TV Review: Lost Episode 2.20

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From ABC: Jack and Kate bring an exhausted Michael back to the camp, and with him, news about "The Others." Meanwhile, Ana Lucia attempts to get the prisoner to confess, and Hurley plans a surprise date for Libby.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Lost returns tonight with an all-new episode titled Two for the Road, an Ana Lucia centric episode. Tonight's episode starts with Jack and Kate being delivered Michael in the woods where they had gone to tell The Others they had one of their own.

Meanwhile back at the hatch, Ana Lucia is trying to get Henry to talk or eat. He is still on his hunger and silent strike. She thinks he speaks, but it a trick. When she gets close enough, he attacks. He calls her a killer, and he nearly strangles her before Locke comes in to stop it.

Libby finds Ana Lucia back at camp, and you can tell just from their brief encounter Ana Lucia has revenge in mind. At the hatch, Locke questions Henry about why he tried to kill Ana Lucia, but he didn't try to injure Locke when he had the chance when the hatch went crazy. Henry tells Locke more about The Others. Henry knows he will die because the man in charge of the other group is not all that forgiving. Henry was on a mission when he was captured by the French woman. A mission to bring Locke back to The Others because he is one of the good ones.

After her visit with Libby, Ana Lucia goes to Sawyer for a gun. He tells her to go ask Jack for his, which causes her to come back smart to him. For this, he sends her on her way without a gun. At the camp, Hurley goes to Sayid asking about the radio they made. He wants it to plan something special for Libby. Sayid is at first resistant. However, Hurley is just as persistent. He wants to reenact the scene from Say Anything, which just makes me love Hurley so much.

Back at the hatch, Michael is still unconscious. Locke goes to Jack, and asks if Michael's return means that The Others kept up their end of the bargain. Jack doesn't say yes or no. Ana Lucia must really want a gun from Sawyer. She falls him into the jungle, but he overhears her in the process. She comes out when called, and the two end up fighting. However, the fight turns into hot jungle sex. I think it is safe to say a great many were waiting for this to happen. Afterwards, Ana Lucia tells Sawyer that if he tells anyone what happened between them, she will kill him.

Ana Lucia returns to the hatch and finds Jack has returned and with Michael. When Jack sees the cut she suffered during her scuffle, Locke covers for Henry by telling Jack she fell and hit her head. Michael wakes up, and he tells the group about his encounter with The Others. He didn't see Walt or any of the other children, and he says they are less harmed and better off than the crash survivors are. He is determined to lead the group back to where he found the others to fight them.

Jack finally goes to Locke and he apologizes for stopping Locke and Sayid when they first found Henry. the two talk about fighting with the others before they decide to go find Sawyer to get back the guns. They leave Ana Lucia with Henry at the hatch. As for Hurley, he tries to take Libby on a picnic to a secret beach Sayid told him about, but he has nothing to drink, no blankets and they don't find the beach. Guess it is the thought that counts right?

Jack, Kate, and Locke go to Sawyer, but Sawyer is once again less than willing to cooperate. He goes for his gun, but he finds it missing. Ana Lucia snagged it during their romp in the jungle. Jack wants to know why Ana Lucia would need a gun, and this is when Locke fesses up. We return to the hatch to see Ana Lucia go for Henry. She allows him to cut himself free before she aims to fire.

However, she doesn't do it. we next see her with Michael as she explains to him what happened and how she couldn't shoot him. However, Michael doesn't have that same problem. He offers to do it, but in a surprise twist he shoots Ana Lucia, killing her. When Libby walks in and questions him, he shoots her too, but it isn't clear if she dies as well. He then goes into the locked room and shoots himself, making it look like Henry shot him. Now I never saw this coming. Has Michael been turned? The previews for next week look really good too.

Tonight's episode of Lost was probably one of the best of the season. The flashbacks to Ana Lucia's back story really give you insight to her. We see her following the shooting of her shooter in Los Angeles. We see her give up her badge and her mother. We then see her meet up with Jack's father and going to Sydney with him. We even see Sawyer in an earlier encounter. I know a lot of people had problems with Ana Lucia, but I really enjoyed her character, and this twist is definitely exciting. Tonight's Lost felt like a season one episode, and I really enjoyed season one.


Scarlet said...

Wait, Ana Lucia and Jack's father? Maybe I zoned out...I need to rewatch it.

Gina said...

Watch the flash back sequences. They meet up at the airport, and he takes her to Sydney with him as protection.

Scott said...

If you missed Jack's dad, you more than zoned out, he was a major part of her flashbacks.

And I'm calling it right now, that woman that Jack's dad went to see will turn out to be Claire's mom, making them siblings.

Gina said...

Hey Scott. He was a major part of her flashbacks. As for Jack and Claire being siblings, you're the first that has made that theory the last couple of days.

Aren't the two actresses that play Ana Lucia and Libby the ones that got arrested for DUI some months ago after leaving a party in Hawaii while on a shoot for the show? That would explain why they were chosen to die. At least, why Libby walked in without any real reason to do so.
(And don't give me the "we needed blankets" excuse)

Gina said...

Yes, Jack those are the same actresses, but Michelle and the producers have both said that when Michelle was hired on to do the rule, Ana Lucia's fate was already decided. She knew her character would die, and this was back in the Summer months. When her DUI took place, the producers even went to her and asked if she wanted them to change her story line just so it wouldn't look like they were killing her off just because of her legal troubles. She told them to continue on as planned.

ed said...

So they filmed this episode after the drinking and driving thing? I just assumed that Libby and Ana Lucia got drunk after getting written off the show, or right after filming this episode.

Anyone notice that unmarried women that have sex on this island get killed. It's like the Pope runs it and is trying to keep morality in check. Shannon sleeps with Sayid, boom dead! Ana Lucia sleeps with Sawyer, pow! And then Libby gets shot carrying the nookie blankets back to fatty at the beach. However, those wedding bands seem as good as bullet proof vests for Sun and Rose right now. We'll see if this theory holds true for Kate. She doesn't seem like she can keep her pants on much longer.

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