TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.17

Thursday, March 16, 2006

From FOX: Summer and Julie talk about the relationship with Dr. Roberts. Julie and Dr. Roberts have a date in a public place. Sandy goes to jail to visit Dawn Atwood. Volchok insists a little too much to have a talk with Marissa. Later, she goes to the beach to talk to him. It is Ryan's 18th birthday and a party is organized at The Bait Shop.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The O.C. titled The Journey was probably one of the best episodes this season of the series, and for me to say that about this series after some of the episode flops this year that is really saying something. This episode focuses on two main story lines, Ryan's eighteenth birthday and his recent break-up with Marissa. The two story lines actually intertwine quite nicely, and we even see a scene that links us back to when the couple began. Let's talk about tonight's episode.

Last week, Marissa and Ryan ended their relationship once again. Ryan has a developing interest in Johnny's cousin, Sadie. Ryan is still unclear on how Marissa feels about the now dead surfer, so things were best ended. Of course, we know that in true O.C. form these two will get back together. That's how this series works. Marissa is also developing some kind of relationship with Johnny's former nemesis, Kevin Volchok. He seems to keep popping up wherever Marissa is throughout the episode.

The former couple is doing everything in the power to not talk to each other though. They avoid each other at school, and they don't call each other. Summer tries talking to both of them, so they stop the avoiding each other. She even sees how the couple needs to either get back together or move on for good. Because it is Ryan's birthday, the Cohen's decide to celebrate in true O.C style, with a party. Seth takes over the preparations for a party that ends up from being a small affair to at The Bait Shop with one hundred people, most which Ryan doesn't even know.

Ryan's problem then becomes whether or not he should invite Marissa. He deals with this dilemma the entire episode. He has also invited Sadie. During the episode, he learns that she is also dealing with a similar situation when it comes to love and relationships. She has an on-off relationship, which she also has to decide to end or continue. When she left her home to come help her aunt deal with Johnny's passing, she had left that situation up in the air. When Ryan does invite her, Sadie tells him she can't make it. At first, she doesn't tell him why, but it ends up being because she's meeting the other half of her relationship. She does end up showing at the party though.

These events didn't interest me all that much. What interested more were Marissa and Volchok. As I mentioned, the two began to get closer this episode. At first, Marissa wasn't sure why he was always around, and Matt even sends Kevin on his way when he thinks Volchok is bothering her. Marissa ends up going to his work site to apologize for Matt's behavior.

Once there, the place looks familiar to her. It turns out to be the rebuilt model home that Ryan accidentally burnt down season one. I honestly thought this throw back to season one when the series and relationship between Marissa and Ryan, especially at a time when it is Ryan's birthday and they are on the outs again. The memories come back to her, and they cause her to faint and fall down the stairs. Volchok brings her home.

Another connection to season one here is a burnt CD. Marissa makes one for Ryan for his eighteenth birthday, and it has the same songs she had made him on a burnt CD she had also made for him during the model home time period. Ryan does see this CD when he goes to drop off her party invite, an invite she ends up not using. She does go to the party, but when she sees him standing outside, she then turns around and leaves. Could this finally be the end of Marissa and Ryan for good? I have no idea. It is definitely possible.

The adults have their own side plots once again this week. With the party in full preparation, Kirsten thinks it is only right that one of Ryan's family members is at the party. With his dad in jail and his brother missing in action, this leaves Ryan's mom, who is also missing. Sandy uses his contacts, and he finds her in jail in New Mexico. He flies out in order to bring her home, and he even gets her out of jail, but she ends up leaving the motel before Sandy is able to get her on the plane back to California. She does leave Ryan a letter though.

As for Julie and Neil, their relationship continues to develop, and we now know Summer knows about the new couple. She tries to find a time to tell Marissa, but with the Ryan break-up, there never seems to be a right one. However, when she finds tickets for a cruise she jumps to the wrong conclusion, and thinks her father is planning to propose to Julie. At the house one day, Summer finds Julie and confronts her. This forces Julie to tell Marissa. Both girls are actually fine with the relationship. As for the cruise tickets, the trip had actually been bought months earlier as a last ditch effort by Neil to save his previous marriage. He decides to take Julie anyway, and before they leave we see him with a ring. Could he propose? Possible, but let's hope not. I love these two, but I want to see them work. A quick marriage won't help them do that.

As I mentioned, this was one of the better episodes of this series this season. I liked the connections to season one, which in my mind was the best season for this series out of the three. I'm curious to see if Ryan and Marissa will patch things up, and also what will happen between Volchok and Marissa in the time being. Check back here next week for my thoughts on an all-new episode of The O.C.


Devid said...

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