The American Idol: Top 6 Elimination

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol returns tonight as the top six find out which of them is heading home. Tonight's results show started with a review of last night's performances and an apology for one of the performers, Katharine McPhee. Both Simon and Randy said upon reviewing her performance later that night, they were a bit harsh with their critique, and her performance was actually good. Hopefully their harsh critique didn't put her in the bottom three, but let's continue on with the show before we get to that.

After a commercial break, we had an Idol video. This week, the Idol's took on Brandy's Call Me. These are always cheesy, but this week's was a bit cute too. After that aired, Andrea Bocelli took the stage accompanied by David Foster. Together they perform Because We Believe. After another commercial break, we head to the results.

This week was definitely one of the tougher weeks for the performers left. Song choice once again came into play as it had in previous weeks. Before the bottom three was announced, Lisa Tucker, a former Idol contestant this season, was shown in the audience. She appears tomorrow night on FOX's teen drama, The O.C.

We then proceeded to form three groups on stage. Katharine McPhee was put to the far right, Elliot to the middle, Kellie and Paris were put in the group nearest to Ryan. Taylor then joined Elliot and Chris joined Katharine. Once the three groups were formed, Ryan sent the middle group consisting of Taylor and Elliot back to sit down. These two were safe. This left two groups on stage - Katharine and Chris and Kellie and Paris. One of these two groups contained the bottom two.

When we return from commercial, Ryan tells us these two groups are made up our top two and bottom two. Katharine and Chris are told to sit. They have the highest scores of the night. Paris and Kellie are our bottom two, and this is the first time Kellie has made it to the bottom scorers, and one time is all she needed. She is going home tonight. Paris will continue on next week. Early on, I loved Kellie, but she just didn't really belong there in recent weeks. She's adorable, but she just doesn't have the voice to make it to the end. I'm glad to see her go home now because those left in the competition all deserve to be there at this stage in the game. America made the right decision.

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KellieFan4U said...

This site had a few suggestions as to what her next job may be since it's not singing...

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