American Idol: Top 16 Eliminations

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tonight we now know who our are top twelve in this year's American Idol. These top singers will now compete through May with one leaving the show each Wednesday night. Tonight's results show started with a performance by one of last year's contestants, Bo Bice. He sang his current single, The Real Thing. Once he was off stage, it was time to know who would be going home.

Our women came up first, and we learned in quick form that Kinnik Sky had the lowest score of the women. This wasn't a surprise. She had done well, but not great. She really needed to step it up this week, and it just wasn't there. We next moved onto the men, and the lowest score of that bunch was Will Makar. Again not a surprise because he definitely didn't have it last night.

We then returned to the woman and the two next two lowest scorers were quickly pulled out of the remaining women. Those two singers being Melissa McGhee and Ayla Brown. Melissa has impressed me week after week, as has Ayla. It was only this week that Ayla faltered, and that was due to her song choice. After a commercial break, we learned that it was Ayla sent home. I was truly sad to see her go, especially with the amount of emotion she showed when she heard the news.

The men were up next, and the two lowest bottom scorers here were Bucky & Gedeon. Bucky has definitely grown on me over the course of the competition. He isn't one of the better performers in the competition, but he is definitely good. Gedeon also has a future in singing, and I thought he made have made it into the top twelve.

These are your top twelve: Chris Daughtry, Kevin Covais, Bucky Covington, Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin, Ace Young, Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker, Melissa McGhee, Katharine McPhee, Mandisa, and Kellie Pickler.

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