Saturday Night Premiere: The Ring Two

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tonight's Saturday Night Premiere is The Ring Two. Yes, Samara is back. Naomi Watts returns in this horror sequel to the ever popular original The Ring, and if possible this movie even scared me more than original did. In this sequel, Rachel Keller has moved her and her son from Seattle to a small town in Oregon, which she hopes will end her dealings with Samara.

However, when a teenage boy is found dead, she immediately learns that Samara still lives on. Rachel destroys the tape, but this only seems to free Samara from whatever prison she's in. Samara then goes after and claims Rachel's son Aidan. We learn that Samara wants a mother of her own. Rachel learns more about the young girl, and she finally learns how to put an end to her. Or does she?

We really don't know. The ending of the movie really left that open to interpretation. As I said, I think this sequel might have been better than the original. Sure the big secret was out, but what was even more scary is seeing what else Samara was capable of. She added a few more tricks to her repertoire. I found myself on the edge of my seat through the entire second half of the film.

As I have said on this blog before, Naomi Watts is one of my favorite actresses, and she did amazing her once again. She's perfect for this type of role. I'd really recommend this movie, but remember to watch it with the lights on. You might never look at a snowy television screen or the bath the same again.


tinker said...

I loved the ring and the ring 2. very artistically done.

WAlly said...

I blair witch mountain 1 was better than both rings :)

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