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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hi everyone! Hope all of you that celebrate today had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with family and friends. This weekend is going to be a bit on the slow side because so many programs aren't on, but there is just that many that are as well. These are the stories I've covered over the last few days on my TVfanBlog at Media Village. Thoughts from the Couch is now one of the sites HOT blogs, but it isn't the only one. Check out the site and you'll find other blogs, polls, news, and forums all centered on television and related media.

Now onto the news!

  • Surreal Life lovebirds to wed on TV - My Fair Brady is back for season two. Season one saw the proposal. Season two will have the wedding.

  • Check out the Basic Cable and Broadcast television ratings for prime time for the week ending 11/20.

  • Threshold Canceled - News came down yesterday afternoon that this CBS freshman series was out!

  • Yesterday was a busy news day. Check out here and here to read about ABC's midseason Monday night changes, Alias' cancellation, the end of the newlyweds, and why Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher is steamed! As well as other stories.

  • Real World XVI comes to an end - My thoughts on this week's Real World finale.

  • Even more show news! Hop over here to read about the full season pick up for Close to Home and Medium's Lifetime order. Go here for more on the Lost spin-off set to air in the New Year.

  • For some of my thoughts on some of the shows airing in the last week, check here for my wrap-up of last weekend's programming, with some more thoughts on Sunday night here. Check here for some of my thoughts on this week's Las Vegas.

  • There were a couple of other news pieces as well such as my look at this week's DVD releases. I'm expecting a slow weekend news wise due to the holiday.

    Check out my new Blog of the Week on my sidebar. This week we have Pond Perspective! One women's take on life told from the perspective of a frog! Before I forget, for all you blogazoo loving folks, I have a new gazoo.


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