American Idol: Top Eleven Elimination

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tonight on American Idol, the competition was dwindled down to the final top ten in the competition. This week's theme was 'Songs from the '50s,' and our special guest celebrity was Barry Manilow. These contestants worked with him this past weekend in Vegas. On tonight's program, Barry flew in for a special performance from his latest CD. Once his performance was done we learned who our bottom three were, and only one of the contestants in the bottom three was a surprise to me this week. After we knocked out those safe one by one, we learned that our bottom three was Kevin Covais, Lisa Tucker and Bucky Covington.

This is the second week in a row in the bottom three for Lisa Tucker, and that's the one that is surprising me the most. Lisa has a strong voice and the talent to make further in the competition. What is hurting her when it comes to this competition? Is it song choice? Is it her age? It's really hard to tell, but if whatever she is doing does continue we will see her go home. Bucky and Kevin being in the bottom three really didn't surprise me all that much. In fact, for me it was between Kevin and Kellie for me to go home. I'm not sure why Kellie hasn't made the bottom three the last couple of weeks because in my opinion her performances haven't been all that great. Bucky is a personal favorite of mine, but I'm not sure how much longer will see him around.

We soon see Lisa safe, and the bottom two being Bucky and Kevin. Bucky is then announced safe, and we now know this was Kevin's last time on the show. I really wasn't all that impressed with his performance lately, and there is even a website, that picked him to be the worst in the competition. Of course, the goal of the site was to keep him in it, but it seems they failed. They will more than likely throw their weight behind Kellie now because she was their female pick for worst contestant. American Idol returns next week with our final ten performing for the nine remaining slots in the competition. I'll be back next week with all my thoughts on this year's American Idol.


Otto said...

My issue with Lisa is that, although she is talented, she's just boring. I like almost every performance by her, but afterwards I find it quite forgettable. Bucky seems like a nice guy, but he doesn't have the musical chops to me. I would imagine that he'll be gone before too long. I hope Kellie is gone soon as well. Her dumb hick shtick is getting on my nerves.

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