TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.07

Thursday, November 17, 2005

From FOX: When the gang heads to The Bait Shop to see The Subways, Taylor’s horsing around causes a major rift between Seth and Summer. Marissa, determined to end the potentially explosive conflict between Ryan and Volchok, does whatever it takes to watch out for Ryan. Meanwhile, Matt, Sandy’s Newport Group partner, goes above and beyond the call of duty. Julie Cooper reigns supreme as the only “b!tch” in Orange County, and Ryan needs to use his head for once.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The O.C. titled 'The Anger Management' deals with a lot of issues. Once again everyone is involved in keeping this show going. The main plot of tonight's episode follows Ryan. On last week's episode, he punched the guy Johnny's girlfriend cheated with. Now Volchok is after Ryan to settle the score. He shows up everywhere Ryan is – the diner, school, and the Bait Shop. He ever leaves a nice little note on the side of Sandy's SUV, which Ryan appears to be borrowing. This guy is intent on fighting Ryan, and Ryan is doing all he can to avoid doing that.

He goes to Sandy for his advice, and he is told to use his head for once and not his fists. When Marissa goes off with Volchok the night of the charity fundraiser Charlotte, Kirsten and Julie are holding, Ryan runs to her rescue. He decides to follow Sandy's advice and go a bit over the edge in trying to get Volchok to fight him – like Volchok wanted in the first place. However, the aggressive stance that Ryan took has the desired effect – Volchok backs off.

However, I'm a bit concerned here. In a scene later on in the episode, Ryan waits until Marissa returns home to punch his punching bag. He isn't just punching it though. If that were a person, the force he is using would be enough to cause some bodily injury to them. I think Ryan is holding a lot inside him. He has changed, but the instincts to act out are still inside him. He is just holding them in check, but at what cost? Is it possible that we are heading for a Ryan explosion? Or will he learn how to handle his outbursts and in time be able to handle them better without the awful after effects? Only time will tell.

Since I mentioned the charity function already, let's move onto that. This is the big night Charlotte was waiting for. Her and Julie have set things up with Kirsten's help, and the money is rolling in. Five thousand a plate certainly does add up quickly doesn't it? However, Julie is starting to have second thoughts. She doesn't want to hurt anyone if things are discovered. Charlotte has prepared for this eventuality and keeps Julie in check by threatening to expose her to the cops. Julie holds back, but not for long.

On the night of the event, Julie pulls a fast one on Charlotte when she tells those making donations to send them to the national organization instead of signing it over to Charlotte. The other woman confronts her, and Julie tells her straight out that there is room for only manipulative bitch here! The best line of the night, and Julie Cooper is back. Of course this means she is back at square one, but she should have a bit better footing now, and she knows she has Kirsten on her side.

This isn't all that happens though. We also see Seth and Summer in action during this episode. They actually act like a couple, which is shocking. In past episodes before the hiatus, viewers were left wondering if they were actually a couple. There is no question of that here now though. As soon as Taylor starts to work her way into stealing Seth away, Summer certainly let's her and him know that he is her boyfriend, and that is that. Seth is really just trying to be a nice guy, and Taylor is going overboard. She is looking for someone to latch onto post-Hess, and she has chosen Seth. I actually do feel sorry for her because Taylor's mother is certainly no peach.

During this episode, we also see Sandy take over Caleb's company The Newport Group. He immediately receives bad news though because in order to keep things afloat, he will have to cut employees. At first, he has to cut nine, but after some figuring he only has to cut four, but he has to take a large salary cut. Matt, his new young Vice President, goes a bit overboard and calls in those to get the ax on the Sunday of the benefit. Sandy goes into the office and does the firing himself. He actually feels bad about doing it, but he knows it had to be done.

Tonight's episode included a performance by the Subways, as well as two other songs heard over certain scenes. Over at iTunes, The Subways have the free download of the week. You can check that out on my sidebar. Tonight's episode also included music heard on The O.C. Mix 5.

This was a good episode right before the break for Thanksgiving. Not too fast paced, but with some good story lines and acting to keep things moving right along. I really have my eye on Ryan here. I don't think we're out of the woods when it comes to him yet. The O.C. will return with an all-new episode on December 1st.

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The songs heard on tonight's episode of The O.C. were:

Interruptions - Rogue Wave
Rock & Roll Queen - The Subways
I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say - The Subways
Oh Yeah The Subways
Travel In Time Carmen Rizzo feat. Kate Havnevik
Opium Dreams Rithma


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