TV Review: Bones Episode 1.03

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On this week's episode titled " A Boy in the tree, " Dr. Temperance Brennan has to discover whether a high school age boy found hanging from a tree at a posh boarding school is a suicide or in fact something more sinister. They mother of the boy, a Venezuelan ambassador, knows there is no way her son could have killed himself. The boy had recovered his hearing after being deaf at an early age, and he valued his life. All clues point to suicide, but not all the pieces of the puzzle fit.

Even with all the facts pointing to suicide, basic instincts and little clues picked up during the episode definitely lead someone to think more happened with the boy than just a lonely depressed boy giving up on his life. The school is determined to have the death labeled a suicide from the time the body is discovered, and they make the investigation difficult.

Do you smell a cover up? Well, your nose would be right! Bones and Booth end up going to the boy's room sifting through his belongings. As Booth would call it letting Bones "do her anthropological thing." Brennan goes through the boy's CD collection, and a surprising discover is found. A DVD that when played shows the boy in a hot little porno of the home made variety. Hot is a figurative because the little scene is fairly tame.

Bones and Booth inform the school's headmaster of their discovery, and it turns out there is a whole lot of home made sex tapes made on the campus. Bones and Booth make it a point to find the girl and investigate the case further. They find the girl on the tape and they also find the roommate of the teenage boy - interrogating them both. The teenage boy died when he was supposedly away on vacation with his roommate. A mysterious email was even sent to the boy's parents when according to time of death, the boy would have already been dead.

The investigation into the sex tapes uncovers even more shady dealings at the school. Apparently the sex tapes aren't only of students sleeping with students but the parents also seem to be joining in the fun. However, even with all these discoveries Brennan still says all the facts point to suicide. Angela makes her take another look at the facts because her gut and she knows Brennan's gut as well knows that this boy didn't kill himself.

Angela pulls up some more of the sex footage from the dead boy's laptop, and Bones notices something Booth and Angela don't. The girl knew she was being filmed. Booth and Bones call the roommate and the boy's lover back into interrogation. Turns out the roommate and the girl killed the boy because the boy was going to uncover the sex tape scandal.

The case wasn't the only action on tonight's episode. Watching as these characters interact is just as entertaining as watching the case and investigation unfold. This week's episode jumped from trying to hook up Bones and Booth to the love life of one of Bone's team, Zack. Seems Zack doesn't have much experience in the love department, and he goes from person to person asking for advice. The only one willing to help young Zack is Angela. She tells him to tell the woman of his dreams that he doesn't know anything about love making.

Booth also has some difficulties on this week's episode. Apparently his favorite hang-out is overtaken by Bones and her team. He wants it to be clearly known that the place is his and no one else's - even if they do start coming to the joint. Here we see guest star Heavy D, a much skinnier D, for those that know the man for his rap skills.

This show just keeps getting better and my opinion. You have the case and investigative work mixed in with the interaction between this quirky group of characters. Each have their own unique traits, and they each show them as the episodes progress each and every week. The back and forth each week between Bones and Booth is also fun to watch.

One thing I noticed this week though was there was no push to hook these two up as a couple. No appearance by Booth's girlfriend either. They played up the hook-up between these two hard last week, it is a bit odd to not see even one mention of it this week. I know I mentioned that pushing them too hard together so early on in this show was odd but them going totally back and not mentioning it this week is even more odd here. Were the shows filmed in another order? Because not even one mention to Booth's girlfriend is just weird.

I'm really enjoying this show so far. Each week we have a new case, and we are able to learn more about the characters. I even dragged a family member into watching this week's episode and they loved it. Looks like they will be tuning in now. However, we have some bad news for Bones fans! The show is on a small break until November 1st. FOX has its coverage of the Major League Baseball play offs to air in October. I'll be waiting oh so impatiently for this show's return.

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