Book Review: Beauty & Submission

Friday, September 02, 2005

Beauty and Submission
By Maria Isabel Pita
Published by Magic Carpet Books, 2004
Reviewed by : Regina Avalos for Romance Divas
Date: May 2005
Rated: 5 kisses

Warning! R+ rated.

If I had to find one word to describe Maria Isabel Pita’s ‘Beauty and Submission’ it would be intense. For two hundred and fifty pages, you are taken into her life and mind through her beautifully written words. She describes the events of one year in her life with her beloved Master, and lets you share in the experience, using all she has at her disposal. She does this by writing about her life, as well as sharing excerpts from both her own personal journal and her erotic novels.

’Beauty and Submission’ follows her second year with her Master, picking up where her first book, ‘The Story of M – A Memoir’ left of. Even without having read that first book I wasn’t lost as a reader. Maria pulls you in with her words, and makes you want to continue reading. Her thoughts are so deep that I found myself re-reading passages over and over again.

Each chapter deals with the diferent events that culminate in the transformation of Maria into Missa, her alter-ego. And surprisingly, each experience with her Master teaches her something about her life and about love. She holds nothing back, and I know I would recommend this book to anyone interested in reading what the BDSM lifestyle can really be like. Before reading this, I didn’t have a true understanding of it. This book has given me that, and in a way I never expected. A lovely, intriguing read.


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