TV Review: Lost Episode 2.16

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

From ABC: Sun wrestles with the thought of telling Jin a newfound secret that threatens to upset the entire balance of the survivors' community. Meanwhile, Locke enlists Ana Lucia to interrogate the prisoner in order to extract more information than he, Jack or Sayid could

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Tonight's episode of Lost titled 'The Whole Truth' was Sun and Jin centric, and I am so glad to see these two as the focus of an episode once again. The past few episodes have hinted at Sun possibly being pregnant, and this episode makes those feelings focus. We see Sun get dizzy, and we then see her approach Sawyer looking for a pregnancy test. He does have one, and she takes it. We learn that she is indeed pregnant, but she doesn't want to tell Jin right away.

Jack and Kate are both surprised she wants to keep the happy news from him, but we can understand why she does so when we see their past in regards to pregnancy, and also his past working with her father. I know I can definitely understand her reluctance in telling him. By the end of the episode, she has told him she is carrying a baby, but we learn there is also a chance the baby might not be his. He is unable to, but she assures him that she didn't cheat on him.

We do suspect it is possible she did because of the relationship she has with her English teacher. Since she tells Jin she is pregnant, he comments that her being pregnant is then a miracle, and this brings up even more questions in regards to the island and this series. Some said Claire's baby was special, but if this is indeed a miracle baby, we do have to wonder here. This island is definitely getting stranger with each episode that passes.

Sun and Jin weren't the only focus of this episode. The man believed to be an other is still locked in the hatch. This week Locke goes to Ana Lucia, and he asks her to use her skills in order to talk to him and see if he is telling the truth about his balloon, or if he is in fact an other like they believe. she does talk to him, and she to tries to get him draw a map to where his balloon is. She doesn't tell Jack and Locke about this, only asks them for another visit with the man the next day. She ends up going to Sayid, and the two with Charlie venture out using the map to find the balloon. The trek to the site takes them a day, and that night they camp out.

While camping Ana Lucia does come to Sayid, and she apologizes to him for killing Shannon. He accepts her apology because he knows she was trying to protect her people from an unknown enemy. The next morning they reach the possible site where the balloon is, but they find nothing. Sayid is ready to return to camp and kill the man as an other, making him pay for Shannon's death. However, Ana Lucia is adamant on still looking for the balloon.

She finally talks Sayid into staying to look more, but we don't see if they actually find the balloon. However, in the previews for next week's episode it does appear that they find it. At the hatch in this episode, the man is playing devil's advocate and saying it is possible if he was an other that he just sent Ana Lucia into an ambush. He is the one that tells Jack and Locke he drew her a map to his balloon. This is where our episode ends.

First off, I'd like to say its great to see this show back, and its even better that it has a great episode to return with. This was an interesting episode. The Sun and Jin flashbacks explained a lot about their characters, and as the actor behind Jin mentioned you get to see him without his shirt on an awful lot in one scene. Sun and Jin are quickly becoming my favorite characters. We can also see Sayid and Ana Lucia possibly getting closer. During one scene, you can see him watching her as she sleeps. That makes you wonder what he is thinking. Setting things up for next season possibly? I think its too soon for him to develop feelings for another this season. The previews for next week also look very intriguing, and this episode felt a bit of a leading up to drama episode. The drama will happen next week, and I am also glad to say next week and not three weeks from now. We now also know that Lost will air its two-hour season finale on May 24th.


Scott said...

Any episode that makes you read should get at least an automatic point deduction.

Kie said...

I spent the whole week wondering what I had missed in the last episode of Lost. Thankfully I came across your blog. Great synopsis! I look forward to seeing what the next episode holds...

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