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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

These are the stories that I've posted about since my last buzz post here over on Thoughts from the Couch. These are just some of the stories buzzing in TV land the last couple of days. It would be impossible for me to cover everything because I'm just one person, little ole me! Here are some stories that caught my eye recently though!

  • WWE Star Dead at 38 - My thoughts on the death of this wrestler and about the WWE in general. As a former WWF fan, I was saddened to hear about Eddie's passing.

  • Looks like its curtains for Martha! - NBC gives Martha's Apprentice the boot.

  • This is just in: Night Stalker Canceled - I knew about it before ABC formally announced it. Thanks to a post on the creator's blog. Read about the end of this show here!

  • More Shows Coming Online - Read about two deals that will bring television show favorites, new and old, online to viewers.

  • Aquaman coming to TV - Aquaman is getting his own WB series!

  • DVD Releases 11/15/05 - Check out what was released on DVD today. Releases include popular TV shows and movies!

  • E-Ring gets picked up and other NBC news - Read all about E-Ring being picked up and a new show coming to NBC soon from the author behind Sex & the City!

    I've also chosen my new Blog of the Week! This week we have the personal blog of one woman living in the midst of Hollywood as a currently unproduced screenwriter. Check out her posts over at Things they don't tell you in film school! You can find her blog on my sidebar.


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