TV Review: Bones - Episode 1.02

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This week’s episode of Bones starts with a bang, but it doesn’t keep that pace up the entire episode. The episode starts with a car explosion outside a cafe. The explosion kills the person behind the wheel, four others, and also injures fifteen in the process. We quickly learn the identity of the person behind the wheel, but Dr. Brennan is brought in to confirm the person’s identity beyond a shadow of a doubt. If it is who they believe it to be there is a possibility that the bombing was a terrorist act.

However, it is quickly ascertained that the car explosion wasn’t a terrorist act, but instead a murder. Someone appears to have set up this week’s victim to look like a terrorist - the victim being a high ranking Arab that works with the US government. The man suffered from a disease as well, one that is brother also suffers from. It is also quickly discovered that the man’s wife was also having an affair he knew about.

This episode has a lot of twists and turns throughout, but the beginning was the most explosive part of this entire episode. By the end, we learn that the brother is the one responsible for the bombing and also behind the disease they both have. It is a rush to stop him before he sets one more bomb in place at a peace conference. Booth and Bones are successful in this.

Throughout the episode, we have a subplot dealing with Booth and Bones and a budding romance. Bones best friend and co-worker on the show, Angela Montenegro played by Michaela Conlin, starts to work her match making magic on the two, but we quickly learn Booth is not unattached when Bones goes to his house and finds both Booth and girlfriend in various states of undress. This doesn’t stop Angela, and she proceeds to learn what she can about the girlfriend because do you know how long its been since Bones got laid??

This episode might not have the explosive impact it had last week, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. In fact, exactly the opposite. The one-liners by the characters make this a funny show. Angela is quickly becoming the quirky side-kick, and her one-liners seem to come out of nowhere. They always guarantee a laugh out of me.

This show is smart and funny, but the humor is even smart. Definitely a show that will make you think while you’re watching, but then the show will hit you with a funny one liner that is nowhere near intelligent. I think the show having both of these qualities makes it a candidate for surviving the beginning of the season crush.


cube said...

I didn't miss this one. I'm enjoying the interaction between the characters. Although, in real life, I think someone like Angela wouldn't waste her time with someone like Bones. The personalities are too different. But it's just tv... suspend disbelief & enjoy, right?

khushi said...

hi everyone i see Bones Episodes Every Week on the tv..i never miss this show..I'm enjoying the interaction between the this Tv Show angela is done good acting....

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