TV Review: The OC - Episode 3.03

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The third episode of this season of The OC titled “The end of innocence” had revelations and high emotions. In my opinion, we’ve had the best episode of this season so far. In this episode, Marissa’s and Ryan’s parents fight to keep these two apart, but it only ends up bringing them closer together.

Sandy talks to Ryan about his recent behavior with a suggestion that he takes some time away from Marissa in order to focus more on himself. Julie takes a different tact. Once Caleb’s will is read, Julie and Jimmy plan to marry, and then uproot the family to Hawaii. This is after a suggestion to send Marissa to boarding school with her sister is vetoed by Marissa.

We would think that Marissa would also veto the move to Hawaii because it would mean her separating from Ryan, but the idea appeals to her. It would mean keeping the family together, and that is something she has wanted since her parents divorced. The move would also be immediate, which gives Ryan and Marissa little time together.

However, her family is not without problems. Unknown to the two Cooper women, Jimmy is still having financial problems, and he is waiting for the reading of the will. Sandy learns when it will be read, and informs everyone - including his wife Kirsten. He wants her to return for the reading, but he would understand if she did not.

At school, Seth and Summer are having a few problems with Dean Hess. He knows that they are close to our recent expelled couple, and he wants to make things difficult for them. He makes a suggestion that they become stage hands at the school’s drama club production of South Pacific. An idea neither is two keen on, especially since Taylor Townsend is involved with the production. They are in a sense forced to work with the girl or soon they may find themselves suffering the same fate as their friends.

Once Ryan learns of the impending Cooper move, he puts a plan into motion to keep her in The OC - she moves in with the Cohens. He asks Sandy, and Sandy relents easier than I thought he would, but when he informs Marissa of his plan, she shoots it down - explaining about her family and how she wants to be a part of them reuniting. He can’t deny her this, so the plan becomes to spend as much time together before she has to leave.

The reading of the will brings some out some secrets as most will readings do. All are in attendance, including Kirsten. Caleb’s intention was to divide his assets equally between his two daughters and his wife. However, we soon discover Caleb had no assets to divide up. He’s flat broke. The only thing he left is a letter to Kirsten - a letter sent off to his lawyer the day that he died.

The lack of money does make some considerable problems. Some we won’t see until future episodes, but the most immediate concern has to do with Jimmy. He had been counting on the money from Caleb’s inheritance to Julie to pay back his own debts. With no money to be had, this means he can’t do this.

While working on the set, Seth and Summer come up with a romantic plan for Marissa and Ryan using the set. They hijack it, and it becomes the scene for the most romantic moment in a young couple’s life - the first time. This little stunt does have Seth ending up with two month’s detention when Dean Hess catches him returning the tiki hut to the stage.

I had to find myself asking the question - didn’t the first time already happen for these two? I even asked a person or two, and they had the same impression. Ryan and Marissa are always affectionate, and it just seemed they had already gone past this point in their relationship last season. However, as we can tell I’m wrong about this because we see these two share this moment on this episode.

While this moment is taking place, Marissa’s father, Jimmy, is dealing with the consequences of his debts. He is beaten quite badly, but he does survive. The next day he calls his daughter, and he tells her he has to go. Marissa is left to tell Julie she has been stood up at the alter, and she tells her father if he leaves this time don’t come back.

After the reading of the will, Kirsten has some problems with the letter she received from her father, and it almost sets her back into a relapse. We’re not sure if she goes through it, but we do see her buy a bottle of vodka at a liquor store. She returns home the next day, reading the letter at her husband’s side. It is letter of apology from her father.

During this time, we also see Charlotte caught in a lie. The house is not her own, and she is thrown out. However it looks like she runs out without paying for the house rental, taking a picture of the Cohens in her bag.

This episode by far was the best episode of this season. I really enjoyed it. the last twenty minutes with the Cooper story line had me emotional. I actually felt bad for Julie. She finally thought she had it. She had the man she loved back, and she would have her family back. I think the sense of family might have been as important to her than it was to her daughter Marissa. The scene of Kirsten reading her father’s letter was also touching. I'm learning to love to hate Dean Hess, and I'm really enjoying him. Although can we lose the hair color please? Perhaps this is because I've seen this actor elsewhere, and the faux blonde just doesn't suit him. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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