TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.20

Sunday, March 12, 2006

From ABC: It becomes a bad day for Cristina when Bailey instructs her to take care of her baby. Meanwhile, Derek and Addison come to terms with their relationship, and Denny continues to be an obstacle in Alex's getting closer to Izzie.

My Rating: 2 out of 4

Grey's Anatomy returns this week following an Oscar-induced hiatus last week. This week's episode is titled Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole, and there is a lot going on. We have the problems stemming from George and Meredith's liaison and the continuing angst between Izzie, Alex and her new love interest Denny causing friction between the two interns. This episode is also filled with medical humor and drama with four cases needing the doctor's attention, one being Denny.

Let's first talk about George and Meredith. George has moved in for the time being with Preston and Cristina, and the manner in which the two males are bonding frightens Cristina. George still isn't talking to Meredith, and everyone keeps telling her to apologize. Meanwhile, Meredith is trying the friends thing with Derek, and he tells her she doesn't have to tell him the big bad horrible thing that she did.

One of today's cases puts these two working together when a woman comes in with a fork protruding from her neck. They look into things, and Derek sees a rather large life-threatening aneurysm, which he wishes to operate on. Without the surgery, the woman, played by guest star Natalie Cole, would only have weeks to live. The surgery would turn this into decades. She is against the surgery, but eventually does change her mind.

Once the surgery is complete, Derek once again approaches Meredith, and he tells her that he was only kidding when he said she didn't have to tell him what she did. This leads her to tell him that she slept with George, and we can tell this news effects him, but he doesn't let her know that. she follows his advice, and goes to apologize to George, trapping him in the elevator, but I'm not sure if the ploy works. I think this news might actually push Derek back towards his wife, especially if his behavior at the end of tonight is any indication. He tells Addison that he is working on his faults from before in New York, and this news pleases her.

As for George, he is being hit on heavily by a new cast member played by Sara Ramirez, Dr. Kathy Torres. We first saw Dr. Torres on the last episode when she gave George her number. Apparently, he has called but hung up. She continues to pursue him, and they are too put together on a case. This case being a young man that has injured his finger right before an important life changing hockey game. In order to still play, he cuts off his finger using instructions he found on the Internet. When he returns to Seattle Grace, Kathy and George must operate to fix the damage, but they can't do much for him. His hockey career ends due to an infection he received from putting his hand in a cruddy glove.

The most humorous parts of tonight's episode surround Cristina. Her day is already on the wrong foot, and it only gets worse once Bailey returns to work. She has to bring her infant son in with her. When she is called into surgery, Bailey needs a babysitter, and she hands the baby off to Cristina. Just from this episode, we can tell Cristina isn't mother material. The baby doesn't stop crying the entire time, but it definitely makes for good humor. The only one that can get the baby to shut up is George.

Let's move on to Addison. She has her own case this week, a woman that needs a c-section. However, the woman's husband seems to take a liking to Addison. She eats up the attention because attention is lacking elsewhere. Once the baby is delivered, the man's attention reverts to his wife and child.

Izzie and Alex also continue with their problems this week. Izzie only has eyes for Denny, and this is angering Alex. He does confront Izzie on her attachment to Denny, but Izzie won't listen to him. This is only after Alex tells Denny about him and Izzie's sexual relationship. Meanwhile, Denny's condition is only worsening. Burke decides he wants to operate and place a new battery assist device inside him, so that he can last until a donor heart can be found. With the assist device, he'd have to remain in the hospital. He eventually decides to have the operation after Izzie talks to him, and it appears go well.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the man behind the role of Denny, surely is busy these days. He not only has a recurring role on Grey's but he can also be seen on the WB's Supernatural in a recurring role as well. The characters are complete opposites, which demonstrates this actor's versatility. We will see Denny once again in next week's episode.

This was a good episode of Grey's Anatomy, but I'm not sure if I would call it a great one. Something felt off about this episode. It was nice to see Grey's Anatomy back, and we have another episode next week. I keep hearing we have an extended break coming up soon for the series, which makes sense because they only filmed twenty-six episodes, and this was the twentieth. I think I'm getting tired of them stretching out the love triangle between Derek, Meredith and Addison still, but eventually Derek will end up with one of them. The writers behind the show know who, but they aren't telling.


Scarlet said...

Is there a possibility Addison will try to have a baby to get Derek's full attention? Hmmm..HOPE NOT. He needs to get back with Meredith.

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