American Idol: The Season Finale

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

By now most of America know who this year's American Idol is. The journey that started for these contestants last year with auditions is now over, and tonight's two hour season finale. Yes, two hours. A decision that takes only seconds to announce is deserving of a two hour show and a red carpet show before hand. They made this into huge event. I was expecting to be bored to tears during the two hours, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by enjoying the performances.

Those in the top twelve returned, and they opened the show with a performance with last year's Idol Carrie Underwood. She won two Academy of Country Music Awards last night in Las Vegas. Now, she's on stage to help crown the next Idol. She also sang her next single midway through the show. The top twelve was seen throughout the night. The men performed a melody together, as did the women. They also joined together to sing another melody towards the end of the show.

The top twelve also came out and performed one by one with the Idols. Paris Bennett sang a duet with Al Jarreau, Chris Daughtry was joined by the band Live, and Katharine McPhee performed the Celine Dion classic, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, with Meat Loaf. Elliot Yamin shined in his duet with Mary J. Blige. However, Taylor Hicks shined over his duet partner, Toni Braxton. I am not sure what was wrong. Her microphone was either turned down, or she just doesn't have the voice that she used to.

Seeing the performances tonight, I found myself once again asking how Mandisa and Chris Daughtry were eliminated. I think they have the best voices of this competition. I think Katharine and Taylor are great, but Mandisa and Chris had the entire package in my mind. I was actually shocked when Mandisa was eliminated so early on in the competition. Chris' elimination is still causing shock from many, but he seems to have handled his being voted off well. Rumor is he might not take Fuel's offer. He is trying to make the best decision for him and his family.

Besides the performances, Ryan also handed out the Golden Idol Awards and we also saw Kellie Pickler take lessons in food from Wolfgang Puck. I was amused by both, but I think we all know that by the last fifteen minutes, we just wanted to know who has won this year! Although Clay Aiken coming out to surprise his clone was quite amusing! The Brokenote Cowboy's had to go though. Although, Ryan saved it when Prince came out on stage. Rumors flew this year about his appearing this season, but many said he had opted to not appear. I'm surprised they were able to keep this little surprise under wraps. Yes, I'm a huge Prince fan, and I jumped out of my seat when the man decked out in purple came out on stage.

With one minute left in the program, we were told that this year's American Idol would be Taylor Hicks. Almost 64 million were cast, and that is who America wanted. Out of the two left, he was my choice following last night's performances. However, I think there was someone better than him in this year's competition, and that is who should have been standing there at the end tonight. That being Chris Daughtry. Yes, I know he was voted off, but still he had the stage presence and voice to make it. He will do that without the Idol crown though. I'm looking forward to seeing what Taylor, Katharine and the rest of this year's Idol contestants do musically in the future once their commitment to American Idol in September.


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