TV Review: Bones Episode 1.15

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From FOX: When Brennan is about to meet an online date for the first time at a local restaurant, she only barely escapes being the target of a shooting and she and Booth are trying to track down her attempted killer. Was it the man she met online? Or is it someone connected to one of the two bodies she’s investigating - the victim of a mob hit and the victim of a serial killer? Brennan is not deterred and insists on continuing all the investigations, while Booth sticks close by her side - until he’s the victim of a bomb explosion, rigged to Brennan’s refrigerator. With Booth hospitalized, Brennan gets protection from Agent Kenton of the FBI, but FBI protection is not enough and Booth must race to save Brennan’s life.

My Rating: 2 out of 4

Bones airs tonight in an all new time slot preceding the American Idol results show with an all-new episode titled Two Bodies in the Lab. Tonight's episode had more twists and turns to keep us on the tip of our toes until the killer of this week's victim is finally revealed, and it is the person we least suspect. Tonight's episode begins with Brennan setting up a date with a man she met online.

Booth isn't too thrilled about her meeting a man, especially one she has only met via the Internet. He shows his obvious distaste and possible jealousy when the two are at a crime site where a mutilated female body is found. when she leaves the crime scene to meet her date, she receives a call from him that he is stuck in traffic. Within moments, she is shot at but is missed. now Booth is wondering who is targeting Brennan. It is either the possible serial killer that is responsible for the victim Booth took her to, or the mob is behind it because of another case she is also investigating.

It could also be the man she was going to meet from online. However, she doesn't think that he is a suspect. Booth does though, and they bring him in for questioning. Once he is in, him and Brennan seem to hit it off. She even likes David, but Booth doesn't trust him. I truly this is beginning to show his jealous, leading up to him and Bones hooking up. His girlfriend has all but disappeared since their failed trip.

With the shooting, Bones is a bit on edge, and she even snaps at those in her team a few times while working on both investigations. She makes finding the killers in both cases her main priority because she wants to find them before they make another attempt on her life. Booth would rather stay away from the cases and at home where she can be out of harms way if another attempt is made.

Booth gets Brennan out of the lab. First he takes her to meet another FBI agent working on one of her cases to try to persuade her from working on the cases further. She doesn't give in, so Booth then takes her to interview one of the suspects in the serial killer case. They find a large number of keys, and they take them in as evidence. They also take the man in for questioning. He is suspected in a similar homicide case that happened a couple of years ago, but Booth was never able to prove he was guilty. Booth even goes to Goodman for his thoughts on the suspect of the serial killer case. While Hodgins finds a small find that leads to a possible suspect in the mob case.

Booth finally back to her house, where the two relax a little by going through Brennan's eccentric music collection and listening to some classic rock music. Booth puts himself in harm's way when he opens up Brennan's refrigerator, setting off a bomb that was inside. Booth survives, and this puts Temperance under the protection of fellow FBI Agent Kenton. Bones goes with Bones to the hospital. He survives, but he has a number of injuries, none of which are life threatening.

The main focus of this episode is the serial killer case, and with the additional case it actually confuses thing a bit. It made this episode a bit hard for me to follow because the team kept jumping back and forth between the two cases. I understand why both were needed. The cases allowed for the whodunit situation to develop when the attempt on Brennan was made. However, it is obvious the serial killer is the main case. The team does find out that a key in the suspect's collection was used in the murder. This sends the FBI back to the man's apartment, but he is missing. More evidence is found however.

When Hodgins visits Booth at the hospital, he tells him about the new evidence that was found, and after a bit of discussion, Booth finally deduces that someone from the inside had to be involved in the case. We then jump to Brennan in a car with Kenton, and he is taking her to abandoned building. When he pulls a gun on her we have our suspect. It was Kenton all along, and he has even disposed of the serial killer suspect.

Hodgins drives Booth to where they find out Kenton has taken Bones, and they rush in just in time to save her from Kenton. He had planned to kill her in the same manner that the serial killer had killed the victim she had been investigating. It turns out that Kenton made the mob hit while he was working undercover for one of the mob families. After Bones takes Booth back to the hospital, she once again reschedules her date with her online man David in order to watch David.

This was a better episode than last week, but this episode was a bit hard to follow as I mentioned. The two cases intermingling was interesting, but it made it harder to follow than when this happened in the past on this series. This episode falls victim to the too much happening syndrome in my opinion. We have another all new episode of Bones next week! Hopefully we won't have anymore time switches or extended breaks til the end of the season.


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Shelly said...

I agree that this week's episode was hard to follow, case-wise, but I thought it was excellent in character development. I enjoyed it overall and I was a bit disappointed when That Baldwin Guy turned out to be bad. I thought he could have made a fun addition to the show.

allgood2 said...

I loved this episode. I'll agree there were moments when I wondered if even they were confusing the two cases. But that seemed to lead into enough stray details for Booth to realize that the cases were being manipulated. I don't know if its me, but I thought the other FBI Agent was the shooter of cement foot, as soon as he said, "..but you don't have the bullet shells.." or something like that. When Brennan mentioned the theory she was working on for rebuilding the shell his eyes twitched.

Of course, I may have been suspicious because it was Adam Baldwin.

I agree with Shelly though, the character development was great, second only to the Christmas episode, which provided tons of tidbits on all he characters. This one focused on Booth and Brennan, but provided great details on both.

Plus great use of Depeche Mode's A Pain That I'm Use To.

khushi said...

I didn't miss this one. I'm enjoying the interaction between the characters. Although, in real life, I think someone like Angela wouldn't waste her time with someone like Bones. The personalities are too different. But it's just tv... suspend disbelief & enjoy, right?

justin holt said...

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