American Idol: Top Three Elimination

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tonight's American Idol results show went from thirty minutes to an hour long. After a quick review of what happened last night, it was time for another funny music video and footage from the contestant's trips home last week. We also saw the three contestants meet with X-men stars Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn after last week's episode back stage. They give the three DVD's of the yet to be released movie X-men: The Last Stand to watch in private jets they use to return home.

The first we see go home is Taylor Hicks. We see his trip home to Alabama, where he sings with his band, meets with the mayor, get a key to the city. We then see he perform a song. We do the same with Katharine McPhee. However, no flight home for her. She was born and raised in Sherman Oaks, California, just minutes from where I was raised myself, and where the show is taped. She visits Good Day LA, two local radio stations and also her former high school before heading home to her parent's house for a party. She also performs, choosing to sing Aretha Franklin', Think.

After a commercial break, we see footage of Elliot's trip back to his home city of Richmond, Virginia. He also visited with the governor of his state, had a parade, and performed a song he had performed earlier in the competition, Michael Buble's, Home. Back in the studio, he performed his track from the upcoming American Idol 5 CD that hits stores next Tuesday. Just in time for the finale!

When Clive Davis took the stage, I felt immediately nervous about who would be going home tonight. It could be any of the three as we learned last week with Chris' elimination. As Clive recounted the accomplishments of the past Idol contestants, my nervousness only grew. After one final commercial break, we return to find out that only .62 separated the top scorer from the bottom scorer. Who scored 33.06 % and thus eliminated from American Idol this week? That would be Elliot Yamin. I suspected it would be him.

This means our finale next week will see Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks compete for the title of American Idol for season five. Judge Paula Abdul has seen two of her choices sent home. First, she threw it all behind Chris Daughtry, and earlier this week she threw her support to Elliot Yamin. He is now going home. Come back next week for my thoughts on the finale. During the week hop on over to my entertainment blog, Thoughts from the Couch, for any Idol news developments in this crucial final week of the competition.


Miss Scarlet said...

I flipped over to AI from Lost just to see the Richmond footage bc I used to live there:)

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