Thoughts: Invasion Episode 2.02

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some brief thoughts on tonight's episode of Invasion. I watched again, and while it was better for me than last week's episode, I still didn't find myself pulled into the story being created on the screen. On this week's episode, the hurricane has still left most of the area without power, and there are even more changes in the doctor found after being missing on last week's episode.

The daughter seems to know her mother is different, and something just seems off about her step-father too. This week we followed the sheriff as he tried to discover the origin of the alien like creature he and his step brother found. Finding another victim of the alien's, that later dies at the hospital. The victim being military supposedly overseas on a mission.

I sat here after watching tonight's episode trying to figure out why the show just isn't grabbing me. I know I am in the minority, although I have seen others not catch onto the show. I think its because there is no secret here. We know aliens landed and have invaded. We know whom they have taken over already. What is left for us to know? Why the aliens are there? That's all.

With Surface and Threshold we have a more of a sense of the unknown. With Invasion, everything is already out there, and that to me doesn't really make for exciting television. I'll probably give it one more week, but if it doesn't grab me by then I won't continue watching.


The Jebber said...

I couldn't agree more. The second episode was better than the premiere, and it's stylishly done, but the whole thing is lacking enough mystery and tension to make it very compelling. Threshold is doing a better job on that front.

The Pop Culture Jeblog

cookies=true said...

I also agree. I was looking forward on that show, but I won't pay as much attention anymore.

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