TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.24

Sunday, May 07, 2006

From ABC: The interns deal with a family involved in a car accident, Derek lets his emotions get the best of him, and Burke and Izzie make a new suggestion to Denny.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy titled Damage Case opens up soon after last week's episode left off. Meredith is now seeing Finn, the vet, and they have been out on four different occasions. However, as Meredith tells Izzie she hasn't had sex with the good vet, even after spending two nights at his place. He hasn't as much kissed her tonight. We see the two converse on one of the mornings she stayed over, and he tells her she doesn't need to act scary or damaged, but every question he asks her, she ignores, and then she finally up and leaves.

At the hospital, it is a great morning for Cristina who got laid and got into a very huge surgery the night before. George is still not talking to Meredith, even though he is staying at her house now with Callie. As for Callie, Izzie and Meredith weren't too thrilled when a naked Callie came in and peed naked in front of them in the bathroom as they talked. Izzie tells George this that morning at the hospital, but he isn't listening. As for Derek, his attitude is less than sunny, and we know he is upset with Meredith. As for the patients of the day, a three car motor vehicle accident brings in five to Seattle Grace's Emergency Room. A family and the man that hit them.

The daughter is pregnant, and at first appears fine, but an MRI shows severe damage, and Bailey calls in all available surgeons. Alex is in charge of her care, and Addison still has him on baby detail after last week's behavior. Meredith is working Derek on the case of the man that caused the crash, and his attitude is getting increasingly rude with Meredith as the day progresses.

As for Izzie, she is paged, and when she arrives on scene, she finds Denny has collapsed after trying to climb stairs. He wants to go home, but his surgeon's won't allow that. Izzie asks Burke what they can do for him, but this is no longer just a medical case, but a case of the man's spirit. He tells Izzie to try and cheer Denny up and keep him busy, so he doesn't think. She tries to bring him chocolate and magazines, but he is less than enthused. He asks her why she didn't let him die?

As for Meredith, she is taking care of the one man, who just so happens to be a surgical intern elsewhere. when he finds out about the pregnant woman's condition, he feels horrible. When he's talking to Meredith, he somehow slips away and finds himself in the operating room gallery as the woman is being operated on. Every available surgeon is in with the woman, but she suffers complications. The team has to leave her open in hopes of going back in.

When Derek confronts Meredith after he sees her patient there, things escalate into an argument quickly, and he pretty much calls her a whore. She comes back with a strong fight, and this ends everything. There is no more relationship, and no more friendship to be had now. This isn't the only matters of the heart in this episode though . Burke has also confronted Cristina for falling asleep on him during sex. He is upset with her, and this leads into an argument between the two. Callie is also upset with George when she thinks he takes Izzie said when she blows off her surgery with Callie to take care of Denny.

The team takes the pregnant woman back into surgery, and things don't go well. She begins to crash, and Alex goes to get Addison for the baby. However, she is in another surgery and can't get away. She had told him that a baby can live up to five minutes in a dead mother. So when he hears she had been dead for five minutes, he makes the decision to go in and do a C-section on his own with Bailey's instruction. He pulls the baby out, and it looks not well. However, his quick work is able to bring it back just as Addison comes in. As for the mother, she passes on. You can tell this case breaks everyone's heart, including my own.

Once everyone is damaged enough, they go about the fixing themselves. Izzie goes to Denny, not because she needs him to be happy, but because he needs her. They share a moment in bed together, with Denny being his flirting self. Things are still off with Yang and Burke at home, so no real fixing there. Callie tells George that she did wash her hands, but not in the bathroom. she went down to the kitchen because Meredith and Izzie were staring at her. She tells George he needs to tell them that. As for Meredith, she goes to the vet and tries to end things with him because she is scary and damaged. However, Finn fills her in on his own life, and he is just as scary and damaged as she. So together they work. This is where they share their first kiss.

This series doesn't miss a beat. Each and every week it tugs at the heart strings and gives us just a bit of humor too. Next week we have the three hour long season finale spread over two nights. The first part will air Sunday and the next two hours on that Monday. Just from the previews, things certainly look to be interesting, and I can't wait to see what happens next week!


alex said...

hey awsome write-up. Love the new colour scheme as well- very bold and new.

Can't wait until someone uploads the ep so i can watch it, by your take on it it sounds fab.


Gina said...

Thank you!

Miss Scarlet said...

I like the new look, too!

I was such a girl and totally teared up when Derrick and Meredith had that moment in the stairwell.! "So you don't get to call me a whore" AHH!

Shelly said...

Love the new look! I loved the speech Meredith gave McDreamy!

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