TV Review: Bones Episode 1.08

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From FOX: When Brennan and Angela get caught in a melee in a dance club, Brennan kicks someone into a wall, causing it to break open and reveal a mummified corpse and a stash of methamphetamine. Once it's determined a murder was committed, Brennan and Booth pair to follow a trail of drugs and money within the Washington D.C. club scene. Their investigation uncovers a turf war between artists within the local urban music industry, where the quest for success may end in death. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Booth's current relationship is ready to move to the next level.

My Rating: 4/4

If possible Bones just keeps getting better and better with each episode that airs. Quirky characters, interesting plot lines and good writing all make this show compelling and in my mind one of the best of the crop of new shows on television at the moment. I only love Surface as much. Tonight's episode titled 'The man in the wall' puts an interesting case before us, which also allows us to see more of Brennan's quirky eccentricities come to life.

Angela decides to take her and Bones out dancing at a club. After finally dragging Brennan away from her full of inbox of emails, they are out and about, and what do you know Brennan likes hip-hop music. Never pictured her to be the hip-hop fan, but hey whatever works right? While out dancing, Brennan opens her mouth about how hip-hop music is tribal influenced, and it causes a bit of a brawl to ensue. Once again, we see Brennan get involved in a bit of a fight and coming out on top.  However, when she kicks a man into a wall, a startling discovery is found. A mummy is found in the wall.

The police are called and Booth shows up, with girlfriend in tow. Just last week I mentioned we hadn't seen her much, and look here she is! Turns out when the mummy came out of the wall, he also somehow triggered the release of a lot of Meth into the air, and it gets everyone in the club high. This includes Bones and Angela. Let me tell you Bones high was hilarious! All that smart talk coming out all jumbled because she's high – best thing yet.

Bones is excited they have a modern mummy on their hands, and she immediately starts to work on identifying the victim and cause of death. Here starts our journey into the hip-hop world with plenty of opportunities for Bones to say how much she loves hip-hop music. I think we got the point after the third mention! After some work it turns out the victim is a rapper and DJ, and he has been dead about six weeks. Bones finds out he was killed the man, and it leads down a bumpy path of twists and turns.

At first, Bones and Booth think his girlfriend, who also dated a rival rapper, killed the man. When the two find out she has been missing for almost as long as the dead rapper, they throw out that as a possibility, and start looking for her as well. Turns out she is dead as well, buried in the cement underneath her ex-boyfriend's brand new studio - an obvious attempt to try to frame the murder of the girl on him, but he's innocent. Early on in the program, we learn the rapper had been shot in the wrist in the past, so it was impossible for him to have committed the crime.
So Bones and Booth finally figured out who it is, but there is no way they can touch him. It is the club and record label owner. He is as clean as a whistle, but too clean. The cops are onto him, and trying to take him down. His bodyguard is part of this, and he tells Booth how hard it is to get this guy. If they are going to be successful, they need solid proof.

Booth and Brennan confront the man anyway, and in the process Bones discovers something that might just make the case against the man. Both victims had small indentations on their skin. When Bones sees the man poke Booth with his cane, she tells Booth to take the cane as evidence. Back at the lab, she has Hodgins use the cane, and the mark left matches the same exact mark left on both bodies. We have our killer.

This show is truly amazing, and it isn't something you can just casually watch either. This show is intelligent, and the characters are also intelligent. However, this show succeeds by mixing the intelligence with humorous one-liners and great acting. Each week we learn something new about Brennan, and she is definitely one that marches to the beat of her own drum.

Back to Booth and his girlfriend for a moment. This week, Booth tells everyone the two are going on a vacation. However, a small talk to Angela scares the girlfriend silly because Angela tells them both about the steps of a relationship, and after the long vacation comes moving in. Well, the girlfriend mysteriously had something come up at work last minute, so she didn't end up going. Booth decides to go anyway, but I almost wanted him to ask Bones to take the girlfriend's ticket and go. I know its way too soon for that though.

Another great episode of Bones, and we have another new episode set for next week. See you then!


Scott said...

What I found odd about this episode is how they wasted Morris Chesnutt on basically a throwaway character. I wonder if they were setting him up for a bigger story arc later in the season. Otherwise it was a waste of a talented actor.

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