CD Review: Faith Hill - Fireflies

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fireflies is the sixth album to be released by country pop superstar Faith Hill. This offering from the artist hit store shelves on August 2nd. I picked it expecting the same country pop that has made me love Faith Hill with her previous releases.

My first experience with Faith Hill came in 1998, when I heard songs off her Faith CD, including “The Secret of Life” and “This Kiss.” Before hearing these songs, I really had no idea who Faith was. Once I listened to the full CD, I was immediately hooked on the voice and music of the country girl from Mississippi.

Her last three CD’s since her 1998 offering had more of a pop feel to them, and I enjoyed them a great deal. In recent years, Faith has expanded her other endeavors, moving into acting with a role in The Stepford Wives, along side Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler, and also continuing to raise her children from husband, Tim McGraw, whom she married in 1996.

I picked up this latest Faith Hill offering, and immediately popped it into my CD player expecting more of the mix of country and pop Faith has offered in her last three albums. However, I soon find out Fireflies didn’t offer that mix. At first, I admit that turned me off. The mostly country sounding album wasn’t what I grown accustomed to from this artist.

I continued listening however, and within a day or two the CD started to grow on me. Songs such as the title song, “Fireflies,” immediately brought a smile to my face when giving it a real listen with no other distractions.

The song that immediately made me want to listen to this album more was the third track off the CD, “Dearly Beloved.” This light hearted country song tells the story of a young couple getting married, apparently for all the wrong reasons. It was fun to listen too.

This CD consists of fifteen tracks, some other favorites on this CD for me included “Nothing but love to prove,” hidden track “Paris” and “Ain’t gonna take it anymore.” This CD returns Faith to her country roots with a sound that is barely on the edge of pop, but definitely more country than her previous CD Cry.

On her official website, Faith herself talks about the CD saying “it feels as honest and as real as it gets.” With this album, she took her time recording, and even when considered the CD finished, she still went back into the studio after hearing songs penned by Lori Mckenna. After “If you ask,” Faith asked to hear more, and when it was all said and done three more songs by Mckenna were placed on the album, including the CD’s title track Fireflies.

As a fan of her music, I wasn’t disappointed. This CD isn’t what I had to come to expect, and it probably won’t be as successful as her previous releases, but it surely isn’t a disappointment. I would recommend this CD, especially if you’re a fan of Faith Hill’s music.

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