TV Review: Bones Series Premiere

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dr. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist working with the FBI in this new FOX drama, Bones, premiering tonight preceding popular drama House. In this first episode, we are introduced to the characters that make up the ensemble for this show. Brennan is played by Emily Deschanel, and her co-star David Boreanz plays Special Agent Seeley Booth. He is best known for his role as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

This episode of Bones follows what happens following the discovery of a set of bones on the bottom of a pond. The FBI calls in Dr. Brennan to identify the bones, and this identification is just the beginning of the story. The bones belong to a young woman that had disappeared back in 2003. She was an intern for the government, and it was rumored that she was having an affair with a senator. The remainder of the hour follows the case as discovery after discovery is found by Bones and her forensic crew. In the end of the episode, we are treated with a twist. The person we all think is the killer turns out not to be. Instead it is the senator's lawyer.

Brennan's character is based on a real person, forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs. There are so many facets to this one character. She's quite intelligent, but to the world she is distant and closed off. Bones deals better with bones than actual people. Her character has a tragic past that makes her close off from the world. However, no matter how intelligent she is, she seems to be closed off from more than just people. Basic concepts you would think anyone would know, Brennan doesn't. Popular celebrities mentioned in front of her caused to her to say, "I don't know what that means." This phrase seems to be this character's trademark.

Bones had hooked me within the first fifteen minutes. The characters are likeable, and they make you want to learn more. There is definitely more to Bones than meets the eye. It makes you wonder what other secrets a viewer may discover as they continue to watch. For example, during this episode, we also learn Dr. Brennan writes novels on the side, and one of her novels makes it to number three on NY Times bestsellers list right out of the gate. The dialogue is witty, and I found myself laughing at things said throughout. The underlying sexual tension between Bones and her FBI partner is also something I'm interested in watching develop. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next for Bones. I think FOX might just have another hit on their hands.


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