American Idol: The Top 12

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tonight on American Idol we finally entered the next stage of the competition. The men and women are now grouped together, and for the next two months one will be eliminated each Wednesday night. Our new American Idol will be crowned on May 24th. This week the venue changed. The contestants are now performing on the stage at Kodak Theatre, and this week they still had their choice of music, but the difference they had to choose from the catalogue of Stevie Wonder. Let's talk about how our final twelve did.

With this being Stevie Wonder week, some immediate concerns came to my mind. not all of those in top twelve are really Stevie Wonder type of singers. Three came to mind as possible problems, those three being Bucky, Kellie and Chris. How did these three do? Kellie came on stage second tonight, and this was probably the worst performance she's had this entire competition. The song and the style just didn't fit her at all, and the Kellie I've grown to love since this competition started was missing. I'm hoping this doesn't send her home, but I think her performance was probably the worst of the night.

Bucky and Chris did much better. Bucky wasn't the best performance of the night, but he did good. I enjoyed his performance. As for Chris, I think we might be looking at our American Idol when we look at him. Week in and week out, he has did the best on stage. Tonight's performance was the best of the night, and probably the best he has done this entire competition. Chris is my American Idol.

As for the rest of the show, tonight's program was definitely in two parts as one of the judges mentioned during their commentary. The first half consisted of the okay performances, and the second half consisted of brilliant performances. I definitely have to agree with what was said there. It was definitely noticeable to. The first half consisted of Ace, Kellie, Elliot, Mandisa, Bucky and Melissa. This was Mandisa's worse performance so far, but I still thought she was the best of the first half as Simon said. Melissa messed up her lyrics, and that cost her a bit. Yes, it was one word, but still you should know these lyrics by now. These singers have been practicing all week. Nerves do come into play, but you still need to remember your lyrics.

Once Lisa Tucker came on stage, the tone of the show shifted. The six remaining singers came on stage one by one and shined brilliantly on stage. Katharine had her best performance of this competition. Taylor did extremely well, and even Kevin did his thing this week. I'm not a Kevin fan but I enjoyed him tonight. Without a doubt though, Chris Daughtry had the best performance of the night, and if he doesn't pull off the American Idol crown, he will go somewhere. I'm honestly surprised he didn't wait for Rock Star to try for a more rock vibe, but in this competition, the rock thing works and it makes him unique and standout. It is necessary to standout in this competition.

Who do I think will be going home tomorrow night? My vote is going to Kellie Pickler for that honor this week. I honestly love her, but she just didn't do it tonight at all. That might be what ends her run here in American Idol.

Here are the Stevie Wonder songs performed on tonight's show, all available for download via iTunes:

Ace Young: Do I Do
Kellie Pickler: Blame it on the sun
Elliot Yamin: Knocks me off my feet
Mandisa: Don't you worry 'bout a thing
Bucky Covington: Superstition
Melissa McGhee: Lately
Lisa Tucker: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Kevin Covais: Part-Time Lover
Katharine McPhee: Until you come back to me (that's what I'm gonna do)
Taylor Hicks: Living for the city
Paris Bennett: All I Do
Chris Daughtry: Higher Gound


Dirty Butter said...

I, too, had expected Chris to struggle with a Stevie Wonder song, and was pleasantly surprised by his performance. Haven't started voting, yet, but will when the field gets a little more thinned out.

evelgal said...

I don't think it's fair to judge these singers on how they can carry a stevie wonder's song.. u know ? I wish they'd sing newer songs by pink, sheryl crow, etc.

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