American Idol: Top 12 Elimination

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tonight on American Idol the final twelve dwindled down to the final eleven as one more contestant was eliminated from this season's competition. The series now shortens to a schedule in which we only have one performance and one elimination show each week.

On tonight's program, we also had a special performance by the singer and songwriter that was this week's featured artist, Stevie Wonder. He performed a song on his latest album release, My Love is on Fire. Stevie had met each of the singers, and he also worked with them during this past week to help them pick the perfect Stevie song for them to perform on stage.

Once Stevie was off stage we learned who the first person in the bottom three was. Tonight that was Ace Young. This was a bit shocking to everyone on stage and in the audience. As Randy said, he didn't do his best last night, but there were others worse than him. I was truly shocked to see him in the bottom three.
After a commercial break, we learned who the other two joining Ace in the bottom three were. Next to join Ace was Melissa McGhee. she had messed up her lyrics, and this probably did hurt her with the voters. without stopping, Ryan goes on to announce the final person in the bottom three, and this the one that shocked me even more than seeing Ace there. American voted Lisa in the bottom three, and in my mind she was one of the best performances last night.

After stretching out to another commercial break, we learn Ace came in third and was safe from elimination. We then learn Lisa was indeed safe, and Melissa was going home. This bottom three totally shocked me, and it shows how important two things are. Those two things being song choice and your votes. Vote for your favorites because no one is safe from elimination in this competition. I truly thought there were worst performances that come to mind, and I for one am shocked that Kellie Pickler didn't even make the bottom three.
Next Tuesday, American Idol returns with the final eleven performing. After next week, we will have the top ten of the competition left! Tune in here next week for my thoughts on what happens next on American Idol!


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