American Idol: Top 7 Elimination

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Last night, the final seven contestants remaining in the American Idol sang songs from the Great American Songbook. They worked with superstar singer and songwriter, Rod Stewart. Last night's show is being called one of the best performance nights of American Idol ever. I don't know if I'd say that, but I will say it was the best performance night of this season so far, and we have a shot to only have things get better as the competition dwindles down.

After an Idol music and a performance by Rod Stewart off the first CD in his songbook CD collection, we were ready to find out who our bottom three this week are. After a commercial break and introducing next week's theme, Ryan went about dividing the remaining seven into two groups. On the near side of the stage next to Ryan we had Chris, Paris and Ace. On the far side, we had Elliot, Kellie, Katharine.

We soon learn that Taylor is safe, and Ryan asks him to join the group on stage he thinks is also safe. A difficult choice to be sure. I wouldn't have wanted to be in Taylor's shoes of having to pick. However, it gets a commercial break to make his decision. After shaking Chris' hand, he joins Katharine, Kellie and Elliot. This week, our bottom three is Chris, Paris and Ace. Paris sits down and is safe.

Chris and Ace are our bottom two, and wow this is shocking! Seeing Chris in the bottom three is just wrong to me. He isn't sent home. That honor falls to Ace this week, but I think there is definitely something wrong with this week's bottom three. Chris and Paris were not the worst this week. How is Kellie not going into the bottom three at all. Is VoteForTheWorst still working its magic for the minx?

I hadn't been all too happy with Ace in recent weeks, so seeing in go home tonight wasn't really shocking. Seeing Chris almost sent home is what shocks me! Next week, the top six will work with singer Andrea Bocelli as they sing the greatest love songs of all time. Check my entertainment blog for all the latest in American Idol news each week!


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