An Announcement

Friday, September 23, 2005

This blog is still fairly new, and I enjoy watching the shows and reviewing them each week for everyone that stops by to read. Feel free to jump in with your comments. I love reading them and discussing the shows, as I do on various message boards and forums.

Shortly after I began this review blog, I went into talks with another site, Media Village to work with them as a contributor. It took some work, but I am proud to announce my work with this site. As a contributor, I have a blog and forums on the site. My blog, Thoughts from the couch, went live today! On that blog, I'll cover television news with additional analysis - mostly covering the shows that I review here with other shows as well. My forums, contained under the Dramatic Series category cover Lost, The OC, and Grey's Anatomy.

What does this mean for One Couch Critic? Not one thing will change. My weekly recaps and reviews will still be here. My movie, book and music reviews will remain. Nothing will change. This other avenue will only assist me in being more in the know when it comes to television. I'm looking forward to continuing this blog throughout the 2005-2006 season and beyond.


cookies=true said...

Hey, I like your blog. I'm also a TV freak and I also talk about my shows, but briefly. You sound more professional lol. Anyways keep it up! I add in my blogmarks :)


Gina said...

Thanks Bud! I'll add you to my links section!

cookies=true said...

Oh thanks! I'm gonna add in my "Sponsors" list then :)

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