TV Review: Lost Episode 2.22

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From ABC: A determined Michael convinces Jack and several castaways to help him rescue Walt from "The Others." Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with Eko's decision to discontinue building the church.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Tonight's episode of Lost titled Three Minutes opens up with a flash back sequence that shows what happened when Michael first left to find Walt after talking to him via the computer. Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks from the time Michael was gone from the camp and in the custody of the others. During the present time, we see Michael trying to convince the others to go with him to find the Others and his son. However, as Hurley reminds him, they have yet to bury Ana Lucia and Libby, so this sad tasks takes precedence.

They go to do that, while Michael stays behind to clean the hatch of the blood from the shootings. Eko finds him there, and the two talk. Eko tells him about serving mass as a priest, and a story about a young man that was in his charge as a priest. In the story, the young boy told Eko about killing his dog to protect his baby sister. The boy is concerned about going to hell. The exchange makes you wonder if Eko knows Michael pulled the trigger.

Th conversation strikes a chord with Michael, and it makes him ill. Jack finds him, and Michael is able to convince Jack five and five alone must go to find the Others. They leave to return to the camp where Charlie has gone to talk to Claire. He found a case of vaccines, and he wants to give it to her for herself and her baby. At first, she is standoffish, but she warms up a bit, and warms up even more when she sees Michael walking into the camp with Jack. Everyone has questions, and even more arise when Sun sees Kate digging graves and the two wrapped bodies next to them. Michael tells them it is Ana Lucia and Libby, and that they were murdered.

The next flashback shows when Kate was captured by the others. Michael was also there at that time we now know, and Alex, who I still suspect to be the French Woman's daughter, was also there. She asks Michael about Claire and her baby, but he says nothing. The search party that went to look for Michael leaves as week. In the present day, Sawyer and Jack tell Sayid what they are doing, and Sawyer thinks Sayid should join them. Jack is against it, but he is outvoted. When Sawyer finds Michael, he tells him of the addition to the party, and Michael isn't happy about it, but he deals with it. Meanwhile, back at the hatch, Eko is taking over the button pushing duties, and when Charlie finds him there, he asks for the other man to bring him his things from his camp. All thoughts of the church are now gone. Charlie gets mad, and tells him to go get his own things.

Michael goes to Sayid, and uninvites him from coming along because he thinks Sayid is going only to seek revenge on Henry. Even when Sayid he wouldn't do that, Michael tells Sayid he must do it his way, and this appears to satisfy Sayid. Back at the church site, Vincent arrives and drops off a Virgin Mary full of heroin for Charlie. This made me laugh, and causes Charlie to get mad. He follows Vincent to Sawyer's camp, and it is there that he finds the rest of the statues. He then proceeds to throw in the ocean, which is witnessed by Locke. Back at the hatch, Jack finds Eko, and then talks to Sawyer as they prepare to leave. Jack tells both about the burial that night, and Sawyer tells Jack that he slept with Ana Lucia. When Jacks asks why Sawyer told him, he says that Jack is the closest thing he has to a friend.

At the burial site, Michael talks to Kate and Hurley. They will leave the next morning. However, Hurley declines on going, even after Michael tries to use Libby's death as enticement to go. However, as we see in the next flashback, Hurley needs to go. The Others asked him to help free their man, and then bring those four individuals back to them. If he doesn't, then he will never see Walt again. He is given a few moments with his song, and Walt tries to warn him. He says The Others aren't as they appear to be, and he also mentions something about giving him tests. The only thing other than his son that Michael asks for is a boat, and that arrives by ocean during the burial.

A great episode tonight for Lost. Not as intense or fast paced as the last few, but we learned some things there was questions about, and it sets up events for next week's two hour season finale, which is said to answer a lot of questions. Next season, ABC promises no repeats for Lost. However, in order to do this, the show will be shown in two chunks, and there could be months in between the two. The first chunk will consist of seven episodes, and the next chunk the remaining episodes. This was announced this week when ABC announced its fall schedule, which I talk about on my entertainment blog here. Changes are also in store for another series I talk about on this blog a great deal, Grey's Anatomy. Check it out! While you're here, why don't you check out my Blog of the Week on my sidebar!


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