TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.23

Sunday, April 30, 2006

From ABC: Izzie grills George about the personal details of his life, Addison takes Alex to task about a sensitive case, and Burke feels the pressure when he treats his musical hero.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Grey's Anatomy returns tonight with an all-new episode titled Blues For Sister Someone. The popular series has been on a hiatus since early this month, but it wasted no time jumping back into the thick of things. Within the first minute, we see two couples post-sex. One of them being George and his new girlfriend, Dr. Torres, and the other being Addison and Derek.

Things go well for one of the couples, but not so much for the other. The one failing to reach their full sexual potential is the married couple. While they are talking about it, the phone rings and it is someone asking about the dog. Addison assumes it is the vet, and she makes a comment about the two having sex. Little does she know, but the caller was actually Meredith. She is at the vet office, and she hears Addison's comment. This isn't all that is thrown at Meredith at the vet office, the vet also asks her for a date, but she is still not dating.

At the hospital, Bailey still doesn't see her name attached to any cases, and she definitely feels she is on the mommy track. Burke sees this, so he gives her Denny as a patient for the day. She and Meredith go to see him, and Izzie pops in even if she is on neurology rounds that day with Derek. She tries to offer her two cents on his treatment, but Bailey is not too pleased.

As for Burke, he is faced with treating one of his musical heroes when George tells him Eugene Foot, one of Burke's favorite violinist is in the emergency room. He is having trouble with his pace maker. Burke tries to talk the man into keeping the pace maker in, but the man is adamant in having it removed, even after Burke tries another setting on the device.

Alex gets stuck with Addison, and is not too pleased about being on the vagina detail for the day. He gets bit mouthy with her. That day Addison has a pregnant mother of six children, and she wants her to tie her tubes during her C-section. However, she doesn't want her husband to know. He is very religious, and he believes that birth control goes against there religion. Alex makes a comment about not allowing her to do it, so Addison gets on his case. The woman is adamant on going through with it. When Addison and Alex take her into surgery, Addison does go through with the woman's request. She calls it a complication. Alex is not too pleased with the deception.

Izzie and George are with Derek as I mentioned, and they have a woman that they are trying to brain map to find the area of her causing her seizures. As it so happens, the woman is a divorce lawyer, and as soon as she senses that Derek has a less than happy marriage, she zeros in on that. This makes him less than thrilled, so he tells George and Izzie to make her seize, so they can operate, and she is out there. The two interns then try to find ways to make her have a seizure.

Izzie isn't too happy with George at the moment because he won't even tell her where he is currently living. As it appears, he is living with Dr. Torres in her hideaway. Meanwhile, Bailey is not too happy with Izzie. She is starting to pick up on things with Denny and Izzie, especially when he asks her about whether or not her advice is better than Izzie's. The two doctor's have given them different advice.

Everything changes once Burke heads into surgery. His patient flat lines. Denny has problems with his own treatment. Perhaps he wasn't as ready as he and Bailey thought he was. It looks like Bailey works him through it. Meanwhile, Izzie and George end up fighting while their patients watches and finally seizes. As for Alex, the husband of the woman comes to ask him about the complication she had during her C-section, and he tells the husband it might be the way to put his kids through college, suggesting he get a lawyer. Addison then makes a promise to Alex to basically make his life a living hell.

Meredith confronts Denny about him and Izzie, and he explains to her about why he wants to be with Izzie. Basically going the rules be damned approach. After she is done, Meredith returns to the vet to take him up on his date offer. However, he has to run an errand. That errand ends up being helping a horse give birth. Meredith assists him.

Addison has her own complications arise from helping the woman. After Alex talks to the woman's husband, the man does go to Chief Webber, and then he talks to the hospital attorney. Addison goes to the woman, but she won't tell her husband that she asked Addison to tie her tubes. This could definitely cause her some problems.

After Meredith and the hot vet are done with the horse, he offers his shower and some dinner. Meredith rambles, but eventually joins him. Denny goes to see Izzie with his new device, but Bailey sees the two. As for Burke, he is dealing with the loss of his favorite musician under his hands. Yang even shows emotion when she sees him so upset. Derek brings Doc to the vet when he gets sick again, and he sees Meredith there in the man's shirt. This causes him to go home to have hot sex with his wife. Meanwhile, back at Izzie and Meredith, George returns home with Callie along for the ride.

I am so glad to see Grey's back. I've truly missed this series, but even with the hiatus it was not hard at all to jump right back into the thick of things with those at Seattle Grace Hospital. This show is one of the best on television, and I definitely see some great television ahead as we make our way to the second season finale for this show.

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