American Idol: The Top Eleven

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tonight the top eleven battled it out for the top ten spots remaining in this competition, and they definitely gave it there all as they belted out the tunes from the '50s. There were some good performances, and some alright performances. As always there were some outstanding ones, and tonight I even disagreed with the judges on just who was outstanding, Let's talk about tonight's show.

Tonight's episode of American Idol was two hours long. Usually that is a bit long for my taste, but the episode ran fairly quickly. They kept the show going with both performances and behind the scenes footage of our contestants working with this week's celebrity helper. That honor this week went to Barry Manilow, which is fitting because he recently released a collection of '50s songs on CD. In order to work with him, the contestants made their way to Vegas for the weekend, where Barry is currently performing. They also saw him in concert.

Now let's talk about tonight's performances. The show opened up with a stunning performance by Mandisa. I have no doubt in my mind she is the strongest female performer left, and tonight she showed that talent of her in spades. She did really wonderful, and I think she is definitely a contender for the American Idol title. Next up was Bucky, and he did well too. Not the best, but I always enjoy his performances. Another amazing performance was put in this week from Paris Bennett. She has a voice much stronger than her looks or her speaking voice, and she pulled off her song choice well. Chris Daughtry came up next, and once again I was wondering just what he would do. I think I need to stop worrying when it comes to him. Each and every week, he goes on stage and makes whatever song he has chosen his own. This week was no exception.

Katharine McPhee was next up on stage, and she did Ella Fitzgerald proud. She is another that could give Chris and Mandisa a run for their money at the end. I definitely see her there. As for Taylor Hicks, tonight was not his best performance, at least not for me. It also looks like he did go ahead with the slight hair coloring job that was rumored to take place this week. I actually liked his gray hair. It made him stand out. Next up we had a youthful Lisa Tucker, and once again I don't think this was one of her better performances. There were some problems with the song I believe, but she still has a huge amount of talent. Kevin Covais followed, and I didn't like him much either. I actually didn't really like the next two performances either by Elliot Yamin and Kellie Pickler. I know the judges were amazed by those two, but I just didn't feel it. Ace rounded off the show with a great performance.

The show started off great and ended great. It just felt like a different show to me once Katharine left the stage. I know some out there like Kellie Pickler, and I started off the season liking her too, but she really hasn't done much for me the last couple of weeks. I think it might be time for her or Kevin to go home.

Here are the songs performed on tonight's show, available on iTunes. Check back tomorrow night for my thoughts on who America sends home this week!

Mandisa: I Don't Hurt Anymore - Dinah Washington
Bucky Covington: Oh Boy! - Buddy Holly
Paris Bennett: Fever - Peggy Lee
Chris Daughtry: I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash
Katharine McPhee: Come Rain or Come Shine - Ella Fitzgerald
Taylor Hicks: Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly
Lisa Tucker: Why do fools fall in love - Frankie Lyman & the Teenagers
Kevin Covais: When I Fall in Love
Elliot Yamin: Teach Me Tonight - Al Jarreau
Kellie Pickler: Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline
Ace Young: In The Still of the Night.


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