TV Review: Real World: Austin - 9/13/05

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This week's episode of the Real World: Austin took the focus back away from the work aspect of the roommate's lives back to the romance aspect - which has been a major focus throughout the season so far. We've seen hook-ups both in the house, and out of it, and we continue this theme here.

The episode begins with Danny and Melinda. Danny is starting to have some concerns when it comes to his relationship with Melinda. These two hooked up almost day one, and Danny is starting to feel a bit like he is a married man when in fact this experience was supposed to be something fun for him.

Melinda talks to Danny, and it seems there is trouble brewing. Trouble that continues to develop once the roommates head off to their favorite nightspot. Melinda tells the cameras that "if Danny kisses another girl or wants a lifestyle of Nehemiah's and Wes, I'm done."

The problems at the bar aren't with Danny and Melinda however. Wes is caught by his latest female interest, Wren, getting kissed by another girl. He didn't initiate it, and he can tell that she is upset by it. Or is she? Wes seems to be more bothered by the kiss than the girl is. She repeatedly tells him that she doesn't care. Once Wes leaves the bar with Danny, Danny expresses some of his frustrations with the Melinda situation in the house.

Following the night out, the roommates set out on a weekend away camping. However, their description of camping is different than mine and most others. They spend the weekend at a dude ranch. Instead of sleeping outdoors, they have nice comfy beds to sleep in. The only thing reminiscent of a camping trip is the campfire the roommates all share in one of the nights.

During this weekend excursion, we learn more about the roommates. One thing we learn is that Melinda can ride a horse, quite well too. During the campfire, the man that runs the ranch sings a song about being single that Danny enjoys. He very much wants the single life, and he expresses his feelings to Melinda.

Once they return back to their home in Austin, more is decided in regards to the roommates' romantic lives. Wes decides to take a break from his relationship with Wren, and Danny expresses even more discontent with his relationship with Melinda.

Nehemiah explains his take on the situation. He feels Danny wants the best of both worlds. He wants his freedom, but he also likes being with Melinda. Melinda won't allow him to have both however, so this is going to definitely cause some friction between the two. In fact, it already is. What happens next for these two is still up in the air. On next week's episode, we have more friction between Danny and Melinda, and Johanna is taken off to jail.

I think this episode ran a bit slow to me. We had some drama between Danny and Melinda, but other than that nothing really clicked for me in this episode. Danny had been building up this frustration over the last couple of weeks, so it really wasn't news to us viewers. The only one it was news to is Melinda. The focus on Wes' relationships is also starting to bore me a bit. Every week, it seems he hooks up with a different girl, and after awhile watching that does get old.

What did you think of this episode of the Real World: Austin? Did it sizzle or fizzle? Let me know what you think.


Alexis said...

Melinda:Umm well she haa donr some bad things but she is still very very very pretty!!
Johaana:Cuit Clothing...Lol
Lacey:Bitch....Role Model
Nehmia:I dont know?
Wes:Ugly...Oh my gosh he is wearing a pink shirt!

Well if you want to talk to me my screen name is....DolphinLover6000 so lets go and talk! Kis Kis Alexis
Rachel: Loud....Lol

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