American Idol: Top 9 Elimination

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tonight on American Idol we see which of the remaining nine is sent home by the end of the night. Tonight, special musical guest Kenny Rogers comes in and performs a song for the crowd, the debut single from his new CD, I can't unlove you. Once he performs, we go to commercial and return to see tape of the contestants performing with Queen.

Once this is shown, we see our contestants divided into three groups of three. One by one they join their groups, and one group will be our bottom three. The first group completed is that of Mandisa, Paris Bennett and Elliot Yamin. Taylor, Kellie and Chris complete the second group of three. The final group of three is Ace, Katharine and Bucky.

Ryan sends Kellie, Taylor and Chris back to their seats. This leaves the other two groups to wait it out. We have another break before we find out. The bottom three turns out to be Mandisa, Paris and Elliot. Paris isn't a shock, but Elliot and Mandisa are. In my opinion, Mandisa is one of the more talented singers in the competition. I wasn't too impressed this week, but I have been in the past weeks of the competition.

We quickly learn Paris is safe and Mandisa is going home. This is just shocking, and the shouts from the audience even show how shocking this is. I don't think Mandisa shouldn't have been the one to be sent home. She wasn't the worse of last night. Next week, we will see the results of the groups work with Queen.


gen said...

mandisa shouldn't have gone home. chicago is pissed. :(

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