American Idol: Top Ten Elimination

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol came at us this week with the elimination of one of the final top ten. The episode started off with a look at the contestant's life during the week, a look back at last night's performances and a music video performance by the Idol contestants as well. This was all followed by a performance by Shakira and Wyclef Jean.

Next, we learned who the bottom three were, and I think I am shocked as much as the audience sounded when they were announced. This week's bottom three were Lisa Tucker, Ace Young and Katharine McPhee. Lisa really isn't a shock. She has been in the bottom three the last two weeks. Ace isn't all that much of a shock either because he two has been there two weeks ago. However, his performance last night, while not the best of performances, I don't think it was worthy of landing him in the bottom three. The contestant that shocked me to see in the bottom three is Katharine McPhee. The judges loved her performance last night. I wasn't too thrilled by it, but I don't think it was worthy of landing her in the bottom three either.

Once we had a commercial break, we learn that Ace Young was safe, and the bottom two were Lisa Tucker and Katharine McPhee. Ryan Seacrest asked the judges about the bottom two, and Simon is the first to say that Katharine's performance wasn't as great as they all thought it was live once watched again on tape.

after a moment's pause, we learned that Lisa Tucker was voted off the competition. This is no surprise as I've said. She has a talented voice, but she just isn't ready yet to make it. I do feel we'll see this young woman in the years to come. There is not one doubt of that in my mind.


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