TV Review: ER Episode 12.18

Thursday, March 30, 2006

From NBC: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS- -All is not what it seems when police bring in two teenagers involved in a car accident. Abby (Maura Tierney) and Morris (Scott Grimes) struggle to figure out what is wrong with the unconscious girl, while police try to interrogate the other teen. Meanwhile, Neela (Parminder Nagra) gets a visit from her in-laws (Guest stars Ernie Hudson and Sheryl Lee Ralph) and finds out some troubling news. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) tells Abby that he plans to go to Africa and help Carter (Noah Wyle), but when he realizes Abby is not crazy about the idea, he decides to send someone else in his place. Sam (Linda Cardellini) starts her new job with Elliot (Guest star Armand Assante) and is starting to love the perks. Mehki Phifer and Shane West also star.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

A new day begins with Sam starting off her new job at Elliot's, and the doctor's arriving at County General. Within the first few moments, we learn that Luka has been in contact with Carter by email, and he has been asked by the other doctor to travel to Africa to assist him. Luka assures Abby he will be back in time for their baby's birth, but even so Abby doesn't appear at all happy about Luka leaving at all.

Neela is dealing with her own problems. Gallant's parents are in town to visit, and Neela is trying to impress them. She tries to do this during a medical case, but it doesn't work out in her favor when Abby is the one that actually makes the save in the case of an unresponsive young woman that comes in from an MVA. Neela is also dealing with her having told Ray she wants to move out. Abby questions Luka on whether or not he is going, but he doesn't answer her.

Meanwhile Ray is working on the other victim in the MA, a black man that has been roughed up a bit by the police. However, Ray is the one that figures out the young man is actually death, and he frees him from the cuffs so he can communicate. He tells Ray and the others around the girl has taken both Ecstasy and GHP, and this helps in her treatment of the young girl. The young woman is in the worst condition. However, her deaf friend probably saved her life by telling Abby what she had taken. She eventually wakes up, and it appears the young man and her are a couple.

Instead of Luka going to help Carter, he decides to send Pratt in his place as punishment for his earlier action. Pratt isn't all too thrilled by the sending off he is getting, but he is getting no choice. However, the news makes Abby very happy, even if Luka lets her express her feelings about him going before he tells her he is sending Pratt.

Meanwhile, Neela is still with her husband's parents. She goes out to dinner wit them, and she takes them back to her apartment where she learns from his father that they are separated, and they are waiting for the right moment to tell Michael. This news does shock Neela. Gallant's mother is crying in Neela's bedroom, and the two talk about the news. Turns out Gallant's mother is having a similar problem to what Neela is now experiencing. Gallant is his father's son, and they both have a strong sense of duty when it comes to military. his mother suggests Neela lives her life as she see fit, and not according to what Michael does because there will always be another war.

In tonight's episode, there was a couple of interesting love related story lines. First off, Pratt has cheated on Olivia, and she catches him in the act so to speak. Also Ray finds out from Morris and Frank that the entire ER thought he and Neela were more than just roommates, and actually had a roommates with benefits deal. However, when Ray arrives home Neela is on her way out as she packs up to go stay at Abby's. Ray chases after her, and it is obvious something more could happen there if she wasn't married.

Tonight's episode was one of the better episodes of ER in recent weeks, and I was thoroughly interested in the events that happened. I would actually rather see Neela end up with Ray, and if the spoilers I've read are true that might happen eventually. Looks like we'll see Carter working with Pratt eventually too, but not next week. There was no previews following tonight for a new episode.


Laura said...

Hiya, i absolutely love the love triangle between Neela, Ray and Gallant. I think that Neela and ray love eachother and they would make the perfect couple. Could anyone tell me if they ever get together!

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