TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.26 Season Finale

Monday, May 15, 2006

From ABC: Izzie and George attend to Denny as the pressure increases to find him a new heart, Cristina suddenly finds herself in charge of an ER, and Derek grapples with the realization that the life of a friend is in his hands. Richard goes into interrogation mode about a patient's condition, Callie confronts George about his feelings for her, and Meredith and Derek meet about Doc.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy is a special two-hour season ending an event. The first hour is titled Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response, and the second is called Losing My Religion. At the end of last night's episode we saw Burke lying on the ground in ambulance bay having been shot. This episode begins right there. Bailey brings him in, and he is quite out of it but his injuries at first don't appear to be that bad. Webber tries to keep Yang busy treating the other patient so that she doesn't see that Burke has been shot. That only works for so long. She does find out, and she goes to play the supportive girlfriend, but all Burke wants her to do is go check on Denny.

She goes, and this is where we pick up Denny's story line. At the end of last night's episode, Izzie had cut the cord that kept Denny's heart beating via machine. George has paged Meredith, and Cristina arrives on scene. The four interns are trying to figure out what to do with the man, especially once Cristina tells Izzie and the rest that Burke isn't coming to help Denny with a new heart because he was just shot. Izzie freaks out again, but Meredith stays relatively calm. She comes up with a plan.

The four will help Izzie get the lab results needed, while Alex tries to hold back the other doctor from taking the heart. He fails at that task, but no one knows that. Denny is touch and go for a bit, but the interns are able to keep him stable until Bailey catches them when she comes to look for Yang after Burke asks for her. She knows something is up when none of the interns are running around. Bailey finds them in Denny's room, and she tells everyone to leave, but Izzie has made it clear she won't leave Denny's side at all. Nurse Olivia is told to stay with her. During all this, Denny also asks Izzie to marry him.

As for Burke, his condition is worse than expected. One of the bullets is close to a nerve that effects his hand. There is a chance he may lose all hand movement. Derek can go in and operate, but this only worsens his chances. They want to play a wait and see game. Burke asks both Derek and Cristina what he should do, but neither can answer him immediately. After talking to Derek again, he goes into surgery to remove the aneurysm. During the operation there are complications, and Yang is called in to help Burke focus once they wake him up mid-surgery to see if they paralyzed his arm. She comes in, but she is unable to help. Derek has to help his friend and patient, and his fingers don't move.

As for Denny, Bailey is beyond upset about what her interns have done. She pulls Izzie's privileges right on the spot, and she goes to Webber with a hypothetical question based upon reality. Is it right for a patient to get a heart when a doctor created his injuries only to get the heart in the first place? They can't tell the transplant coordinator what happened because they would lose transplant privileges at the hospital. Webber tells her they need to take care of their patient first. They do get the heart, and Alex brings back the other doctor to Seattle Grace to perform the transplant on Denny. They go in, with the four interns outside, until Izzie is tired of waiting and goes to check on him. However, his new heart won't start beating on its own. Meredith and George are still in time out alone, and this gives these two some time to talk about what happened, and in a twist George apologizes to Meredith because he knew she didn't love him when they had sex.

A subplot in the first hour has to deal with Webber's niece. Mrs. Webber brings her in from prom night after she has passed out during her first sexual intercourse. As it turns out, she had suffered from ovarian cancer when she was fourteen, and it appears it has come back. This time her prognosis is fatal, and during this time we also learn that Webber's wife knew all along about his affair with Ellis Grey. He thought she never did. After a few nail biting seconds, Burke's fingers move, and Denny's new heart begins to beat. Now it is time for Webber to find out what happened. Everyone covers for Izzie, so this puts all the interns on Camille duty until one confesses. Izzie offers too, but her friends won't let her. They will stick together. They think taking care of Camille will be easy until they find out she is Webber's niece, and she wants a prom since she missed most of hers.

Izzie goes to see Denny, and his condition has improved drastically. Denny once again asks her to marry him, and after a long speech that even made me cry, she runs scared. Finn comes to hospital after trying to call Meredith all night to tell her that Doc had seizures the night before, which means the cancer spread to his brain. She responds to this by asking Finn to the prom. Derek also asks Addison. Webber has made attendance at his niece's prom in the hospital mandatory. George also asks Callie, but she's mad at him for standing her up the night before and not telling her why when she asks because he can't.

Webber then pulls the interns one by one to interview them on what happened in Denny's room. However, what happened in Denny's room is the last one any of them talk about. Alex talks about football and the importance of a team. Cristina talks about having lost her edge. Izzie talks about being pretty, and how Denny is the first one to not see her as that pretty girl. George talks around in circles about love and wanting. Meredith chooses her interview time to confront Webber on the affair with her mother.

After some thought, Izzie returns to Denny, but Bailey throws her out. Visiting hours are not in session yet. However, Denny asks her to stay and Izzie accepts his proposal. Meanwhile, Meredith goes to Derek to ask about what they should do for Doc. At first he is rude, but the two do decide to put Doc to sleep. Finn had suggested they do it that day, and the next scene is Derek, Meredith and Addison at the vet's and Doc is put down, which made me cry as much as if it was someone else.

Now it is time for the prom. Meredith goes all out. Cristina shows up instead of staying with Burke. He is still having some problems with his hand, but he hasn't told Derek that yet. Webber and his niece even share a moment as they dance together. Finn gets serious with Meredith, but this is the point when Derek and Meredith both realize they are in love with each other. Meredith runs and Derek follows her. They talk and then they kiss. I thought these two were done! Guess not! Not only do they kiss, but things get really heated and yes they do have sex. On Izzie's way up to see Denny in her prom dress, his heart fails and he dies. Oh my God! How heartbreaking, forgive the pun. I thought these two had finally made it. Now you have to wonder if Izzie will be brought up on charges now. however, that might be a mute point with how the rest of the episode plays out.

Olivia calls Meredith and the others to Denny's room. Callie finds her with Derek right after they have finished having sex. They arrive to find Izzie laying with his body. She won't move, and the only one that gets through to her is Alex. He finally talks her into leaving Denny, and she leaves the room and then proceeds to quit the intern program in front of everyone after confessing it was her that cut the wire. They said that one intern would leave by the end of the season. I just never imagined it would be Izzie. That's a shocker! before the episode ends, and yes we have the cliffhanger. Meredith is called by two men, and we are left wondering who she chooses until next season.

Grey's Anatomy made me laugh and cry tonight, and throughout this season. There is no doubt in my mind, and probably not in anyone's that comes across this site that this series is by far my favorite on television. It is well written with amazing characters that make you care about them. They make you laugh. They make you sad. They make you angry. All of them together make you care, and that's what good television is about. We're left wondering who will Meredith choose. We're left wondering what will happen to Burke. Is Izzie really gone? Or will a new intern come in to replace her.

We've gone through twenty-six episodes this season, which is four more than many other series had this year. Yet, it feels like we didn't have enough. I know I wanted more. I have no idea what I will do without Grey's all summer. I look forward to the series each and every week. I was shocked by tonight's episode because I thought we were done with Meredith and Derek. I thought she'd go with Finn, and Derek and Addison would fix things eventually. I never thought Izzie would quit. Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows on television, and I definitely see it around for quite some time to come. Season two comes out in September, just in time for us to watch it all again before season three takes off! I'll be back to recap season three when that happens. For the summer, I'll have to find other show's to cover.


Mary Horn said...

voting for you...

Miss Scarlet said...

I love this show, too. It is SO well done: good filming, good music, good acting, good storylines...all around AWESOME!

I, too, was shocked Izzy quit because after they covered for her I thought she would be staying.

Nikaries said...

I loved the season finale it was so amazing. I can't wait for next season and I just found out that next season ABC will be moving Grey's Anatomy from Sundays to Thursdays at 9pm. So be on the lookout.

Miss Scarlet said...

I am going to be pissed it if goes against The O.C.!

Bec said...

It's true, Grey's Anatomy is going again The OC as well as CSI. I love Grey's Anatomy so i think i'll be watching that show. I wish they'd keep Grey's to their Sunday slot..

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