, and NBC also seems to not be treating as the must-see anchor to its Thursday night line-up like they used to. Tonight's episode titled Out on a Limb definitely appeared different than the episode they promoted in the preview's at the end of last episode. I expected a high intensity episode with a medical emergency in the ER surrounding a communicable disease needing quarantine. That story lasted only about ten minutes of the episode, and I know I'm not the only fan that was left scratching their head over the difference between the preview and the episode that actually aired. This isn't the same time this has happened this season either.

Tonight's episode started with Kerry coming into the ER to work, even when she has hip replacement surgery schedule that afternoon. She uses the ER as a way to cancel the surgery, and we follow her throughout the episode as she works. She has difficulties a few times during the episode, and she finally changes her mind and goes ahead with the operation. In this episode, we also see Weaver bond with Abby during the episode, and she even asks the female doctor to be the guardian of her young son, Henry. It was real nice seeing Weaver being the focus of a major story line again, even if it appears the surgery might end up having her disappear again while she recovers from it.

The ER is truly busy once again tonight. we have several cases come in, one of them being the case featured in the preview for tonight's episode. That case involves a motor vehicle accident involving pedestrians. Driving the car was a young teenager. Her friend was in the passenger seat. However, it appears that the car accident is the least of their problems. We soon learn they have a disease that is highly contagious, and everyone in the ER that has come in contact with the young girls needs a treatment to prevent them from contracting the disease.

This is problem for Abby though because of her pregnancy. The treatment could endanger the baby. Luka tries his convince her to take the treatment, but Abby is adamantly opposed to it. She doesn't want to put her baby at risk, even though the danger to her baby isn't a definite with the treatment. Luke pulls her off to take the shot. This causes a problem between the two, and Luka has to help her with her worries.

Sam is also seen a great deal tonight. She is the nurse working with Grimes on a case of a man with a blood disorder that needs constant transfusion. His regular staff misses his treatment, so he faints. This brings him to the ER, and the hospital staff then decides to go ahead and give him his treatment for the day. Sam is with him a great deal during the episode, and by the end we see the patient offering her a job as his new nurse responsible for his treatment. This throws Sam for a loop, she thinks he is only making the offer because he knows she is a single mother living in a bad area. Her son also comes in during the episode after being jumped and beat up on his way home.

Neela also makes a return to the ER. She is still on her surgical rotation, but she spends most of the episode in the ER. After her shift, she has a meeting with military support group. She does show up, and it turns into a debate over the war in the Iraq when she expresses her opinions on the subject. She ends up returning home, and we see a touching scene between Ray and her. Are they leading up to these two ending up together eventually? Possibly. I've seen some spoilers, and it appears that Gallant will no longer be a factor once this season ends.

The next case is an assault victim brought in from a bar fight. Luka takes this case on, and the young man's friends think it is just a simple bar fight, and their friend will be fine. However, the situation is more serious than they thought, and they changed their attitude the more Luka works on the man. It turns out his friend is the one responsible for punching him. The punch caused him to fall and hit his head on the corner of the table.

Once this young man is out of the ER, Pratt approaches Luka about the incident that had occurred a few weeks ago with the switching of the blood for his friend. He confesses what he did to Luka, and Luka tells him he has to report this. However, it appears that Luka simply suspends Pratt for five days. I'm not sure if that is all that will happen, but we will have to wait and see on future episodes.

As I said at the start of this episode, I'm not sure where ER is going. Carter came back on the last episode, but he didn't truly come back to County General. The series has had several weeks during the last two months in which no new episode aired. In fact, I think we've had four, maybe five, in the last two months. Yes, the Olympics did air, but we've had breaks for ER even with no Olympics. I did enjoy the fact we had an episode in which everyone was seen and had a part in the action. This episode of ER was packed, and that made this episode good. It wasn't great though. This is definitely not the same ER.

TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.17

From FOX: Summer and Julie talk about the relationship with Dr. Roberts. Julie and Dr. Roberts have a date in a public place. Sandy goes to jail to visit Dawn Atwood. Volchok insists a little too much to have a talk with Marissa. Later, she goes to the beach to talk to him. It is Ryan's 18th birthday and a party is organized at The Bait Shop.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The O.C. titled The Journey was probably one of the best episodes this season of the series, and for me to say that about this series after some of the episode flops this year that is really saying something. This episode focuses on two main story lines, Ryan's eighteenth birthday and his recent break-up with Marissa. The two story lines actually intertwine quite nicely, and we even see a scene that links us back to when the couple began. Let's talk about tonight's episode.

Last week, Marissa and Ryan ended their relationship once again. Ryan has a developing interest in Johnny's cousin, Sadie. Ryan is still unclear on how Marissa feels about the now dead surfer, so things were best ended. Of course, we know that in true O.C. form these two will get back together. That's how this series works. Marissa is also developing some kind of relationship with Johnny's former nemesis, Kevin Volchok. He seems to keep popping up wherever Marissa is throughout the episode.

The former couple is doing everything in the power to not talk to each other though. They avoid each other at school, and they don't call each other. Summer tries talking to both of them, so they stop the avoiding each other. She even sees how the couple needs to either get back together or move on for good. Because it is Ryan's birthday, the Cohen's decide to celebrate in true O.C style, with a party. Seth takes over the preparations for a party that ends up from being a small affair to at The Bait Shop with one hundred people, most which Ryan doesn't even know.

Ryan's problem then becomes whether or not he should invite Marissa. He deals with this dilemma the entire episode. He has also invited Sadie. During the episode, he learns that she is also dealing with a similar situation when it comes to love and relationships. She has an on-off relationship, which she also has to decide to end or continue. When she left her home to come help her aunt deal with Johnny's passing, she had left that situation up in the air. When Ryan does invite her, Sadie tells him she can't make it. At first, she doesn't tell him why, but it ends up being because she's meeting the other half of her relationship. She does end up showing at the party though.

These events didn't interest me all that much. What interested more were Marissa and Volchok. As I mentioned, the two began to get closer this episode. At first, Marissa wasn't sure why he was always around, and Matt even sends Kevin on his way when he thinks Volchok is bothering her. Marissa ends up going to his work site to apologize for Matt's behavior.

Once there, the place looks familiar to her. It turns out to be the rebuilt model home that Ryan accidentally burnt down season one. I honestly thought this throw back to season one when the series and relationship between Marissa and Ryan, especially at a time when it is Ryan's birthday and they are on the outs again. The memories come back to her, and they cause her to faint and fall down the stairs. Volchok brings her home.

Another connection to season one here is a burnt CD. Marissa makes one for Ryan for his eighteenth birthday, and it has the same songs she had made him on a burnt CD she had also made for him during the model home time period. Ryan does see this CD when he goes to drop off her party invite, an invite she ends up not using. She does go to the party, but when she sees him standing outside, she then turns around and leaves. Could this finally be the end of Marissa and Ryan for good? I have no idea. It is definitely possible.

The adults have their own side plots once again this week. With the party in full preparation, Kirsten thinks it is only right that one of Ryan's family members is at the party. With his dad in jail and his brother missing in action, this leaves Ryan's mom, who is also missing. Sandy uses his contacts, and he finds her in jail in New Mexico. He flies out in order to bring her home, and he even gets her out of jail, but she ends up leaving the motel before Sandy is able to get her on the plane back to California. She does leave Ryan a letter though.

As for Julie and Neil, their relationship continues to develop, and we now know Summer knows about the new couple. She tries to find a time to tell Marissa, but with the Ryan break-up, there never seems to be a right one. However, when she finds tickets for a cruise she jumps to the wrong conclusion, and thinks her father is planning to propose to Julie. At the house one day, Summer finds Julie and confronts her. This forces Julie to tell Marissa. Both girls are actually fine with the relationship. As for the cruise tickets, the trip had actually been bought months earlier as a last ditch effort by Neil to save his previous marriage. He decides to take Julie anyway, and before they leave we see him with a ring. Could he propose? Possible, but let's hope not. I love these two, but I want to see them work. A quick marriage won't help them do that.

As I mentioned, this was one of the better episodes of this series this season. I liked the connections to season one, which in my mind was the best season for this series out of the three. I'm curious to see if Ryan and Marissa will patch things up, and also what will happen between Volchok and Marissa in the time being. Check back here next week for my thoughts on an all-new episode of The O.C.

American Idol: Top 12 Elimination

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tonight on American Idol the final twelve dwindled down to the final eleven as one more contestant was eliminated from this season's competition. The series now shortens to a schedule in which we only have one performance and one elimination show each week.

On tonight's program, we also had a special performance by the singer and songwriter that was this week's featured artist, Stevie Wonder. He performed a song on his latest album release, My Love is on Fire. Stevie had met each of the singers, and he also worked with them during this past week to help them pick the perfect Stevie song for them to perform on stage.

Once Stevie was off stage we learned who the first person in the bottom three was. Tonight that was Ace Young. This was a bit shocking to everyone on stage and in the audience. As Randy said, he didn't do his best last night, but there were others worse than him. I was truly shocked to see him in the bottom three.
After a commercial break, we learned who the other two joining Ace in the bottom three were. Next to join Ace was Melissa McGhee. she had messed up her lyrics, and this probably did hurt her with the voters. without stopping, Ryan goes on to announce the final person in the bottom three, and this the one that shocked me even more than seeing Ace there. American voted Lisa in the bottom three, and in my mind she was one of the best performances last night.

After stretching out to another commercial break, we learn Ace came in third and was safe from elimination. We then learn Lisa was indeed safe, and Melissa was going home. This bottom three totally shocked me, and it shows how important two things are. Those two things being song choice and your votes. Vote for your favorites because no one is safe from elimination in this competition. I truly thought there were worst performances that come to mind, and I for one am shocked that Kellie Pickler didn't even make the bottom three.
Next Tuesday, American Idol returns with the final eleven performing. After next week, we will have the top ten of the competition left! Tune in here next week for my thoughts on what happens next on American Idol!

TV Review: Bones Episode 1.15

From FOX: When Brennan is about to meet an online date for the first time at a local restaurant, she only barely escapes being the target of a shooting and she and Booth are trying to track down her attempted killer. Was it the man she met online? Or is it someone connected to one of the two bodies she’s investigating - the victim of a mob hit and the victim of a serial killer? Brennan is not deterred and insists on continuing all the investigations, while Booth sticks close by her side - until he’s the victim of a bomb explosion, rigged to Brennan’s refrigerator. With Booth hospitalized, Brennan gets protection from Agent Kenton of the FBI, but FBI protection is not enough and Booth must race to save Brennan’s life.

My Rating: 2 out of 4

Bones airs tonight in an all new time slot preceding the American Idol results show with an all-new episode titled Two Bodies in the Lab. Tonight's episode had more twists and turns to keep us on the tip of our toes until the killer of this week's victim is finally revealed, and it is the person we least suspect. Tonight's episode begins with Brennan setting up a date with a man she met online.

Booth isn't too thrilled about her meeting a man, especially one she has only met via the Internet. He shows his obvious distaste and possible jealousy when the two are at a crime site where a mutilated female body is found. when she leaves the crime scene to meet her date, she receives a call from him that he is stuck in traffic. Within moments, she is shot at but is missed. now Booth is wondering who is targeting Brennan. It is either the possible serial killer that is responsible for the victim Booth took her to, or the mob is behind it because of another case she is also investigating.

It could also be the man she was going to meet from online. However, she doesn't think that he is a suspect. Booth does though, and they bring him in for questioning. Once he is in, him and Brennan seem to hit it off. She even likes David, but Booth doesn't trust him. I truly this is beginning to show his jealous, leading up to him and Bones hooking up. His girlfriend has all but disappeared since their failed trip.

With the shooting, Bones is a bit on edge, and she even snaps at those in her team a few times while working on both investigations. She makes finding the killers in both cases her main priority because she wants to find them before they make another attempt on her life. Booth would rather stay away from the cases and at home where she can be out of harms way if another attempt is made.

Booth gets Brennan out of the lab. First he takes her to meet another FBI agent working on one of her cases to try to persuade her from working on the cases further. She doesn't give in, so Booth then takes her to interview one of the suspects in the serial killer case. They find a large number of keys, and they take them in as evidence. They also take the man in for questioning. He is suspected in a similar homicide case that happened a couple of years ago, but Booth was never able to prove he was guilty. Booth even goes to Goodman for his thoughts on the suspect of the serial killer case. While Hodgins finds a small find that leads to a possible suspect in the mob case.

Booth finally back to her house, where the two relax a little by going through Brennan's eccentric music collection and listening to some classic rock music. Booth puts himself in harm's way when he opens up Brennan's refrigerator, setting off a bomb that was inside. Booth survives, and this puts Temperance under the protection of fellow FBI Agent Kenton. Bones goes with Bones to the hospital. He survives, but he has a number of injuries, none of which are life threatening.

The main focus of this episode is the serial killer case, and with the additional case it actually confuses thing a bit. It made this episode a bit hard for me to follow because the team kept jumping back and forth between the two cases. I understand why both were needed. The cases allowed for the whodunit situation to develop when the attempt on Brennan was made. However, it is obvious the serial killer is the main case. The team does find out that a key in the suspect's collection was used in the murder. This sends the FBI back to the man's apartment, but he is missing. More evidence is found however.

When Hodgins visits Booth at the hospital, he tells him about the new evidence that was found, and after a bit of discussion, Booth finally deduces that someone from the inside had to be involved in the case. We then jump to Brennan in a car with Kenton, and he is taking her to abandoned building. When he pulls a gun on her we have our suspect. It was Kenton all along, and he has even disposed of the serial killer suspect.

Hodgins drives Booth to where they find out Kenton has taken Bones, and they rush in just in time to save her from Kenton. He had planned to kill her in the same manner that the serial killer had killed the victim she had been investigating. It turns out that Kenton made the mob hit while he was working undercover for one of the mob families. After Bones takes Booth back to the hospital, she once again reschedules her date with her online man David in order to watch David.

This was a better episode than last week, but this episode was a bit hard to follow as I mentioned. The two cases intermingling was interesting, but it made it harder to follow than when this happened in the past on this series. This episode falls victim to the too much happening syndrome in my opinion. We have another all new episode of Bones next week! Hopefully we won't have anymore time switches or extended breaks til the end of the season.

American Idol: The Top 12

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tonight on American Idol we finally entered the next stage of the competition. The men and women are now grouped together, and for the next two months one will be eliminated each Wednesday night. Our new American Idol will be crowned on May 24th. This week the venue changed. The contestants are now performing on the stage at Kodak Theatre, and this week they still had their choice of music, but the difference they had to choose from the catalogue of Stevie Wonder. Let's talk about how our final twelve did.

With this being Stevie Wonder week, some immediate concerns came to my mind. not all of those in top twelve are really Stevie Wonder type of singers. Three came to mind as possible problems, those three being Bucky, Kellie and Chris. How did these three do? Kellie came on stage second tonight, and this was probably the worst performance she's had this entire competition. The song and the style just didn't fit her at all, and the Kellie I've grown to love since this competition started was missing. I'm hoping this doesn't send her home, but I think her performance was probably the worst of the night.

Bucky and Chris did much better. Bucky wasn't the best performance of the night, but he did good. I enjoyed his performance. As for Chris, I think we might be looking at our American Idol when we look at him. Week in and week out, he has did the best on stage. Tonight's performance was the best of the night, and probably the best he has done this entire competition. Chris is my American Idol.

As for the rest of the show, tonight's program was definitely in two parts as one of the judges mentioned during their commentary. The first half consisted of the okay performances, and the second half consisted of brilliant performances. I definitely have to agree with what was said there. It was definitely noticeable to. The first half consisted of Ace, Kellie, Elliot, Mandisa, Bucky and Melissa. This was Mandisa's worse performance so far, but I still thought she was the best of the first half as Simon said. Melissa messed up her lyrics, and that cost her a bit. Yes, it was one word, but still you should know these lyrics by now. These singers have been practicing all week. Nerves do come into play, but you still need to remember your lyrics.

Once Lisa Tucker came on stage, the tone of the show shifted. The six remaining singers came on stage one by one and shined brilliantly on stage. Katharine had her best performance of this competition. Taylor did extremely well, and even Kevin did his thing this week. I'm not a Kevin fan but I enjoyed him tonight. Without a doubt though, Chris Daughtry had the best performance of the night, and if he doesn't pull off the American Idol crown, he will go somewhere. I'm honestly surprised he didn't wait for Rock Star to try for a more rock vibe, but in this competition, the rock thing works and it makes him unique and standout. It is necessary to standout in this competition.

Who do I think will be going home tomorrow night? My vote is going to Kellie Pickler for that honor this week. I honestly love her, but she just didn't do it tonight at all. That might be what ends her run here in American Idol.

Here are the Stevie Wonder songs performed on tonight's show, all available for download via iTunes:

Ace Young: Do I Do
Kellie Pickler: Blame it on the sun
Elliot Yamin: Knocks me off my feet
Mandisa: Don't you worry 'bout a thing
Bucky Covington: Superstition
Melissa McGhee: Lately
Lisa Tucker: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Kevin Covais: Part-Time Lover
Katharine McPhee: Until you come back to me (that's what I'm gonna do)
Taylor Hicks: Living for the city
Paris Bennett: All I Do
Chris Daughtry: Higher Gound

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