American Idol: The Top 5

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The top five contestants in this year's American Idol competition take the stage tonight for your votes. Which Idol possible was your favorite tonight? They had two chances to win you over as they had to perform two songs tonight. The first set being songs from the year they were born. The second set taken straight from the current Billboard charts. Before each performance in the first set, we saw footage of the contestants as children, which was cute.

Elliot Yamin was the first to hit the stage singing a song from George Benson. It wasn't his best performance, and the judges had no problem telling him that. His second performance wasn't much better, and that is upsetting. At this stage in the game, you need to nail one of your performances or there is definitely a chance of you going home. The judges were also amused by the song choice as it contained the lyric 'I want to go home tonight.'

Next up was Paris Bennett. her first performance was from the year 1988. She chose some classic Prince, and you have to worry with that when you choose him. He is a lyrical and musical genius, but she had did okay. She had fun with it, and that was nice to see. Her second performance was amazing. Again, she picked someone that is hard to sing. Mary J. Blige has her own style. She did well though, and I really think the song showed her at her best. Simon agreed, and that is a shocker.

In the middle of the pack was Chris Daughtry. His first performance was from the year 1979, and he did the best of the first set. There is no question there. However, his second performance had some problems. His voice almost gave out midway through, but even with that occurrence he did well. I really see him making it to the final two in a few weeks time.

Katharine came up next, and her first song was from 1984. She picked one of my favorite love songs of all time, but she had some problems with it. It wasn't her best performance, and she even knew it. The judges could tell she knew it too, so they weren't so harsh. They did let her know it wasn't her best though. Her second performance was much better. It showed Katharine's personality and also showed her voice. I see her going on as well.

Last but not least, we had Taylor Hicks. He sang the classic seventies song, Play that funky music white boy, and he had some fun with. Maybe too much fun though. The judges liked seeing his personality, but the performance was just strange. His second performance was an improvement over his first, and Simon even complimented the performance.

So who do I think will be going home this week? Many have said it was Paris' week to go home, but after her second performance tonight, I think she saved herself. The same for Taylor. I think our bottom two this week will be Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks, and I think we will see Elliot go home. Paris took it up a notch with her second performance.

Tune in tomorrow to find out just who will go home this week. Check out below for the songs performed on tonight's show.

Set 1:

Elliot Yamin: On Broadway - George Benson
Paris Bennett: Kiss - Prince
Chris Daughtry: Renegade - Styx
Katharine McPhee: Against All Odds - Phil Collins 1984
Taylor Hicks: Play that funky music white boy - Wild Cherry

Elliot Yamin: Home - Michael Buble
Paris Bennett: Be Without You
Chris Daughtry: I Dare You - Shinedown
Katharine McPhee: Black Horse & The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
Taylor Hicks: Something In The Way She Moves - The Beatles

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Otto K said...

I agree with your recap, but it appears that Paris just doesn't seem to have that much popular support. I fear that she may be going home. I'd really like to see Taylor go, but he seems to have a lot of support. Oh, who knows. I've been wrong often with this show.

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