So You Think You Can Dance - The Final Dance-off

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Three words immediately come to my mind with this episode: Oh my God! This week's So You Think You Can Dance came at us with the final dance-off. Four dancers competed, and this time next week only one will be named winner. If you think the level of competition had been tough up to this point, tonight blew previous weeks out of the water with the dancing and skill demonstrated by the dancers. In my mind one dancer stood out from the four remaining, but before I tell you who I think should win this competition, let's talk about this week's episode.

Each week's episode begins with the elimination of two dancers. This week's eliminations were definitely a shocker on one hand. On the hand, it was kind of expected following the judges commentary last week. Five million votes were cast for this week's elimination. The shocker here was of Blake being eliminated. Week after week, he had danced well. He never entered the bottom couples for possible elimination. The first time he is put up for America's votes he is sent home.

Even with all his experience and skill, America still chose him. Why is that? I have some thoughts, and I'm sure others do as well. Early on in the competition, he had been just a little too cocky. He'd made some not so nice comments about one of the judges, Dan Karaty. Did this come back to bite him now? Did America remember? This is only one possible theory. I'm sure others will have their own.

The other dancer sent home tonight was Kamilah. Week after week, she performed well. Her technique is there, and she is a wonderful dancer, but as the week's continued on it became apparent to the judges that Kamilah is a performer. She is an actress, and this is a part of her dancing. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but at times it felt Kamilah was more performing than dancing. That is what caused her to be sent home at this time.

Once the eliminations were complete, we moved onto what America had been waiting all week for: The Final Dance-off! The format of this week's program completely changed once again. Gone was the random selection process, and this week we saw all five judges on the stage ready to give their commentary. Instead of the selection process, all the dancers danced with each other. The men and women were both paired off for one dance each. We also saw the normal male/female pairings. Very interesting seeing the two remaining men and women dance with each other here. Solo performances were also shown throughout the show.

The skill shown here by each of the remaining four dancers was amazing. They each stepped up and put out their best in this episode. We have the best of what remains, and now it is up America to choose the best of the best. We began tonight's competition with a pasa doble by Melody and Nick. This couple dominated last week with their disco and Broadway performances. They once again shined here. The judges absolutely loved them.

Nick and Melody were followed by an Ashle and Jamile with a salsa performance. The judges were loving Ashle here, but were quite harsh on Jamile. Out of four dancer's left, he has the least amount of technical skill, and when he dances out of his style it shows. He is an amazing hip hop dancer, but he seems to falter a bit when it comes to ballroom specifically.

Following a commercial break and a solo performance by Melody, we see Jamile on stage once again. This time in a hip hop type performance with Nick choreographed by one of the judges on tonight's show, Dan Karaty. Once again Jamile receives heavy criticism here. He isn't going for it yet, and the judges tell him he needs to step it up another notch if he wants a chance to make it.

Jamile and Nick's performance is followed by solos. Here we see Ashle and Jamile before we see the girls pair up in a contemporary performance choreographed by Mia Michaels. This performance was just amazing. It took athleticism and skill to pull this routine off, and that is just what these two women did here. They even have the bruises to prove it!

Following the final solo of the night by Nick, we saw Melody and Jamile pair up to do a jazz routine. It was a bit worrisome at this point because Jamile hadn't really done well in tonight's show up to this point, but he finally stepped it up here, and the performance was done extremely well. The judges even complimented Jamile for his performance here.

We then saw the final couple of the night - Ashle and Nick. This couple performed a hip hop routine and they both shined here. Ashle seemed to be in her element, and Nick also did well. The dancing wasn't done yet. Before the phone lines were open, we saw the dancers all dance together one final time. This time an unchoreographed performance to music none of the dancers had heard before. For a short period of time, they improvised to the music, and this allowed us to see them in their purest form.

Let's go back to talk about the solo performances. Each of the dancer's did well here, but with the solos one dancer did stand out to me, and this dancer stood out to me the entire night. The best solo performance in my mind was performed by Nick. He went out on stage, and he dominated it. He made that stage his for the short thirty second period he was performing, and the crowd went wild for him. Out of the four dancers left, he is my choice to win it all.

This week's episode of So You Think You Can Dance was fun and fast paced. I know I was cheering the dancers on. I was really shocked at Blake's elimination, but after seeing tonight's performances it was clear the dancers remaining were the best left of this competition.

What about you America? Were you just as shocked by Blake's being sent home? Do you think the voters made the wrong decision? Who was the best on tonight's show? Who do you want to be named winner next week? This is your chance to sound off! Let me know what you think.

Music used on tonight's show

Melody/Nick - Espana Cani by Manhattan Pops Orchestra
Ashle - Jamile - Oh Mayi by La Sonora Pancena
Jamile/Nick - Young'n by Fabolous
Ashle/Melody - Message in a bottle by The Police
Melody/Jamile - Coldhearted Snake by Paula Abdul
Ashle/Nick - Feel the girl by Ms. Jade

Melody - Listen to your heart by DHT
Ashle - Endangered Species - Dianne Reeves
Jamile - Early in the morning - The Gap Band
Nick - Pardon me - Incubus


cookies=true said...

I can not believe america voted Blake out !!!! What were they thinking ????...Blake was obviously going to win....he had the best technique , best performance, not to mention good looks...Seriously, what the fuck was going through their minds? It broke my heart to see Blake go...I just can't believe it, I am in shock....
This doesn't mean I don't like the remaining finalists...but honestly, it would have made way more sense to kick Jamile out, than Blake...I mean, if America hasn't realized, Jamile can't dance, he just sucks, he's the one who's always getting told, Oh your performance wasn't good, bla bla bla..America screwed up BIG!!!!!

cookies=true said...

Jamile was definitely the one to go -- not Blake. Who the hell was voting???????? I guess they need glasses. Melody is amazing though.

jenn said...

e-mail me at whoa re the final 2... what happened at last nights performance! who got eliminated.... TELL ME....

demarlmartin said...

Give it a rest....we all know what happened with Blake. He opened his big mouth and the judges/public voters too, didn't let him forget it in the end. It pays to 'pay your respect' when you're first starting. When you make it up there, then you can talk the trash. Blake messed up when he went on national tv to critize a critic who has paid his dues! Can someone say 'ouch'

lindsay doucette said...

nick won!! melody came in second i never got to watch it but my friend did and she told me but i cant believe i missed it!!!!!!!!! the oc's on tonight watch it everyone lol l8ta

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