American Idol: The Top 5 Elimination

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday night means we find out who is going home on American Idol. This week is no shock, but I still wanted someone else to go home. Before we get to just who went home on tonight's Idol, let's talk about tonight's show. 45.5 million people voted last night, and they have spoken.

After Ryan talked to our top five contestants briefly, they prepared to take the stage to perform together singing Together we are one. After a commercial break, we saw the remaining contestants in another music video. This time for the song Hollywood Swinging. Ryan then tells the judges the fans thought Paula was the most on last night with her comments. Ryan reviews last night's performances before we find out who this week's bottom two are. No tricks this week. Ryan goes down the list one by one.

First up, Taylor is safe. Next to him sat Chris Daughtry, who sounded a bit strained on his second performance. Even with that, he was safe. Third came up Paris, and she is the first selected for the bottom two this week. This is her second week in a row in the bottom two. Ryan asks her to perform one of her songs from last night, Prince's Kiss.

After a commercial, we return to find out who is joining Paris in the bottom two. He reviews the judges comments for both Elliot and Katharine, and then Elliot joins Paris on stage. He is also asked to perform one of his songs from last night, and he chooses to perform On Broadway.

When he is done, Paris returns to the stage, and we quickly learn she will be leaving American Idol tonight. I am sad to see her go because she is talented. She is only seventeen years old, and I have no doubt this is not the last we will see of her. I believe after her Idol obligations are complete, she will be snatched up for a record deal.

Next week, we will see the top four battle it out! Don't forget to check out my Blog of the Week and also head on over to Media Village as well. It is becoming a source for American Idol news. My own blog on the site has the latest in news each week, and I'm not the only one talking about Idol! Check it out!


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