TV Review: Lost Episode 2.21

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From ABC: Mr. Eko enlists Locke to help find a secret location he believes houses answers to the island's mysteries. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle to cope with the horrific situation in the hatch.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

On last week's Lost, we had a shocking conclusion where at least one of the tailies died, Ana Lucia, when Michael shot her. I don't think anyone saw Michael turning on the survivors. He also shot Libby, but it isn't clear if she died as well. This week's episode only titled ? opens with a dream sequence of Eko's. He sees Ana Lucia and his dead brother. Ana Lucia talks to Eko about building a church, and his brother tells him to go to John. He then wakes up, and we jump to Jack, Sawyer, Locke and Kate to find Ana Lucia and the gun. They find her dead, but Libby lives. Michael has injured himself.

Eko comes to the hatch and prays over Ana Lucia's body in a sad moment. Jack and Kate are working on Libby, and it definitely doesn't look good for her. Jack wants to go after Henry, but he needs to stay with Libby as Sawyer reminds him. Eko then volunteers to go with Locke's help and tracking experience. Jack tells them to return if they see anything. In the jungle, Eko asks Locke to take him to the question mark, but Locke has no idea what he is talking about.

This causes Eko to knock Locke out, and when he comes to he tells Locke he hit him because he was being difficult. Eko then begins to once again ask about the question mark. He has no idea what he is asking about, but he knows Locke does. Locke gives Eko the design that he had seen a few weeks ago in the hatch, and Eko tries to figure out what it is. To him it appears to be a map. He then tells Ana Lucia told him about the question mark in his dream. Eko and Locke continue to follow the map, even if Locke doesn't agree it is a map. They come to the plane where Boone died and make camp.

Back at the hatch, Jack needs more than he has on hand. He needs the heroin, which Sawyer has in his stash. Sawyer offers to go get it, and Jack says Kate will go with him. At first Sawyer stops, but he then agrees to go and take Kate with him. On the way to his stash, Kate asks Sawyer about how Ana Lucia got his gun from him, but he doesn't tell her just how she managed it. At first, Kate is unsure about where he takes her. As it turns out, he hid everything at his camp. When they come out, Hurley asks them if they had seen Libby, and they tell him the news.

That morning in the jungle, Eko sees his brother and he follows him into the jungle and up a cliff. When Eko falls, we learn that Locke was dreaming. Eko asks him about the dream, and then Eko tells him the man in Locke's dream was his brother. He then asks Locke what he saw, and from what that he climbs the cliff. At first he sees nothing, but when he looks down at John from that height he sees the question mark in the ground below. Eko returns to Locke, and together they proceed to move the plane. It is covering another hatch in the ground. However, another hatch like their own isn't down there.

The two travel down into the hatch, and they find what appears to be a security outpost. There are cameras inside their own hatch, and they can see everything that is happening there. They also find another part of the orientation video. While watching, they learn more about the monitoring station. The job of the station is to watch an experiment taking place. They are to watch and record everything that happens as those being watched complete a task that to them is of the utmost importance.

So does this mean that pressing the button is that task, and it is really some part of some sick psychological experiment. If they don't press the button, nothing really happens. They are only told it will. Was Henry telling the truth when he told Locke he didn't actually push the code in and nothing happened afterwards? It definitely looks that way to me. It also appears that way to Locke. Although, Eko sees it differently. After watching the video, he thinks that pushing the button is now even more important. This leads to a discussion between the two.

Back at the hatch, Jack prepares to use the heroin. Hurley tells Michael that him and Libby were about to have their first date. You can see in Michael's eyes he actually feels bad for shooting Libby at that point, but that is briefly. Before Jack administers the injection of heroin, Hurley comes in to talk to her. she comes to for a moment, and says Michael's name. Jack thinks she is asking about him, but she was naming the man that shot her. Shortly thereafter, she takes her last breath and dies. Tears are shed by Hurley, Kate, and Jack. Sawyer even shows emotion as he comforts Kate. As the tone for the button begins to sound, we see Michael.

Early on in this season, I admit I was losing interest. Things just didn't fit, and the show had a bit of a slump. All signs of that slump are now gone, and this is the Lost I remember from season one. Things are exciting, and there are more twists and turns now than in earlier episodes this season. Tonight's episode told more of Eko's back story as he is sent by the church to research a miracle. A woman has died and come back to life during her autopsy. He claims it to not be a miracle after research and interviews, but the woman comes to him just before he leaves on Oceanic 815. She tells him she saw his brother while she was in between life and death.

He even sees Libby at this time. Now, Libby's death brings up another point. Will Hurley ever know that Libby was with him in the mental ward? Or is that story line just left in the dust now. Seems to be a bit of a waste don't it? Next week, we have an all new episode of Lost, and the previews for it look great. I can't wait!


Scooter said...

With here death, I'm starting to buy into the Libby evil twin sister who stole her identity theory. It would bring down an already luckluster 2nd season if we don'y get to see a Libby-centric episode especially one that explains the whole mental hospital thing.

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