American Idol: Top Ten Eliminations

Thursday, March 02, 2006

America voted, and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with tonight's eliminations. I think the people that should go home this week did go home. Of course I'm sad to see the four leave, but this competition is now getting down to the final competitors. You can't have an off night at this point in the competition, and you definitely can't have two off nights in a row. When that happens, it is time to go. That's the bottom line.

Tonight, before we got to our eliminations we had a couple of performances. One, a group performance by the contestants left in the competition. We then saw the return of last year's American Idol, Carrie Underwood, with a performance of her hit Jesus Takes The Wheel. Both performances were great lead-in's to the results we were all waiting for.

As they did this week, the ladies went up first. Ryan pulled out the bottom three and then began elimination. The first to go home tonight was Brenna Gethers. Last night, she performed Last Dance, and as Simon said he was probably her last chance. She just didn't demonstrate her singing ability. After a commercial break, we then said good-bye to Heather Cox. Kinnik Sky was the third of the bottom three, but we'll see her again next week. Heather hadn't impressed me at all either week, so it was time for her to go as well.

Next up were the men. Once again, Ryan pulled out the bottom three. This time it was Jose Penala, Kevin Covais, and David Radford. David and Jose weren't any surprise. I picked those two to go home this week last night. What shocked me was seeing Kevin make the bottom three. I really like him, and I hope that doesn't mean he'll go home early. He's young, but he's good. Not the best of the bunch, but he definitely has potential.

Next week, we have the top sixteen go for the twelve remaining spots. Our women will perform on Tuesday night, and we will see the men on Wednesday night. I'll be back next week with my thoughts on the next round of American Idol.


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